My Return to Art


The colors don’t look as vibrant as they do in person. I suppose I didn’t make any fuss over the presentation of my latest amalgamation of line and color. I used a touch of sea water. It’s like when you take a break from writing, and what comes out is a flow (or sputtering) of consciousness; it’s a start.  That’s where I’m at – after years of doing art – and then taking a short (or long) pause from it. I think my favorite style is “start with nothing in particular & end with nothing in particular.” I reserve the right to change my mind about that. Somehow, color happens and possibly a landscape is created, or what’s given are places for the imagination to roam.  What do you see?






Interview ~ Screenwriter Director Shawn Tolleson

I’m really excited about this project and film, and to see what my friend Linda at Litebeing Chronicles is up to with her new interview series!

litebeing chronicles

I am introducing a new component to litebeing chronicles, the Interview Series. In this series, I will be interviewing people whose worldview and contributions align with those reflected in the blog.

If you would like to be interviewed , please contact me here: contact

My first subject is the incredibly talented and versatile screenwriter, actress, and director Shawn Tolleson. I was approached to blog about her upcoming project Saturn Returns. This film’s title speaks for itself: it is a story about what happens as you approach and navigate your first Saturn return. I am so excited to share my interview with you and spread the word about this fabulous upcoming film.

Since this is an Indie project, sufficient funding is crucial to getting the film completed. At the end of this piece, you will find out how you can support the film. Please reblog generously so all Astrology…

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Gemini New Moon, May 28th PDT, 11:40am


Hello Dear Readers,

I’m looking at the chart for the New Moon in Gemini, PDT, San Diego, at 11:40am. Sun conjunct Moon at 7-8 degrees Gemini trine to Mars. Assertive energies are to be balanced, and with the trine are shown to flow quite easily around the New Moon.

We are asked to initiate from our deepest inspirations, and consider what kind of inventions (Uranus) and unique inspirations (Uranus in Aries) can we create and share to assist humanity. What structures can we create to help build bridges across the debris left in Pluto’s transit?

Retrograde Pluto is part of a kite formation (a triangle of 3 points with an extra point formed by two sextiles or 60 degree angles to a 4th point, in this case, Pluto is sitting on that 4th point). Pluto is sextile to Chiron and Saturn, asking for a little bit of harmonious work in terms of healing and stabilizing some of those soul wounds. Meanwhile, Saturn in Scorpio forms a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer – a continued reminder to keep sorting through those skeletons in your closet – there are many layers of shadow – including shadow puppets!

There’s no doubt to me that our greatest abundance of wound healing is taking place within the imprint of our families of the past (Jupiter in Cancer), and the history of our pain recorded in the water of our bodies. New moon square Neptune is further evidence to me of our on-going need to heal in our relationship to the spirit in water, our loss of faith and disillusionment with the world of form that holds the water.

The healing thought for this lunation is seeing a chasm in our lives (the abyss), and building a bridge over it in some practical way. Experience that the onward movement of Mars is initiation, and just keep going. You CAN find the bravery to continue crossing the chasm into unknown territory, and you will find the previously unexplored landscapes within.

Also, practicing bridge-building is evident to me in the completion/beginning of Venus’s visit at the last degree of Aries 29 – in this New Moon chart. Therefore, Venus has reached a completion point in Aries, and shall begin at Taurus 1. Venus and the North Node in Libra continue to guide us on our illuminated journeys, while lighting the way.

Interestingly Venus is sextile to Mercury, also finishing up a completion point in Gemini at 29 degrees – while forming an applying square aspect to Mars. Mercury is a little bit busy in the dream world, but with its trine to Neptune, it’s certainly doing its work in blurring boundaries, and bringing spiritual nuance to communications and miscommunications – all of it is part of the bridge-crossing.


Written by Ka Malana ©2014

It’s the little things






At the moment, I’m just resting on my couch thinking about all that I have on my “to do” list. I’m entertained by my thought process – the attempts of entering thoughts to get me all worked up into a state of mental busyness, rather than savoring the present moment, and the birds chirping outside. The atmosphere of the natural world speaks louder, and I listen.

I listen for nothing in particular. I experience peace.

I realize that everything on my “to do” list is there because I want it to be there, because I am happy to be alive, and happy to be living my life as I choose. Now, I am experiencing gratitude. I feel grateful for every ‘now’ moment that has led to today, and for every ‘now’ moment that will help me get things done – all in the spirit of the birds.


Oh, let me sing my song!

Let me receive thy message.

For what exists is neither here

Nor there, this nor that, up nor down.


For every tweet there is a song

For every song there is a twitter,

For what I cannot say with words

I mean the most.  

