Mars, Saturn & the Wisdom of the Opossum: Save your energy!

Mars is the “faster moving planet,” and it’s coming into conjunction with Saturn in the hidden sign of Scorpio (skilled at finding the bottom-line). This is called an applying aspect. Right now, Mars and Saturn are about 10 degrees apart – this is a loose conjunction. If I want to be strict, I use a 3 degree orb for interpretation (and it really depends on the aspect I am looking at. Is it major or minor?) – but, I’m speaking to a pretty sensitive group, and myself.

Sensitivity to energy can exist beyond normal constructs. I view astrology as a construct – albeit a useful one.

Mars conjunct Saturn:

Underneath the surface of everything is this super-intense energy of compression; it is building. Energy and drive is represented by Mars (the sexual urge), while Saturn is the Master of Old Age, restriction, limitation, and wisdom. Saturn’s really not into speedy delivery. Astrologers of the past used to look at Saturn as the “task master” and the server of karma in an astrological chart. Whew intense stuff, right?

Well, Liz Greene re-wrote one of the books on Saturn called, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, published all the way back in 1976. In academic standards (depending on what you are studying) that’s a while ago. In astrological terms, that’s pretty recent. It takes a while (not quantified on purpose), and lot of people (again, no number given) to form and shape something like astrology. But, here we ARE!

Feeling held back while still being propelled forward? (Mars conjunct Saturn)

By meeting with the controlling element, meeting with the teacher who’s helping you build your energy by storing it up, we experience compression. The teacher is your inner teacher. That’s who I am speaking to here.

That is: holding back when necessary *while* allowing restriction shape you.

Regarding Saturn, here’s a quote from Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrologer, who is basically quoted on the page before the Table of Contents, in Liz Greene’s book, because astrologers and esoteric junkies don’t really work alone.

“When the disciple

knows Saturn as the God

who offers opportunity

and does not only

feel him to be Deity

who brings disaster,

then he is on the path

of discipleship in truth

and in deed

and not just


Opossum: What does the opossum have to do with all this?  He recognizes imminent death, and so he fakes it first. Why does he fake it?  He’s not being a trickster for any other reason, than he’s just smart, and knows that he must take pause. The opossum meets his/her limitation by knowing when to rest; he/she knows when to take a break.

Mars Sacred Geometry: The Pattern and the Process



Astrology defined by prominent astrologer Marc Edmund Jones is “the science of all beginnings.” (qtd. in Rudhyar, 1972)

In an astrological chart, Mars shows us about the way a person initiates. But, if we stop there in our understanding, we may miss the full Mars ‘Cycle.’  After all, astrology is very much about the study of initiation, and understanding the cycles is key to the process of understanding what initiation even means. So, we need context.

With astrology, we are always asking when is it a good time for ____________?

If you’ve ever jumped on a merry-go-round at a playground when you were a child, you’d probably have found that you spent some time at the perimeter, tracking the movements of the wheel for a moment, to get a good indication for the speed of the wheel, before deciding on the precise moment to take your leap. You wanted to find that precise moment when you could be most certain that you’d clear handle-bars or another person, and land safely on your target.

You needed to see the full cycle of the wheel in order to recognize its pattern of movement. Then, you could derive the speed of the wheel, and therefore your own mechanics of speed and timing, in order to achieve the success of getting on the ride uninjured while it’s moving. Our ability to recognize patterns is essential on a day-to-day basis; we need pattern recognition to analyze and understand our environments, even just to handle our own body mechanics!

According to Stephen Few, consultant and instructor at the University of California at Berkeley, “our visual sense is highly tuned to spot patterns, and this natural ability can be trained to achieve even greater levels of acuity.” That is, we are recognizing patterns all the time at work, and in the world around us.  Most of the time we unconsciously understand and organize the data we receive from everyday interactions, to draw conclusions. This, According to Few, is something that everyone can improve upon.

improvements result primarily from learning which of the many possible patterns in data are meaningful to your work and then also learning—through practice—to spot these patterns quickly, even in a dense forest of visual noise. As with all skills, practice in pattern recognition is required to move from average ability to true expertise. (Few, n.d. Perceptual Edge)

Now, the only way that I know of to improve pattern recognition is through observation. Sometimes we need tools, such as computer software, to help us do this. We definitely need the expertise of those who have come before us to contribute to the knowledge database of information regarding what has been observed.  A lot of research has been done in many cases, and we need not reinvent the wheel.

While in some contexts, Astrology is still very much an art, made up of rich symbolism and analogy. It takes a gifted visionary to be able to delineate information intuitively. It also, like Rudhyar writes, takes science, because science is a process for discovery.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

Mars is energetic, provides the drive for action, the passion, and the impulse to act. Jupiter is about great expansion, philosophy, long distances, and optimism. Both planets are currently transiting together in the sky. There’s a few different ways this can play out. For example, the focused energy of mars can become diffused, and you end up with some laziness. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer like to reflect on the past.

Mars is debilitated in Cancer – meaning it’s not the best sign for Mars to act like Mars. Perhaps there’s a lot of sentimentality and emotionalism surrounding the past, the family, or the mother. Maybe energies are frustrated that are tied up with home projects. Even if the energies aren’t frustrated, there’s likely to be a lot of activity around the home and family, and in people’s private lives. Capricorn is the sign for public life, structure, and maintaining and keeping appearances. Cancer is Capricorn’s opposite, with the private life as its domain.

The presence of Jupiter usually brings optimism, good luck, and a deeper yearning to connect with the ancients, timeless wisdom. Jupiter’s essence is abundance itself.

Mars conjunct Jupiter is an aspect that is part of a much larger configuration which culminates by the end of the month into the ‘Star of David’ on July 29th.