Marrying ThySelf: Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015


Yesterday while driving, this blog post was writing itself. I was so eager to get what was flowing to pen and paper – which is really a romantic way of saying – getting to my computer, to type.

Even the act of writing, with pen contacting paper, has a downward and outward movement, a path of gravity. It is saturated with momentum. When I sit across from my computer screen – it’s more direct — more confrontational. The words on the screen as I’m writing, are more “in my face.” Is that slightly less romantic? Hmmm…

I don’t know. I suppose different people have different ideas about romance. Mine still changes with the seasons (but I’ve got my same man). For some, romance describes an era that’s come and gone – a gentle whisper of memory, thoughts of riper, more classic days. For others, it’s the heat of passion that comes on quickly, burns with complete obeisance; and then ends in devastation/emptiness.

Right now, I’m looking at time itself as romantic. It is undressing, It is revealing.

When we age, we often talk about “falling apart” while being pleased about having more wisdom. What we lose in pep or spunk, we gain in gumption.

I’d like to think that age is something that refines us – sculpts us into the expression of who we have ever been, or who have ever tried to be. It undresses us, un-hides us. Points out who we are, to ourselves. After all, we all experience the process of aging differently, despite the fact that we have the same usher. I’m referring to time as that usher. Time walks us down the aisle and brings us to the bridegroom, our extant other half, again and again.

On April 4th, 2015, we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra – and for some reason – I wasn’t planning on writing about romance or age, and all these words here, they aren’t what I intended when flow was happening ‘the other day’ while I was busy. These words are simply what happen when I show up at my computer: something different.

This Lunar eclipse suggests to me a blossoming: A coming of Age.

Somewhere in your life is a beautiful flower about to come into blossom. I wonder what it is. Where is it? Maybe it’s a surprise. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in conjunction with the Sun, and in opposition to the moon in Libra. What partnerships in your lives best help express that inspired, fiery Aries/Uranus, Inventive, Original, Essence/Sun? Who or what sets your world ablaze? Marry that!

Again, and again.

Image: The marriage of Inanna and Dumuzi, reproduction of a Sumerian sculpture. Public Domain

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Mindfulness Meditation Track – 5 minutes

Hello Today!

One of the newest features of Fiesta Estrellas has been in the making for some time. Only recently, however, have I created the space in order to get it started. I am starting a new series of mindfulness meditations. This particular one I used with my graduate class a couple of semesters ago, and I received positive feedback. This recording is a little bit on the quiet-side; I do hope to make adjustments with the next one. In the meantime, I hope you are able to make the necessary adjustments with your headphones; and I wish you all the very best with your meditations!

Any future meditations that I record will be loaded under the ‘meditations’ section of Fiesta Estrellas. This way you will know where to go when you want to join me in meditation – at any time.

Meditate Now.

Have a beautiful day.

Love, Ka

The Transits are helping with Spring Cleaning & then some!

Hello Everyone 🙂

I want to say WELCOME! to my new readers. Thank you for joining me!

My blog is currently undergoing some long overdue maintenance and some structural updates. You may notice things that have changed, or things that are noticeably in-progress. Thanks to the final Uranus square Pluto transit- it is the final and 7th exact square aspect. I’m leveraging (square aspect) the opportunity to make some deep (Pluto) structural changes (Capricorn), and re-organizing my collection of gifts for you. Once this is complete, I will have the space to add more.


Happy Spring to many of you! I re-blogged my old Pisces New Moon post because I am rapidly moving forward – and SO ARE YOU! I love seeing how one year’s theme moves into the next, and I want to take the time to integrate where I’ve been. I just completed 4 years of blogging! Technically 3, because I didn’t write at all in 2012. In 2011, I didn’t reach out to anyone, and no one reached out to me. That’s okay, because I was being whisked away on an adventure – right in the middle of what I started. I guess that’s what happens when you take up blogging!!! Everything that you dreamed of, starts coming true. YOU really BEGIN to illuminate your PATH!

This upcoming New Moon will be a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces – at the 29th degree. We are right ON the THRESHOLD of big endings and beginnings! Poised for great things!

I am here in beautiful city of San Diego, California, welcoming the energy of Spring: Because believe me I feel it. It’s a lovely YANG energy stirring; and I’ve been working that fire breath!

Thank you so much to newcomers for visiting me and for those who have chosen to join me. Our friendships are so cherished! I look forward to connecting with everyone soon! Also, thank you to friends who regularly contribute their thoughts and comments – especially that loving support and interest.

There are so many exciting developments on the way, and I am eager to share more with you in the coming months. When I return I will be bringing new energy to Fiesta Estrella, and sharing some new information/inspirations. In the meantime, for those of you who are new to Fiesta Estrella (or haven’t read this post yet), please see this link below that is the basis of my evolving perspective:

Conceptualizing Astrology, the Universe, and YOU.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of my views here in Southern California. These photos were taken by me: Ka Malana!

IMG_6976IMG_7023IMG_7041IMG_8212At the Mycology Fair 😀  YAY!


I will be connecting with many of you in Spirit, as I will be away from my blog-writing for a little while. Susan from Susanwithpearls has a great journey coming up, starting in 2 days; and Michael from EmbracingForever will be continuing his fiction series. There’s planned activity all around! I’m excited for Spring, and I will be embracing the renewal that comes with it. That said, I’ll pop in when I can, and when I am ready; I’ll be back!

Love & Hugs all around, Ka

New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe

I’m trusting that this is a good time to re-blog this post of mine…
This is my first post on FiestaEsrella. It’s my HELLO WORLD post! Also, This upcoming solar eclipse is taking place in Pisces: Here we come! Here we go… ❤ Love you all. Thank you so much for being such an AWESOME community!

Fiesta Estrellas

New Moon on Friday, March 4th, 2011 at 3:46 PM EST in Pisces

~A good time for beginning a new spiritual practice~

Pisces Sun and Moon join

With this Pisces new moon consider how important your daily commitment is to your Spiritual life. Does it even exist? If not, why are you here?

In psychological astrology, the sign of Pisces shows us our intuitions and how we connect with the divine Source. Can you merge with All-That-IS? Pisces also shows us how we can develop compassion-this is where we were once swept up and challenged with boundaries, and our challenge with “not knowing” what to do. If you dive into the Piscean waters, I guarantee you’ll see that there’s a lot inside of you. What swims in your unconscious may be of value to you, and to the collective–so why not start paying attention? How else would you know otherwise?

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My Rainbow Path

Image from

Each sister has said to me

At least once:

“I saw a rainbow,

And it reminded me of you.”


A rainbow,

I was taught, was God’s promise

Never to be mean to all of us, ever again!

(at least not by flood)


I drew all those rainbows

From ages 3 thru 8,

Because life wasn’t always easy,

and people: They

need colorful bridges to escape onto /(

Take refuge In.)\ On. ^Above^ _or_ Under the Rain…

Look at the pictures;

I thought it

was the #Number of

Rainbows that could staircase the Way Out-

UP, Around ~

Each Arc

Another Step, a Progression

What I see now is that ‘rainbow’ was


The early years:

Rainbow Native Rainbow with Trees

Love Inspired Me

Opening Love, widening arms

Love is my window.

Feeling the Sun’s Love

Shining, Dawning, in Love-light.

Love works through Ears

Recording incoming Love Spirals

Our Love is Seed

Opening from Love’s ground.

Love wants to play

While I love work.

I was inspired by Deanne to write a 10 line poem on love with 4 words in each line and the word love in each line. If anyone wants to write a poem on love, please leave a link to your poem in the comment’s section 🙂 or leave it on Deanne’s page, and/or both.