When you focus on your Dreams~Anything is Possible.

What a gift, Sue. This poem is very moving as well as the strength and endurance of spirit we celebrate here. ❤ May all beings find the strength inside and the surrounding support to make their dreams come true. Truly inspiring and up lifting in all ways are your words. What we often see is the result of the hidden work at hand – I feel this is very motivating and celebrating of Spirit, as well as timely ❤

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

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How can I put into words just how you’ve made me feel?

That you brought into prospective my life and all that’s real

You’ve shown me with your courage, your stamina and true grit

With a will as strong as iron that you are not prepared to quit


Despite the odds against you and the challenges you’ve faced

When you focus on your dreams, we each can win our race

We who cheer you on, see only the final score

We see not the tears and pain your story held before


You’ve trained so hard, achieved so much, obstacles you’ve overcome

Each of you are winners even if medals were not won

I’m humbled by your wit, your charisma and your charm

You’ve shown me and abled bodied, just how disabled it is WE are.


 The above poem I wrote last evening after watching the closing ceremony…

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Update: New moon in Libra: Plato’s Cave – Philosophers turn to Art for a New Start.

In preparation for the Sept 30/Oct 1st new moon in Libra, I wanted to reblog this post I wrote for the New Moon in Libra on October 4, 2013, 3 years ago. Also, I am reflecting a little bit ~ as I LOVE to do. This has been a gorgeous autumn day! Thankfully, it’s been pretty productive, too, in a very balanced way, so I feel justified in posting 2x in one day!

The Sabian Symbol for this Libra New Moon is

“Libra 9. Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. Keywords: wisdom, experience, completeness, art, value, skill, talent, heritage.” -The Sabian symbols were originally channeled by Elsie Wheeler in San Diego at Balboa Park in the 1920s. We tried to visit her grave site here, but her site was moved per family request. Still, we gave our regards to dear Elsie, and said a word of respect to her and her family, respecting their more intimate knowing of her and perhaps their request for more privacy. I encountered these Sabian symbols and used them for many of my interpretations back in early 2000s while I was living in Pittsburgh, and so it was a surprise to end up here in San Diego, much closer to her special location of divination.

I was looking back on my older post, and I saw a two huge typos. I fixed them since. I had accidentally typed out Pisces New Moon, while I had used the correct Sabian symbol for Libra. Hopefully there aren’t many more typos. When I wrote the post, Mercury was retrograde. At least, at this time, Mercury isn’t retrograde while posting, just that I have a lot on my plate.

It’s amazing how much of a difference Mercury Dx makes!

Gosh, wishing ya’ll a great New Moon in Libra! ❤ Happy balancing, connecting, marrying.

Fiesta Estrellas


October 4th, 2013

This new moon picture will keep us busy. It occurs on October 4th at 5:35 PST. There are some major players, especially the planet Uranus, which I will discuss here.  The new moon occurs in the sign of Pisces at 11 degrees 57 minutes, read as Sabian Symbol for Pisces 12 (see Sabian Symbol website linked in my other blog entries to see how Sabian Symbols are given, or google it 🙂  )

“Miners emerging from a mine.”

Emerging from the mine, things don’t look the same. The environment, in the daylight, looks different. It’s time to see what’s behind the shadows.  This is not unlike leaving Plato’s cave. When in Plato’s Cave, people mistake that which is real with that which is the shadow cast by the real. “The prisoners may learn what a book is by their experience with shadows of books…

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Navratri: Celebrations for the Goddess

I was recently reminded that Navratri is coming up starting October 1st~ so I am re-blogging this prayer and what feels like a lovely surprise collaboration of messaging-comments and mentions. Please see the link below for more information on Navratri. I am still learning about it myself. Aloha ❤


Fiesta Estrellas

Divine heavenly mother, I call your return into consciousness.

Illuminate my body so all that I touch, breathe, and radiate is your love.

Bring your light into my body so that beauty grows wherever I go and kindness fills the

hearts of myself and others in the warmth of your full awareness.


and so it is, and so it is

Navaratri - Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess

I was moved by a recent post by my blogging friend Julianne Victoria where she wrote a wonderful description of Navratri, and included a gorgeous invocation. You can visit her blog here:  Navaratri – Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess.

From Amandaseesdreams at Dreamrly., I was inspired to include a prayer I wrote from my journal back in 2009, underneath the weeping willow tree at the Little Lehigh Park in Pennsylvania.

Finally, I’m not sure who painted this image of Kuan Yin above. This is familiar artwork to me…

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Lady Autumn🍂🍃

Here are some warm fuzzies from our welcoming friends at Venus Lotus 💞🌙☀️ Happy is Autumn 🍁 May yours be a cozy!


By Deirdre Akins

Queen of the Harvest

I have seen You in the setting Sun
With Your long auburn tresses…

You sit upon Your throne and watch
The dying fires of the setting Sun

Shine forth its final colors in the sky
Lady Autumn, You are here at last

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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Peace, Telepathy


Dear friends, bloggers, new followers: Welcome!

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate astrology posts back into my life. Astrology is still very much with me, and I am having a wonderful time with it. Especially lately, as this a particular eclipse cycle has brought me into some wonderful places in my consciousness.  I’ve practiced astrology in a shamanic way for several years now (maybe a decade?), and that aspect is growing. Shamans experience time differently; they really do.

My poetry book has been written, but perhaps looks to the end of Mercury retrograde, for its next step/s, who knows? We shall see. I’ve given over certain aspects of it, and put it into others’ hands.

This is a delightful and wonderful autumn on its way. I cannot say any more. No really, I cannot. These days I have journals for everything, journals for shamanism, journals for Qi Gong, journals for Reiki. I have my personal journal. There’s really no end to writing and communicating, it would seem. Lately, there’s been an increase on the “telepathy” wavelength; and I find that those in my closest sphere can get messages across by using the shamanic worlds we create; and oftentimes its much easier than that, just by virtue of the surrounding energies these days. It would seem that there is less in the way of sending and delivering messages. Many of you, here, just hang out in my heart. Mercury retrograde is sort of on the periphery, a minor blip, a quaint artifact of mental processing.

Last night I had a bit of a breakthrough. Normally, I do not “remote view” but while working on a land healing, and after having a bit of performance anxiety beforehand, it ended up that many of the details of my journey were confirmed by her as “actually there.” Stairways were where they would belong, and the ceiling (and fan) was exactly as my shamanic body witnessed. I had never been to her property before; and prior to, I had never had any reason to even know that she had a home at all! I did not know I would be working with her.

I will be quite honest, this is an area of my life where I had never expected improvement. I am so deeply a skeptic, it’s amazing that I am even gifted with such developments. Apparently belief hasn’t much to do with witnessing: this is something I am reminded of again, and again, especially in my Reiki work and with acupuncture. My massage therapy work has always sort of explained itself. We understand the mechanism there. The point is, the world really is magic (not grammar, on purpose), and magic is just a word (same with world: a word, a vessel, fill it with what you will).

My days are filled with warmth and laughter, and lots of people in it!  I trust this message finds you well, and that you are hopefully experiencing some ease and grace in your life.

Many blessings!

Ka Malana