On Being Good Enough

These days are filled with joy and challenge. It’s a wonderful marriage of opportunity meeting moments of “I can do this.” I noticed along the way that my blog writing has drifted off, as a lesser goal, while my primary one remains the same: to be healthy, whole, and happy. I don’t expect much from myself, just the ability to show up, be a witness to this process that is transforming me into the type of practitioner I will become, while appreciating the one that I am now. I am appreciating that much of my meditations, reflections, and “duties” to myself throughout the years are paying off in the way I face my experiences. It’s not always easy; but it’s becoming easier. I know when a bad day can wash over me, and I truly find that the following day usually ends up being so much better – as if some grace from nowhere is supporting me in my being “good enough, ” too. The whispers have been great since the moment of my birth, perhaps. Those whispers have been just good. And, just good, is sometimes, even better than great. And yes, we’ve heard the quote, “great is the enemy of good.” Nevertheless, great still exists, and it can’t go away no matter how much we fear it.

I enjoy what I do every day so much so that I am not so focused on my performance, nor my appearance – and the results are better than I could expect if I had planned on it, to my surprise – to my eyes! There’s no niche that I’m advertising for, at least not at the moment. And, the truth is, I fear not any development on that part, because what I see happening is so profound that it’ll be simply joy in the coming days, just to wrap my words around its essence, and draw out the nuances and flavors of my experience, describing as time permits, how easier days come with lighter steps.

While there’s an astrological story here, I will save that for another time, much, much later on. This blog is still dedicated to the stars. The stars that shine whether or not we talk about them.

Peace be to you all.