Mercury Retrograde in Gemini; I choose to write

According to Pinterest – “Nerd Descending a Staircase” (in lieu of Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending Staircase”) I respect both works of art…artist with spoof is unknown.

Dear friends, readers, visitors, angels in disguise,

I’m living in multiple realities right now – as crazy as it sounds; I know it is, and it’s okay. There’s truth to a reality in a moment of being, and we are in shifting states continuously – maybe some more than others, at times.  I’ve been observing astrological movements for some time now. Though I am not very old, nor very young; I have a certain perspective. I am not really able to share my particular perspective with you right now, directly.

In lieu of this, I discovered today a ‘classic’ astrological piece on Mercury retrograde – as well as it is relevant and updated for the present time.  Please read here  if you are so inclined and/or curious. I don’t know the author personally, and I am not advertising for them – nor anyone for that matter. I do believe that we have a level of control – but also with Pluto retrograde – I have been experiencing a deeper understanding of what control is not… and what control is… There’s this exploration with a higher power, a guide that has movement and no face. A guide that has presence and no demand of space, matter. True love. I feel deeply loved. I am going to use those words, “higher power,” in the interim – for words happen as though they are composing themselves. They seem to want to compose themselves more and more with ease and flow, while coming from the cauldron that is my physical body, this temporary vehicle.

I’m am so totally with this journey, and no language/picture is apt for its depiction at present. Even those words are understating. Mundane concerns take precedence right now, as reality is doling out to me my spiritual path. One step at a time, one decision at a time. While Mercury is retrograde, what are “the details;” and what is the ‘bigger picture’?  There’s no difference. It’s the tiny decisions we make throughout the day that have seemingly invisible repercussions. It’s about sweeping the steps, regularly. It’s about cleaning the dirt off the metal parts so that corrosion doesn’t break our precious devices – our instruments of living. It’s about the actions that seem to not be of significance on a small scale, but successively build into the reality that we live in.

Yes, I am thinking of delicate things like butterfly’s wings, gossamer things, features with negligible  substance, but great capacity.

Realities like Chuang Tzu who dreamed he was a butterfly or was it the butterfly dreaming he was human.  Which? Both simultaneously, I suggest…

There’s no either/or; there is a suspended state, an in-between.  It’s the moments when we open up to expressing our own reality/personal, small perspective, or truth (in the moment) – no matter how unpopular, well-received ( or small), no matter who is watching, or who cares/doesn’t care; and despite any extra designs and scaffolding around it (there’s always scaffolding). Grammar is duty, is diligence, but so is servicing the voice without terrific restraint. We make choices. I choose to write what I need to write. I choose to open myself up to be ignored, dismissed, deemed unworthy. (3rd house Chiron in Taurus).

This is a worthy risk for me. Without the voice, there is no growth, no understanding, no becoming…

Gemini New Moon, May 28th PDT, 11:40am


Hello Dear Readers,

I’m looking at the chart for the New Moon in Gemini, PDT, San Diego, at 11:40am. Sun conjunct Moon at 7-8 degrees Gemini trine to Mars. Assertive energies are to be balanced, and with the trine are shown to flow quite easily around the New Moon.

We are asked to initiate from our deepest inspirations, and consider what kind of inventions (Uranus) and unique inspirations (Uranus in Aries) can we create and share to assist humanity. What structures can we create to help build bridges across the debris left in Pluto’s transit?

Retrograde Pluto is part of a kite formation (a triangle of 3 points with an extra point formed by two sextiles or 60 degree angles to a 4th point, in this case, Pluto is sitting on that 4th point). Pluto is sextile to Chiron and Saturn, asking for a little bit of harmonious work in terms of healing and stabilizing some of those soul wounds. Meanwhile, Saturn in Scorpio forms a grand trine with Chiron in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer – a continued reminder to keep sorting through those skeletons in your closet – there are many layers of shadow – including shadow puppets!

There’s no doubt to me that our greatest abundance of wound healing is taking place within the imprint of our families of the past (Jupiter in Cancer), and the history of our pain recorded in the water of our bodies. New moon square Neptune is further evidence to me of our on-going need to heal in our relationship to the spirit in water, our loss of faith and disillusionment with the world of form that holds the water.