~Ka Malana ©2014


Oh, let me sing my song & hear yours, too!

(Photographer: Unknown)

Mercury Retrograde – June 7 – Cancer/Gemini



I’m feeling the Mercury retrograde in Gemini early this time! Mercury will not officially go into the retrograde shadow, the apparent area of the zodiac @ 25 degrees Gemini, until May 23rd.  Yikes, everything keeps getting rescheduled! So my schedule keeps changing before my very eyes. Also, I keep feeling the desire to organize and get my data worked out. That is, get some of it saved onto my external drive – because goodness—all of a sudden it seems like there’s not enough room on all my electronic devices.

This Mercury retrograde will be primarily in Gemini, so it’s doubly-mental-witty-chatty. Double for a twin (astrological twins of the zodiac) is really saying something.

Usually my advice about a Mercury retrograde is to slow down. I use that same advice for a lot of aspects in life. This time, my intuition is telling me that if you can keep a steady pace while allowing for lots of flexibility, you can “master” the art of levity. One of the gifts of Gemini is that it’s light and airy – not deeply enmeshed in the details or in emotional attachment to details/information, but is subtly mentally aware of them all.

So, if while juggling during this Mercury retrograde, and your hands get tired, and you drop a ball or two – the important thing would be how much you don’t dwell on any one ball or occurrence. With Moon square Mercury on the retrograde chart, you should focus your energy on catching the next one, and once the astrological air clears, you can recover your other balls and make amends with any situations that turned up. Ultimately, the lesson is to juggle:  gently releasing the ball, each one, in order to gently catch the next one. The sign of Cancer (ruler of the Moon) has a tendency to emotional attachment, and wants to nurture each and every step. Don’t cling to one of the balls! Mercury and Gemini help us “lighten up,” and keep things in the air – where they are constantly moving and adaptable.

Details from Swiss Ephemeris:

Mercury crosses retrograde shadow May 23rd at 24.28 Gemini

Mercury stations retrograde on June 7 at 3.09 Cancer

Mercury stations direct on July 3 at 24.28 Gemini

Image credit: unknown

Numerology #3, #33, #333




I’ve played with numerology somewhat in my life – especially in terms of how it relates to astrology. When you are involved with the esoteric arts, you don’t actually avoid things like numerology.  And, now with the Chinese medical studies, numerology becomes even more important.

I opened up a random page of one of my new books written by a blogging colleague, called “Flying from the Heart,” by Julianne Victoria. It’s a beautiful collection of poems that feel very familiar to me. I opened to a random page, #33 and determined it was my favorite. I think maybe you should check out her book if you are interested in knowing more about her poem there. I don’t want to get involved with any copyright infringement. 😉 

The number 33 then started to echo in my mind, like “look me up already.” It was weird because I know I have done this before, but there was something I had missed – so “it” suggested. This is the website I found:

What I was nudged about then was, “this is your life path number.” I remembered being a “6” but then I thought, well, let me do the math again. So, I did. Sure enough, #33.  So why am I blogging about it?

I’ve got a 7th house Sun – living for other people – making them feel special, well it’s been my “little thing.”  I like to bring joy into other people’s lives, and so when I see this “33” as some master smaster number, I kind of just thought in my head, “whatevs,” this is just ego stuff.

With a 3rd house Chiron, I often felt like I did A LOT of talking, and no one really listened much to me.  Well, things are changing, and I’m changing.  My injury that’s healing has been changing me.  I don’t want to be “preachy.”  It’s like my worst fear on the face of the planet. As the youngest sibling, EVERYONE had something to say that was more correct, or more worthy than me of being ‘heard.’ Don’t worry about my whining, I’m trying to express a point:

Yesterday I went to my acupuncture appointment (for myself), my treatment room was #133. Then, this morning after really connecting with another blogger via email– and seeing so much synchronicity with the astrological 7th house, I searched for a particular article of hers, as I said I would (Italy), didn’t find it but I came up with another article of hers: 333 

Do you think the 3’s are stalking us?



This heart was built for you to be who you are



Let it open and close, and

Allow the blood to flow.


Let me choose Love

While this physiology does

What it does.


For I have no control about the breath.

Ultimately, it breathes for me;


Ultimately, I am grateful

For nature’s nurturing, and for


For Rivers that don’t need anyone’s



For mountains that do not require

Mankind’s hands to pile up the earth, nor

Organize themselves unto this mission.


For Sun, the Moon, and all the planetary transits

The mighty clock of heaven knows that

Greater places exist beyond us, while coming from

Within Us –


emanations from a cosmic heart beat.


