Astrology for April, May and beyond

Hello my lovely friends:

If you’ve been in the flow lately; you know there have been big changes with the shift of Pluto from Capricorn to Aquarius. This is a decades long transit. It takes several months for Pluto to get settled into Aquarius, so Pluto is temporarily in Aquarius at 0 degree, for now. This June, Pluto will return back to Capricorn until January 20,2024. Then be in Aquarius to September 1, 2024 before returning to Capricorn. Finally, from November 19, 2024, and after, Pluto will be settled in Aquarius until March 8, 2043.

As you can see. It’s not an “overnight” transit. In fact, no transits really are. There are some aspects that last a day or two in astrology and those are shorter lived events. Also the moon is void of course often for only part of a day. The moon changes signs approximately every 2.5 days, so those astrological influences are constantly changing. This is a lot like weather. In fact, I think astrology is basically like forecasting weather: looking at trends vs. certainties. Finally, if self-determination is your thing, I would definitely agree with you that self-determination takes priority over the influences of the cosmic weather. I do believe we are each responsible for making and co-creating our own reality. I favor the idea of co-creation, since I think we are always partnered with the universe and nature when we are crafting the trajectory of our lives.

It’s nice to take note of what is taking place from an astrological/astronomical perspective.

April & May Events

  • 19/20 Solar eclipse at 29 Aries (the unusual second “new moon” in Aries)
  • April 21 – Mercury retrograde in Taurus at 15 degrees
  • May 1 — Pluto goes retrograde at 0 Aquarius
  • May 5– Lunar eclipse at 15 degree Scorpio
  • May 14– Mercury stations direct at 6 degree Taurus
  • May 16– Jupiter ingress Taurus

As you can see the above trends are changes taking place in the fixed signs. This can be ground-breaking in getting us out of our ruts and creating avenues of movement in our lives where we weren’t able to previously budge. The fixed cross of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio is being activated. Areas in need of renewal are around values and shared resources (Taurus and Scorpio) and self and community (Leo and Aquarius).

What themes have you noticed are activated for you right now? Have you found that some of your systems are getting changed or switched? Does the structure of your life look like it’s changing? If you saw yourself on a bridge and crossing it to the other side, what do you think you would visit on the other side? Look at these images below and comment on anything that arises. Are you alone or following someone else? Are you in a city or in a remote location?

Kenrick Mills photo
Credit: Hert Niks from Unsplash

Fabio Comparelli From Unsplash
Joe Beck Unsplash
Credit: Blake Cheek, Unsplash

Releasing limitations

Ka Malana Photography 2023 Fleet Science Center Libra ♎️ 🌕

After the 5 day Pacific Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium (PSOAS) conference which was amazing, wonderful, inspiring and so many things, I ended up with back pain. This time it doesn’t feel muscular but backs are tricky as I well know, because I treat them and take care of my patients. My pain started towards the end and this is despite that I made sure I was mobile by taking walking breaks, exercising my core, rolling out muscles and pacing myself. The pain still snuck up on me. I even utilized therapy of PEMF from the vendors, etc. which is amazing; you would love it.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I spent many years being in intractable back pain before and all through my education in getting my doctorate in acupuncture. As they say, it’s helped to build my character, and helped me go deeply into the purpose of life, my life, and really get into the grit of my spiritual journey here on Earth. Having regular back pain and fatigue, autoimmune irregularities and generally inherited health challenges, has helped me to see that I am an individual and cannot compare myself to others. This reality of my experience has really helped me deal with the suffering of my patients and helped them overcome their limitations.

My fellow shaman friend even gave me an energy healing while on the sidewalk last night as I went out to celebrate her birthday with her under the light of the full moon at the Fleet Science center. I watched a short planetarium show and got out of my seat early to try to relieve the pain. I’m glad I managed to make it out, but she was running late and didn’t manage to make it to the actual show. We met up afterwards and hugged. I have her a birthday gift and she gave me a healing while I was walking to the car. It eased my pain by about 15% and my drive home was much more relaxed.

What is to be learned from all this? There are times when we go through hardships, struggle and most certainly pain. It doesn’t make you wrong or bad. You will get out of pain again. I will get out of pain again. This full moon lit up my 3rd house with Aries ♈️ while Aries is on my 2nd house cusp and therefore both houses are activated. My self love and self esteem has been under review for quite some time and I’ve been working to fill the void. The full moon is directly at 16Libra on my natal Mars (which conjoins Pluto and squares my natal moon in Cancer). The astrology shows you I am definitely processing through THE STUFF.

I’m not on the planet to be a perfect person. I am here mostly as a wounded healer. My entire chart is aspected by Chiron. It is a necessity for me to keep going, and giving whatever gifts I have to the people who need them, to the people who I can help.

You are not alone. I see you. I am a fellow journeyer through the vicissitudes of life and it gets much brighter when we can see past and focus on the light on the other side of the stepping stone. My pain is my gain. I will not let it be in vain. I have learned so much from people who have suffered worse and from those who have suffered less. This is my innocence and my equality. I am a wounded hero of my own journey still in the making…

With this Full Moon in Libra, I release all the limitations from my being my highest and best self in this present life. I open to God/Goddess and all that is and accept my road with full appreciation for the value of this life that I get to live with all its advantages and disadvantages. I speak with gratitude that I am regularly humbled into my experience of awareness and ever-drawing-out light within me. May I become a beacon of hope for others. May my life give your life value and vice versa. And so it is! a’ho in munay, so mote it be! Amen!

Pop-up friend

Ka Malana Photography 2023
Being observed — Ka Malana Photography 2023

Being observed while I had just wrapped up my lunch at the incredibly informative and mind-blowing conference of PSOAS—Pacific Sports and Orthopedic Acupuncture Symposium.

This sweet charmer was wiggling his or her nose at me and had the most pleasant while curious energy. This felt like the most natural encounter—clearly the little one does this a lot to other conference goers, although I was the only one around. But the dexterity and skill of the sneak-up, pop-up was unprecedented by others of its kind. This is career squirrel 🐿️

Flexible, quick-witted, and nutty… 🙂

Gotta love this animal medicine that impresses me while I’m being wowed in so many other ways, reminding me to be light-hearted, fun, and never miss an opportunity to say “hello there” 👋