Meditations at Night

Last night, I found Ishwar Puri. It was an evening while I wasn’t sleeping very well. So, I like to make the best use of my time, without over-working. I have a lot on my plate right now; and sometimes, when this happens, I listen to various podcasts. Last night, I choose to listen to this video after meditating a bit. In this case, I found another co-traveler. What I say here is not a promotion of Ishwar Puri as anyone’s guru, his beliefs nor any of his, nor my ideas. I just met him; and I follow a lot of different Spiritual teachers that I’m not going to list here because there are too many to name. Plus, who knows what tomorrow might bring.

I just wanted to share how un-alone and connected I felt.

What about the NEW Golden Age: How will it look, feel, smell, and sound to you?

Dear Readers and Followers:

I was recalling a dream I had back in 2005. I dreamed that the world was ending. This was a terrible nightmare but then something really surprising happened. It was the calling of a lucid dream, where I was aware that I was dreaming, but it was still directed by a higher state of consciousness that said, “see.” What I am trying to say is that the lucidity of the dream, and the witnessing, were one in the same. I was witnessing the birth of my awakening within my dream; and, it was a dawning where I witnessed the apparent destruction of what actually wasn’t even real.

The buildings were black and everything around was crumbling. In my dream, I was living in a tiny village, and several different types of destruction were happening. There was a tidal wave, much like in the story by Pearl S. Buck, called The Big Wave.

There was a lack of healthy air, like in Pittsburgh, before its cleanup – also where I was living at the time of the dream.

Pittsburgh media link from

Worst of all there was chaos and frantic people all around. My friends were unreachable. I think it was at the moment when I realized that I needed to create a new reality (North Node in Leo). The higher consciousness suggested that I let this old one go. That I simply start a new dream, a new consciousness. (If you’re asking me, “How’s that going?”  Well… Mostly pretty good.)

Of course, it was devastating to me that this old world was crumbling all around me. No one wants to see the destruction of the world, and experience their own imminent death, as well as those of their loved ones. However, there was a lot of past life elements in this dream. This was the telling that I had witnessed and experienced all of this before, many times over (Balsamic Moon in Cancer – old soul). Sun in Leo – I’m still ‘the center’ of my own world. Seventh house Sun: ‘You’ are shining starsof my evolution.


The best thing that happened to me in this dream, though, is that I realized that it was only my own consciousness that I was witnessing – and that was all.  Wow!  Isn’t that empowering?!  Isn’t that really reviving? Can you imagine that YOU are the absolute center of everything that you witness, experience, and call into existence?

For those of us who are able to influence the world:  What do you want it to look like?  What would a safe world feel like for you? What would a *NEW* GOLDEN AGE, really look, smell, taste, and BE LIKE? Get out your magic wands.

Extra links:  Pittsburgh before and after

Smoke City

Special credit to Andrew Annenberg for his painting featured here.

Also, special credit goes to the tree of life, which continually blesses us with continuously growing branches.

Neptune conjunct Venus: Things have been dreamy lately

Hello Folks!

I wanted to re-blog my older post in honor of the 29th degree of Aquarius, during our upcoming New Moon on February 18. It “took place” at the same degree as Venus Conjunct Neptune (@ Aquarius 29) in 2011 (03-25-11, date of my orig. post). I am wrapping up some themes here in my life as we embrace this “Nth” degrees of these signs (Next month Pisces 29). I’m happy to say that this is the second post I’ve written here at Fiesta Estrella, and I really wouldn’t change too much. I’d also like to dedicate this post to your celebrations of Valentine’s Day &/or MahaShivaratri ❤ (in our case) The marriage of Shiva & Shakti, with my sweetheart. We’ve had a wonderful journey, and I’m happy to see how far this blog has come, as have I. [I took 2012 off completely as part of my own transformation.] I am so grateful for my readers and commenters who have just shown how AWESOME they are on their own blogs – and who have taken the time to comment, engage, celebrate, and just Be with me here. I Love you All. ~Ka Malana
Wishing for you all kinds of Lovin’ this New Moon in Aquarius! LOVE-EQUALITY

Fiesta Estrellas

From personal to impersonal, we make the leap to transpersonal

When are Ideas about Love Ideals and not entirely realistic?

