Neptune: the dreaming consciousness


The planet Neptune is important right now because the full moon back on August 20 was conjunct Neptune (meaning next to or beside – as appears in the sky from Earth). Also, we’ve been experiencing a Sun opposite Neptune transit. When the sun is opposite Neptune, we may have more awareness of our connections to the illusions or tendencies within our minds to dream while we are awake. We also may have been experiencing a heightened awareness of our dreams. As with all opposite aspects, or when one body appears as 180 degrees from another, there is some level of awareness of the energies.

More about Neptune

In Greek mythology Neptune is known as Poseidon, the god of the sea. He gets his name, Neptune, from Roman mythology, where he is also god of the sea. With trident (3-pronged staff) in hand, it’s easy to conjure up depictions of a sea god-king from the movie, “The Little Mermaid,” where Ariel’s father thunders through the deep sea on his chariot of seahorses. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of the unconscious and the watery realms, spirituality, and a host of other nebulous things.  So the mythology and astrology are very similar. You get the idea.  Metaphorically the ocean or darkness associated with the deep sea has been an analogy thorough out time to describe the unconscious, indiscriminate awareness. This brings us to understanding how the planet Neptune functions as an archetype.

Neptune in his “worst light” signifies deception or illusion. One afflicted with Neptunian issues may have drinking or substance abuse problems; he or she may even suffer from psychological confusion or delusion. Neptune rules the condition where one form blends into another without much distinction, the distinction often being associated with the logical brain, or that which the ego permits to see as concrete. Neptune’s ruler-ship domain in a chart is in the 12th house, also known as the house of “self-undoing.” Self-undoing can be for the good or the bad, or neither…

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus

The ruler of the sign Pisces is Neptune. Many astrological associations will give Pisceans (Sun in Pisces or Pisces Ascendant) a special knack for being dreamy, kind, and spiritual. We can see how these associations come up because Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus. Take all that you know about love and that which is most pleasing to your senses, your tastes and transcend that.  Neptune represents the faith and unconditional-ity that expresses in deepest compassion without a drop of reason needed. Neptune is present (in a chart) where the greatest form of acceptance is needed, and where we can let in the light of grace through the cracks of suffering. Also associated with artists and other realms, Neptune shows us the multi-dimensionality of existence – the invisible quality to an object, and to an object before it is born, as an idea.

Neptune as dream maker and dream weaver

Wrapped up in the archetype of Neptune is all the mental modeling we do for what we wish to see, and often what we think would be ideal.  The experience of Neptune is a bit like being on “cloud 9” though, so we’re not usually aware of all our pre-conceptions. Nevertheless we will find that if we withdraw from our illusions, our wishes and wants, and even our fears, underneath that mental net that we cast upon everything we see, is the potential for accepting for what really is.

Neptune will help you weave dreams, but not see those “seams” or what else “seems” to be there, clearly. Neptune as an archetype teaches about areas where acceptance is needed and where we can – and often do—go with the flow.

August 20, 2013 Full Moon in Aquarius



The Water Bearer

Enter this full moon in Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer. Aquarius is an air sign, and as such, it represents the intellect. Aquarius unlike Leo (the heart sign) represents the love of reason, an impersonal love which values objectivity. Like the other air signs, it goes well with Gemini (knowledge) and Libra (justice). Aquarius is interested in the goodness or the humanist aspect of mankind but not so much just in terms of philosophy. Instead, it’s more of an empathy of understanding.  As ‘the water bearer’, Aquarius supplies mankind with the tools of the divine, the endless supply of the ‘god substance’ within.

This full moon conjuncts the planet Neptune, which sits in the early degrees of Pisces (the sign that it rules, and where it feels quite comfortable). Back in April 2010, and then again in October 2010, Neptune transited the same degree of Aquarius. Therefore, this full moon is energized with the energy of Neptune’s transit, and this transcendent degree that is final degree of Aquarius. Everything about this Full Moon speaks culmination. In fact, the sabian symbol for Aquarius 29 is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.”