The healing thought for this lunation is seeing a chasm in our lives (the abyss), and building a bridge over it in some practical way. Experience that the onward movement of Mars is initiation, and just keep going. You CAN find the bravery to continue crossing the chasm into unknown territory, and you will find the previously unexplored landscapes within.

Also, practicing bridge-building is evident to me in the completion/beginning of Venus’s visit at the last degree of Aries 29 – in this New Moon chart. Therefore, Venus has reached a completion point in Aries, and shall begin at Taurus 1. Venus and the North Node in Libra continue to guide us on our illuminated journeys, while lighting the way.

Interestingly Venus is sextile to Mercury, also finishing up a completion point in Gemini at 29 degrees – while forming an applying square aspect to Mars. Mercury is a little bit busy in the dream world, but with its trine to Neptune, it’s certainly doing its work in blurring boundaries, and bringing spiritual nuance to communications and miscommunications – all of it is part of the bridge-crossing.


Written by Ka Malana ©2014

Mercury Retrograde – June 7 – Cancer/Gemini



I’m feeling the Mercury retrograde in Gemini early this time! Mercury will not officially go into the retrograde shadow, the apparent area of the zodiac @ 25 degrees Gemini, until May 23rd.  Yikes, everything keeps getting rescheduled! So my schedule keeps changing before my very eyes. Also, I keep feeling the desire to organize and get my data worked out. That is, get some of it saved onto my external drive – because goodness—all of a sudden it seems like there’s not enough room on all my electronic devices.

This Mercury retrograde will be primarily in Gemini, so it’s doubly-mental-witty-chatty. Double for a twin (astrological twins of the zodiac) is really saying something.

Usually my advice about a Mercury retrograde is to slow down. I use that same advice for a lot of aspects in life. This time, my intuition is telling me that if you can keep a steady pace while allowing for lots of flexibility, you can “master” the art of levity. One of the gifts of Gemini is that it’s light and airy – not deeply enmeshed in the details or in emotional attachment to details/information, but is subtly mentally aware of them all.

So, if while juggling during this Mercury retrograde, and your hands get tired, and you drop a ball or two – the important thing would be how much you don’t dwell on any one ball or occurrence. With Moon square Mercury on the retrograde chart, you should focus your energy on catching the next one, and once the astrological air clears, you can recover your other balls and make amends with any situations that turned up. Ultimately, the lesson is to juggle:  gently releasing the ball, each one, in order to gently catch the next one. The sign of Cancer (ruler of the Moon) has a tendency to emotional attachment, and wants to nurture each and every step. Don’t cling to one of the balls! Mercury and Gemini help us “lighten up,” and keep things in the air – where they are constantly moving and adaptable.

Details from Swiss Ephemeris:

Mercury crosses retrograde shadow May 23rd at 24.28 Gemini

Mercury stations retrograde on June 7 at 3.09 Cancer

Mercury stations direct on July 3 at 24.28 Gemini

Image credit: unknown

Gemini Full Moon: Perceiving ease and grace during challenging times

December 17, 2013 ; 1:28am PST/convert to timezone


Artwork from Etsy:; Please consider visiting the artist’s site.

Before I write about the upcoming full moon in Gemini, I wanted to share some facts about butterflies.

I’ve highlighted a few here:

Facts about butterflies

1). Butterflies drink from mud puddles

2). They cannot live without their mouths, and they are born without their mouths fully formed (in 2 pieces).

3). They are cold-blooded, and cannot fly when it’s too cold. When it’s below 55 degrees, they are rendered immobile.

4). “A newly emerged butterfly can’t fly.
Inside the chrysalis, a developing butterfly waits to emerge with its wings collapsed around its body. When it finally breaks free of the pupal case, it greets the world with tiny, shriveled wings. The butterfly must immediately pump body fluid through its wing veins to expand them. Once its wings reach full-size, the butterfly must rest for a few hours to allow its body to dry and harden before it can take its first flight.”

Now about that Full Moon:

Here’s the chart drawn for San Diego, where the ascendant will be in Libra.


The red lines, those are squares. A square is a 90 degree, challenging aspect between two planetary bodies; in astrology, this includes the sun and the moon. A challenging aspect is one that can cause anxiety, but also creativity. There are a lot of these squares in this full moon chart! Energy can spawn action and and bring expansion, and when it gets “bunched” up like it does in a square aspect, it’s like there’s a kink in the hose of energy flow. That kink builds and builds and finally there needs to be a release.  A release can be anything you want it to be, but mostly it’s what happens naturally based upon your experiences up until now.