For I know, Existence, you are

Holding my life in your hands.


Poem and Photography: Ka Malana ©2014

Adjusting to a Gluten-Free Diet

So many wonderful tips in here. I especially like your reminders to check for *hidden gluten* and visiting CO-OPs – using them as a resource. Finally, Urban Spoon helps to navigate the restaurant world. You also include a magazine dedicated to food allergies and awareness. Thank you! You’ve given a good reminder about how ultimately FREEING it is to eat without gluten.

spice of life blog

There are many guides to help newly diagnosed celiacs and gluten intolerant people but I know when you are first figuring it all out it feels like you are the only person in the world changing your diet and lifestyle. There will most likely be favorite meals you are giving up, familiar restaurants, and things like weekly meet-ups and dinner parties need to be rethought. Things you never had to think about before suddenly need attention, everyday habits, social rituals, and even the chores of shopping and cooking scream for a revamp. It’s a lot, and it can be overwhelming, but hopefully it will help to know that many people have been there, with their miner’s lamps on before you, walking through the dark and leaving notes. First of all, make a list of all the things you can eat. It’s so easy to focus on the food/foods that need…

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May 14, 2014 Full Moon in Scorpio: Keywords


The following interpretation is for PDT (San Diego), occurring at 12:16PM. The ascendant for the Full Moon lunation is at Leo 21 degrees, 24 minutes.

Full moon in Scorpio

Intensity, sexuality, partnership, shared resources, TRANSFORMATION

Cardinal Grand Cross: Cardinal signs and placements

Fire, Aries: Uranus conjunct Venus (enlightened, inspired relationship)

Water, Cancer: Jupiter (abundance at home with family, inner nourishment)

Air, Libra: Mars retrograde (internalized drive/urgency for unity, balance, negotiation)

Earth, Capricorn: Pluto retrograde (internalized shadow (Pluto) “face to the world” business/responsibility)

Grand Water Trine

Jupiter in Cancer (see above)

Chiron in Pisces (Collective unconsciousness wounds/healing)

Saturn conjunct Moon in Scorpio (restrictions, what holds us back, responsibilities, authority figures, repressed emotions, stable emotions)

Full Moon Sabian Symbol:

“Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man.”

Since the full moon is conjunct Saturn, the teacher, time itself, or “Chronos,” we are experiencing the closure or full-term of a cycle dealing with

Mother (Moon) / Father (Saturn) themes. As well as all of themes above. (as above, so below. as within, so without).

Have a happy day! Wishing everyone the best!

The ‘Slow Down’ on Sun in Taurus: Protecting Personal Space

The moon is in Virgo now (Moon trine Sun) and my attention can easily be turned to the affairs of my daily life. My own personal challenges are stabilizing again and the sunny San Diego sky is shining in my living room. My orchids and Felicia, my special aloe, are happy. One of my friends really enjoys the acronym “ADL.” I suppose, so do I.

Activities of Daily Living are those things that you do that can also be considered ritual. Our ADLs relate to health, what we eat, how we preserve space/energy (Taurus). Some people have very fixed patterns here, and others don’t. There’s really no “good” or “bad” to it – it’s mostly about how well it suits you as an individual, and then, of course within your surroundings (the other people, plants, and animals with whom you are in relationship).

After all, one thing is defined in relationship to another, so I’m talking about all the Earth signs, together.

Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn Triangle

We can build trust/substance/material (Taurus) from our ADLs (Virgo) by some way or method. Here’s another natural trine: the earth elements. It doesn’t matter what the transits are doing, if you can tap into the natural trines for flow, the natural squares for challenge and growth, the oppositions for clarity, and the grand-crosses for ass-kicking-wake-up-a-thons (square-square-square-square) – four 90 degree angles or two lines perpendicular to one another makes ONE beautiful cross.

Finally, to close the triangle part of the discussion, let’s add-in Capricorn – structure. Capricorn represents the “bones,” or the scaffolding of life. If you like to mix metaphors as I do for fun, personal entertainment, and/or experimental reasons.

Walking Meditation – Going slowly

I choose walking meditation to contemplate each step, as my healing (Virgo) takes place. A special ‘Thank you’ to anyone who supported me with kind vibes, thoughts, or left little notes to me wishing me well. The first time around (with the pain), I just dealt with it “all by myself,” preferring to share it with only one or two people. But, as a friend told me yesterday, this is just what we do…as friends. So, thank you for being present with me through any ups and downs. Heres or theres.

Finally, as a result of today’s blog and thought processes, I was able to make the following discovery

It is an interesting paper on mixed metaphors. I’ll need more time reading it – but for now – I’ve got to move on to other ADLs.