Enter the Earth Goddess: From Self to Community and Back Again…Love Circle <3

Seen and Unseen on the Earth Plane & in Cyberspace: Solar Eclipse in Taurus, April 28th

Last week, I spent some time just really reconnecting within myself. I focused on my diet, my schedule, and on my being. This place that I “go to” is a space of creativity, on another plane of existence – although, no one would realize that this is what I’m doing when I shift my consciousness into these states. It’s not for anyone to understand per se. It’s mostly a hidden dance; it requires a level of focus and detachment to present myself in this way to my Self.

Setting up a great amount of space is necessary for dutiful work, and protecting that space is necessary for the being-ness within it. This is the responsible thing to do when engaging with deeply transformative energy.

I bring back with me things, wisdom, or actual objects. Creatures can show up in relationship to movements in consciousness. Sometimes the quality of light is different, or the vibrations emanating from my body are measurably stronger. So, I set up the space (and the time), but what happens within it – is not of my making.

This experience is something that I can commence almost anywhere, but this time, and a lot of the time, I really wanted to be initiate the experience in the woods. I can do it from my couch if I want, but there’s a Spirit request that I’m replying to – and that’s not always easy to put into words for anyone. In fact, it is rarely possible, and I question if it’s necessary. Those who know – know. If you’ve experienced something like this, then you know what I am talking about.

There’s a level of control that seems to improve and become more advanced with time, regardless of conscious effort – there is the existence of unconscious effort. Certainly, conscious effort helps the entire process and programs the unconscious, but one has to be careful not to step beyond the state of receptivity, and get too ‘active’ and try to control the delicate and yet powerful resource that is subtle energy.

The best description for the process of gaining control within the experience of these processes is through the rhythm of dancing in accordance with Essence.

How Magical this is, but it may not seem that way to everyone.

I do notice, however, that artists, writers, musicians, photographers, healers, meditators, and dancers (of course!) often are compelled into these magical states. It seems most natural to experience alternate states from this practice of receptivity. It’s through participating receptively that the subtle consciousness –the subtle body gets involved. Here, we can enter the doorway for using the body to transcend the body.

Since our bodies are fabulous chemical, electrical, magnetic and substantive laboratories, achieving changes in consciousness can begin and even end by manipulating this laboratory. The energy of the planets and the movement of heavens affect our bodies. A run or jog, moments at the gym, or holding your breath under water can affect changes in your consciousness. This is magical, indeed, but the method itself is ordinary.


Nothing is more powerful than ceremony for bringing in shifts to states of consciousness. I’ve participated in Native American medicine wheel ceremonies and in homemade ceremonies. Spirit has called me to conduct small-scale ceremonies or host spiritual energy for the healing of friends and loved ones. I had an amazing ceremony with some wonderful friends before I left for Kauai in 2011, and was able to bring many gifts there to the island as a result of our gathering beforehand. I left offerings in Kauai at a sacred location on behalf of those who participated, and to the waters in a separate ceremony that I was called to do by myself.

I’m really looking forward to seeing others from ‘my tribe’ this weekend when I visit.

New energies and bonds are forming now, as precious new energies enter the landscape. From a distance I can see how I’ve connected people together just by being a common friend, or thread.


There’s a saying that I liked for some time now:

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend,” by John Leonard.

While I’ve felt blessed in my life with a multitude of fast and yet deeply profound acquaintanceships, and have had so many magical and interesting exchanges with strangers (this is my specialty – with an Aquarius South Node and Aquarius rising), something’s been missing.

What’s been missing are the slow movements of Taurus, the plodding and tireless stubborn commitment of Taurus – the time it takes for me to trust, find words, exchange words, and just be in the group or focused on friendship.

Receptivity to the present moment is a gift that means you don’t look to see who is around you for you. You look just to look. However, sometimes, this looking can distract you from Self. So this is the beautiful process of distraction and re-attraction to Self, Spirit, whatever is Source for you.

Just look at the other arms of the fixed cross: the rich intimacy in Scorpio needs the complementary slow and consistent pace of Taurus. I like Taurus. It’s where Chiron was positioned at my birth. Chiron squares my nodes. I pay attention to this, and let myself be wounded by moving too fast; then, I slow down again.

Remembering my cancer moon is sensitive to space and is very nurturing, and doesn’t like it when things get too rowdy. My 9th house Uranus (my Ascendant ruler) is into Jupiter-type stuff, and has become quite optimistic about it all. Right now, Jupiter is in tight conjunction with my natal moon – personal planet on a Grand Cross show down. WELCOME! ♥ If you’ve made it here, and you are still reading, I love you already!! We all want to be heard!  It just feels good!


Recently, I received a kind mention and an invitation from one of my blogging friends, Linda Lite Being; and, I’m super touched~ Normally, I wouldn’t participate in this kind of thing just because [insert legitimate excuse], but this one is unique because it’s about GODDESSES and SISTERHOOD! Also, I will be posting about a number of blogs that I enjoy reading, and people (women writers) who have captured my interest and attention.

What Linda wrote on her own blog regarding Goddesses is so perfect, something I could have written about myself (but I didn’t have to, Linda did – and flawlessly) Linda’s words, not mine:

…“Spent many years regarding more of my male friends as true like-minded companions. It was most often in those alliances that I found people who loved to discuss complex ideas, go on wild adventures, and treat me with respect, loyalty, and affection. They knew the real me and had my back, like a fun yet protective older brother. I noticed much more competition and superficiality among my female peers. It seemed that true sisterhood was a rare treasure among plastic imitations. Let’s call them the Earth Goddesses.  It was later in life that I was able to find more of those qualities in the women I met. As you know, anything of true value is worth waiting for. With my sisterhood, this is also the case.”…

Visit her blog here: http://lindalitebeing.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/for-goddesses-everywhere/

Linda, Thank you for inspiring me into blogging sisterhood, and for nominating me for this award. I’m sending you an energetic embrace aka HUGE HUG. I’m also really appreciating  Through the Peacock’s Eyes and Bluebutterfliesandme as early blogger friends, and know that we are all in good company when we can inspire one another. ❤ I have many nominations (some may or may not already be initiated).