I was discussing with a friend the ideals we have about love and relationships and how, over time, our ideals have both informed and misinformed us about true relating in our relationships.  It’s occurred to me a good reason that he and I are having this conversation is because of this transit. I’d like to examine this aspect here in my blog today:  Neptune conjunct Venus

A conjunction is an astrological aspect described as two planets or cosmic bodies co-existing side-by-side in an astrological chart.  The planetary energies fuse together, combining archetypes. Two archetypes are at play in the sign of Aquarius (detachment, and humanistic /impersonal love). The archetypes are Neptune: the submerged, sea-god Poseidon, who represents sacrifice and transcendence; and, Venus: representing Eros, personal love, and relationships.


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Things that come…

From yimmyayo collection
From yimmyayo collection

There are things that come

When awake. Like right now…


I’m watching this snake


And face me.


I hear it HiSS in my mind

But it makes no sound.

Is that So, a sound, that is not to confound-

But in Love

A true Hiss. The other sound of Kiss?


This snake has a message for me.

Buried deep within the cavities of

The Earth.


She sleeps, you know.

She sleeps like a rock on a River bed,

dreaming of her own Softening.

We’ve got this upcoming New moon in Aquarius at 29 on the 18th – an anaretic degree, and a momentous New Moon/Solar eclipse on March 20 – in the anaretic degree of Pisces 29 – right on the heels of the final exact square Uranus/Pluto transit series of 7 (having lasted 2012-2015). The nodes of the moon have been referred to as the head and tail of the dragon or serpent. The nodes are mathemetical degrees (and not physical bodies). They are points that mark the Moon’s path where it crosses the ecliptic. This poem was not written for these transits but just happens to coincide with a time of passage.

A Walk with Kabir: The past, the present, and the unwritten

Image source unknown

“The flute of interior time is played whether we hear it or not,

What we mean by “love” is its sound coming in.

When love hits the farthest edge of excess, it reaches a wisdom.

And the fragrance of that knowledge!

It penetrates our thick bodies,

It goes through walls –

Its network of notes has a structure as if a million suns were arranged inside.

This tune has truth in it.

Where else have you heard a sound like this?”  ~Kabir

Everything is all about music to me, especially these days. I attended a Woman’s drum circle this past weekend. My re-built drum did not accompany me – because the ‘new’ skin broke off literally 2 days after I got it back. Needless to say, I re-lived its first destruction (at least a little bit). This Mercury retrograde has been, by far, my “most retro-grade” Mercury experience to date.

I’m quite the skeptical astrologer – always have been. I aim to check any self-fulfilling prophecies at the doorway of my experience. I want to be sure that I am present to what life is presenting to me – and not just what I want to create/imagine consciously, or unconsciously. I’m sure that the majority of us keep that spirit in our readings. Easier said then done, and quite difficult to explain –but maintaining openness to the reality unfolding naturally, nevertheless is/and has been, my intention.

One of my favorite anime series highlights this aspect of divination that was ‘taught’ to me by a little character named Hitomi and her counterpart, Von. If you want to read more about it. You can here: I will say, though, that I think just reading about it won’t take you on the journey. I think you might have to take the journey with the characters in order to understand what I mean.

The series is an excellent lesson about fear, and what it means to overcome fear. It’s also about relationships and pride. Personally, I did not care much for the movie version of Escaflowne at the time when I saw it many years ago. However, the series, upon some years of reflection – has been a teacher to me. In fact, you have to watch it all up to the end to really understand ‘the investment’ involved in the journey – you need to identify with the characters in order to be released of them as you let go of the story at its own, natural end.

~Perhaps we need not be too quick to separate from the past; after all we realize that the past has its own natural time for departure. All we can do, is support the great passage, and the message of Love. As the Spirit moves us…

UPDATE: My drum is done! This time it has a little hook where I can keep my wedding rings 🙂  and a peace sign was added.  Yay!!

A Channel, a Lion, and a Waterbearer

Channel Qi moves

From the Well to the Sea

You and Me

We’ve made it to the place

Where We can really stop

Asking; and just receive.

Aquarius the water bearer

Is an Air sign.

We don’t have air signs in

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If we stop to ask why,

We may miss some poem.

Coming from the drop

At the top of the well, reflecting,

Or from the Source point.

Even the naming doesn’t matter.

We couldn’t dam it up,

This movement, if we tried.

You and me, from well to the sea…

Drawing the healing constellations on our bodies.

Connecting the points of light in lines of Qi


The lioness has lost her mirror

Given it up to the motion of the moon.

That’s okay, from another perspective,

It’s easier to polish this way.

Let the world hold it outright,

Like a tiny baby in the light of freshly emerging Love; behold.

All the warmth around is

Spilling out of heaven’s hearth.

There’s still music and song

Reflecting in our wayward pools.

The last I heard, God was delighted.