The squares

Jupiter in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries, Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn squares Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra squares the Sun in Sagittarius.

The oppositions

An opposition is also considered a challenging aspect in astrology. The energy can get stuck in duality and polarity.

The oppositions: Pluto in Capricorn is opposite Jupiter in Cancer. The full moon in Gemini is opposite Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius.

How to survive

I think right now, the best thing to do is to just ride the energy. Ride it like you are at a rodeo, and you are determined to stay on-board. But, in case you don’t… just brush yourself off, take whatever moments you need in peace and silence, and get right back up there again.

Ease and Grace

I shared some facts about the butterfly because it’s a beautiful creature from our perspective as humans. It’s EASY to see the BEAUTY and GRACE in the butterfly, and make all sorts of lovely metaphors about butterflies. But, let’s use these facts to illustrate all the hard work that butterflies do in order to exist as the beautiful creatures we perceive them to be, full of grace, ease and movement. To be a wind-rider requires skill and dexterity. That’s something to appreciate any season 😉

May you all have what you need this holiday season! Many blessings, and much aloha from my heart to yours.

Expansive Energy in Gemini: What to DO? May 29, 2013

(this blog post was originally posted on May 29, 2013 at; both sites are currently undergoing a conversion process)

As the sun nearly steps out of Gemini, there’s still a ton of energy packed in the sign of Gemini. We’ve got Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, all within a 6 degree orb of conjunction. Holy moly! We are talking, visiting with siblings (or working through sibling stuff), having busy minds, busy in cars, in traffic, and visiting with neighbors more than ever before. Perhaps you are building your social network, or finding yourself more social than usual – at least, the urge exists, and it doesn’t want to be ignored. Whether from inside you or noticeably outside you, the urge is there.

The Gemini nature is about information, news, short-distance travel, your neighbors, and your siblings. It also rules your mind and nervous system. How the mind/spirit/body deals with the energy has a lot to do with the natal chart (birth chart). All these points need to be viewed in terms of their context, and astrology is no different than life itself. I can give you the ‘gist’ of astrology here… much like explaining how the waves are moving – if they are choppy or smooth, what types of things you want to set your sail to, but I can’t see your natal chart, so I can’t tell you what other ‘personal themes’ are linked up with these current planetary transits.

Setting your Sail: Transiting North Node in Scorpio

Let’s look deeper at what flows beneath the surface themes and have a look at the North Node of the moon (this position shows us where societal energies tend to flow – what is our “stretch goal”, if you will.) The north node of the moon is currently in the sign of Scorpio and it is conjunct (right next to) the planet Saturn.

Now Saturn often gets bad ratings, generally, but Saturn is truly a “teacher” planet. Both Saturn and Jupiter are teaching planets; in fact, but Saturn does things the more practical way. That is, Saturn will get you into gear, by watching you scramble to “hold your own.” You can call this the “school of hard knocks,” but everyone really DOES experience it differently. For example, Saturn can give you the energy you need to be self-disciplined – a certain sticktoitiveness. Saturn will MAKE SURE that you are successful at your endeavors. Saturn will even enroll you in the “program” when you didn’t know you were “going to school.”  That said, let’s look a bit more at the sign of Scorpio and how the North Node of the Moon functions inside this nifty sign.

Scorpio is a pretty sexy sign. Honest. I mean, it’s all intense and purgative and ready to expose itself. Scorpio also has to do with merging, forming a union, and that’s right: joining forces. The sign Scorpio will show itself in psychological studies, questions about motivation, power and, well, status.

Scorpio and Saturn kind of, well, they “get along.” The reason is that Saturn is ruled by Capricorn, another dogged sign, another archetype chock full of ambition and self-making. There’s a single-mindedness to both signs which make them natural companions; that is, if they share the same goal J

North Node in Scorpio: Get with the Cosmic Plan

Look for opportunities to work with others, consolidate your business ventures, build trust relationships, and/or discover the need to purge.

And, ask yourself the following question: “How can I USE this energy that’s involved in socializing, collecting information, and thinking (Gemini) in ways that will help me build a better, more sound, and more solid (Saturn) network (Gemini) of alliances (Scorpio) to help bring about the consciousness evolution (North Node) that is SO needed on this planet?”