~Rules~ (suggested guidelines)

  1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  2. Answer ten questions.
  3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read. (you can improvise here)
  4. Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know they have been nominated. (this may take a while)
  5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

1 Sisterhood Award

10 Questions

1. Your favorite color …. Purple, forever. But I shall always paint will all colors. 

2. Your favorite animal … This changes depending on what animal I’m working with energetically. HAWK is most consistent.

3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink …. Herbal tea

4.  Facebook or Twitter ….. Both are different, I use both🙂 I will at times* go into internet hibernation, and disappear from the cyberscape. I am KA MALANA on facebook.

5. Your favorite pattern …..  



6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? both!

7. Your favorite number …   0 (zero)

8. Your favorite day of the week …  Wednesday/Friday

9. Your favorite flower ….   All these favorites (above) will change (except purple). I love all flowers (angiosperms) and plants that do not flower, like moss. The Rose is sacred.

10. What is your passion? ….  Life itself; the living of it.

So who are these goddesses that dwell on Earth?

  Earth Goddesses ( image originally on Linda’s blog, but is open domain) us public domain wikimedia commons

Here are my nominees. These are some very cool women!  I will call them Earth Goddesses, too! I enjoy getting to know them, and I’d like to be able to read their blogs more often. They write and create from places of wisdom and with true intent. I find them to be both kind and fearless – a wonderful Earth Goddess combo! Thank you for being a part of my life. If you are awards-free, do not fret. Please allow me to simply say Namaste publicly. Nothing more is required. However, for those who are led to pass these on to your sisters, do so with love and honor. Namaste.  With all of you, I never get enough time with your blogs. I hope that I am able to notify you in time for the Taurus Solar Eclipse! 🙂

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Dragonfly, I thank you.



While I’ve been going inward, and focusing on my beingness, making the most of April’s influx of energy… I was visited by a dragonfly who was kind enough to pose for me in this image of integration. Even though I do not have a telephoto lens, and I just took this with my camera phone, it’s a decent image. It’s easy to see it clearly!

❤  Feeling grateful and just wanted to share it!  Adaptability & Transformation, riding the winds of change…dragon fly and i merge as one.


I Believe in Bravery: Astrology for April 2014

This month’s Lunar Eclipse will occur on April 15, 2014. In California, it will happen at 12:42am. The month is filled with challenges and opportunities, and the feminine energy returns.

Challenges & Opportunities

This month we have a lot of “heavy duty” transits. The Grand Cross pattern that the heavens have been cultivating is known to bring challenging experiences. These experiences, however, can be very constructive.  Often, they ARE constructive, but we don’t realize that until the pressure is turned down, way down. The Grand Cross is simply a pressure valve, and it can be expressed in many different ways, each unique to one’s own chart and behavior pattern. We can even see this pressure valve trying to release itself in the land with the earthquakes in Chile.

Any challenge has the potential to bring out the best of those working toward a goal by transforming challenges into opportunities. The Grand Cross pattern provides an opportunity for maintaining one’s focus, and specifically in a Cardinal Grand Cross, using that focus as a trajectory.

Unfortunately, the Grand Cross pattern/configuration does not lend itself really well to teamwork. The energy is so very centralized, and it’s a good idea to watch any area of your life where you may be overdoing it, or any area that is demanding too much of your time where your energies are too scattered. You want to make the best of the energies that are supporting you!

Feminine Return

This Lunar Eclipse in Libra certainly calls for some peace and some grace. It’s best to take your time when you can; the pace of interaction can be swift and jarring for those who are sensitive.

Now is the time to find/create the quiet, safe place within yourself; or, it can be any place you designate. Let the receptive, feminine energy (also known as the yin shadow) ‘cool down’ some of the fiery masculine energy of Aries, the yang excitement. In other words, find the Libran balance, the fulcrum point, and rest in stillness for a while. 

Both of the eclipses this month call upon the Goddess energy, the White Tara of Compassion. The Lunar Eclipse on April 15th  is in Libra, a masculine sign ruled by a feminine planet; and, the Solar Eclipse is in the feminine sign of Taurus, on April 28.

Finally, the most satisfying and pleasant feature of this month’s planetary configuration is the grand trine of Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron. Venus (ruler of Libra) will be transiting conjunct Chiron (applying aspect), and by month’s end, Venus will be forming a harmonious trine with Saturn. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, making Venus a prime motif for us all month.

Personal note: I shall be taking a break from my blog writing/sharing for most of the month, and will be focusing on my clients, my schoolwork, and travel.  We live in exciting times, and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to share so much through the blog-space!

May Peace Be With You,

Ka Malana

Whisper of Whispers

To my beloved:


The Wind of seasons,

And the season of winds carry

Whispers between


The leaves shake with titillation.


I see the Sufis, and They-see

How Mother Nature’s curves

Are made of both

Light and dark essences,

Surrounding a

Punctuated Center.


The experience of watching them swirl and


so fast it can be dizzying

And delighting all at once,

But, no matter.


The center is the point of

All things.Whose origin is seamless.

So vast that wind cannot penetrate it.


The beloveds are at home

Saturated in the

Nectar of primordial Authenticity.

Enveloped as the whisper of whispers,

The entirety of near-silence,

The edge of All Beginnings.


Ka Malana, ©2014

Music in space: Nurai Lita, Kafez, Buddha Chillout Lounge