Today as I was at Balboa Park in San Diego, California (where the Sabian symbols were once channeled back in the 1920s) a beautiful butterfly landed nearby and climbed up onto my hand. It sat in my palm for a little over a minute, enough time for me to get plenty of photographs with it. As I reflected on the beautiful monarch, a little inner voice said as if from the butterfly herself, “Don’t be afraid…I am aware of you, and you are aware of me…let’s have a minute together.”

What has come full term for you at this full moon?

(“Water Bearer” image is by artist Raina Gentry and more can be viewed at the following location: )

August 6, 2013 Leo New Moon, Heart Torus



At the ‘new moon’ the moon is conjunct (next to) the sun – both at the degree of 15 Leo. The moon looks dark in the sky. As with all new moons, the interpretation is that at this time (within 3 days) of the new moon, is the start of something new.  Where in your chart – what house or area of influence?  I cannot say, unless I am looking at your chart. But, I can speak more generally about how a new moon event is “unseen,” much like how a seed is planted beneath the soil. Until the seed has germinated and grown above the soil, it cannot be seen. The full moon gives us an indication of what was planted.


As I meditated and reflected, allowing what wanted to come through me for this blog post, I worked with Francis Hart’s ‘Sacred Geometry Cards.’ The card that corresponds with this new moon is called “Heart Torus: Intelligence of the Heart.” This card asks you to “integrate head and heart”… “[that] mind and emotions [Francene writes]…are “the expression and function of the intelligence of the heart.” You can get more information on her and her artwork via her website at .  I have not gotten her permission to post her artwork so I’m sharing a link to her website for your own inquiry, should you wish to go deeper. Also, if you’d like to know more about the relationship between the head and the heart, check out:


The message of the heart torus card is perfect to express what the sign Leo represents in each of our charts. Leo asks us to be more heart-centered, to take the cultivation and upwelling of emotion from the past that was experienced in the sign of Cancer, and re-create through self expression, and giving gifts from the heart.


The Sabian Symbol for Leo 15 is “A Pageant.”  If you would like to know more about Sabian Symbols, you can read more here:  There you can click on the Sabian Symbol Story and learn all about how Elsie Wheeler channeled the symbols, and how Marc Edmund Jones, an astrologer, came to write his book in 1953.


What we can get from “A Pageant” is showcasing your talents. Express the innate ability within you to allow your beauty to exist in the eyes of the world. Let them judge you – it is of no concern – for you have given yourself over to the expression of your joy – whatever comes of that, well, is not necessarily up to ‘you’ either. Leo is the expression of ego or identity. It also relates to the child, and with childlike innocence, the playfulness of Leo is the expression of BECOMING, a process of unveiling the individual ray of life that your experience asks you to be. It comes from within. “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine…” song comes to mind.

Leo asks us to balance the head with the heart. After all the emotion and intuition brought in via the experience of the sign Cancer, and whether or not like a crab we hid ourselves, our light, our essence because we were timid. Leo asks us to step out of the closet and be not afraid of our talents, our flaws, or walking into the light of day, even into the spotlight. Remember, too, the spotlight can feel like a lonely place. This is why, as an archetype, Leo tends to be very generous. Leo wants to “give away” the energy that’s been cultivated in the sign of Cancer (through family). The sign Leo also rules children in astrology.


Aspects: Jupiter/Mars conjunction (passion/expansion) trines Neptune (spirituality, transcendence) trines North Node of the Moon at Scorpio 13 – Sabian Symbol “An inventor experimenting.”


No sign stands alone. In order to understand Leo, you have to understand the fixed cross. Here are its other members: Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. These signs anchor the material plane of existence. Aquarius (air), Leo (Fire), Taurus (Earth), and Scorpio (Water). One must understand the zodiacal archetypes within the template of the whole wheel.  For today, express your joy. Om Mani Padme Hum.