My jaw hurts

how strange it is to notice it
clenching less often
while still anchoring itself
into itself,
as though it will save me
from all of my fearful thoughts.

or from words ~ useful
communication, where muscles
loosen, and the space that is created,
has options to offer others.

(so glad I’m not an expert).

what would i say if i
said everything that I wanted to say
as beautifully as i wish i could,
or if i simply accepted –

this moment,

exactly as it is?

>>>pain is a reminder of life, and living:
it is a reminder that we are all equally
subjected to

all the feels.

the good, the bad, the ugly ~
why settle for only a bland sky?
why settle for that which catches your eye?

why settle at all…

move through it ~
this is life, and it is living through you, but your
body is not the extent of your consciousness – it is only
a small part.

I’m very much looking forward to my retreat with Francis Lucille at the end of the month. Consciousness is having fun with pain here, why not?

Art in the woods, a new light coming


Art in the woods

As of yet, I still do not have a favorite style of art. My tastes seem to have changed throughout the decades. But I do find some subject themes repeat in my field of interest such as those by the descriptors: “art in the woods,” “pictures within pictures,” and “landscape and subject blend together.” For example, the image above is a painting by John Singer Sargent of a scene with a painting being composed by Claude Monet. This painting has the appeal of both the woods, and a picture within a picture.

Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of a Wood John Singer Sargent 1885, Impressionism, portrait,  oilcanvas

~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *


Landscape and subject blend together

Everything about the above painting tells me to relax. It does it gently so I don’t have to feel bad about a thing. The subject is a part of the scene, with a touch of texture expressed by the brush to express the differentiation between the subject’s pink dress and the dimensionless ground of this wooded area, where the hammock is suggested to hang from trees out of view. The red of the umbrella stands out – this relaxing woman is well-prepared for any occasion, and she can rest peacefully on her hammock in the confetti-like woods.

The Hammock Giovanni Boldini, c.1872 – c.1874 , Impressionism, genre painting,  oil, panel

~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *


Art in the Woods

One can imagine seeing apparitions in this piece. It’s a peaceful view of nighttime and the hint of the magic of the forest, with its glowing hues, and with the green and yellow “lights” it is a suggestion of an almost black-light luminosity. This reminds me of many of my most favorite forest scenes.

A Birch Grove Arkhip Kuindzhi , Березовая роща  c.1880  Impressionism, landscape

~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *

I saved my favorites for the last ones. Somehow they represent something new that is on its way for me – these paintings both fill me with intrigue. They are both by John Singer Sargent, who I discovered today, and who by the painting below, inspired me to post today. Since the painting below is not in public domain, I have linked to the video about the painting. Having received stargazer lilies for my birthday this year, and having particular affections for both the rose and carnations… everything about this painting below, I love.

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, by John Singer Sargent, around 1885
~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *
The Sphinx, John Singer Sargent, 1890 – 1891

~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *~~ * ~~ *



Constructive questions

Part of the trouble with the brain drain – from the planet – is the lack of open-ended questions in our world. People attempt to answer questions, which one would think is the purpose of them, but upon closer inspection, it is the question itself which may be the empowering factor. We live in a world of quizzes with correct or incorrect answers. That immediate gratification factor, of being able to determine “wrong or right” about any answer – as on a quiz or a test – is making us all not so smart.

Two blog posts ago, I wrote asking questions about blogging, social media and obligations. Many of us try to “fit in” blogging into our busy lives, while we try to make an income and survive, or while we try to be present with our families, friends, and while for many of us, in the meantime while we narrow down ‘everything’ (say our “being empathic”) so that we can focus on one patient or client at a time, so we can “do the next good thing.”

I’m about to head over to yoga class, remembering the positions I once formed myself into as a child, in order to “better myself” or stretch, or so that my mom wouldn’t be so bothered by my questions; hence, I had something “to do.” Here however, I have a luxury, a luxury that many gray hairs afford me: QUESTIONS, and a little bit of blog magic. I can pose some questions and then go about my day, and with the magic of blogging, meanwhile cogs and wheels start turning in places I couldn’t have even imagined, and gold nuggets drop on the floor falling, potentially, from the sky…

1). How can we have a society where the food that is good to eat is not overly expensive?

2). How can we develop feedback systems that don’t overly tax dopaminergic systems and augment addictions in people?

3). How can we help people who need to “take a break” from things, find that space, and see that “letting go” is exactly what will save us. Perhaps.

I like the number 3 today. Questions ended.

*A note about astrology:
As an astrologer, I have been studying “the stars” and my relationship to the stars, more specifically, since the time I was about 10 years old or younger. I was answering quizzes about psychology before my little brain was even in a “person-like-shape” Back then I was an extrovert. Now, I am an introvert. Some wonderful writers coined the term “extroverting introvert,” which can also be applied. Regardless of labels, what I have discovered throughout my years of observation and reflection, is that, I tend to communicate more during Mercury retrogrades (so far). This particular retrograde is conjoining my natal Sun in Leo. It brings me out for as long as I am able…And my Sagittarius MC is active.

So, what say you?