ode to my new magical house

fit for starry nighttime visions

glowing morning opening decisions

will you rise and walk with your chicken feet like

baba yaga within my own fairy imagination?

Dear magical house–

Thank you for finding us: our bright cottage lush fruit tree and palm oasis

i can hear the laughter joining in with the birds!

i’m imagining my herb and wildflower gardens.

i can see the mansion in your wings and arms.

i can see the wilderness, forests and streams in your yard.

Thank goodness we found each other to enjoy companionship,

our new sweet house–full of childhood glow, sunsets, and easy sleepy nights,

morning inspiration and a luminous sky and deep ground to nurture

our new stories, and story times.

the sun will set with my happy, closing eyelids as your cozy, charming embrace

is already beckoning.