The winds of change

the winds of change
have come again
and made me pure,

carved out my treasure,
opened my womb

I became a ritual
inside a ritual,

on a stage, that is set in another world

transforming this world.

in transcendance, the nesting


the nested

the total egg 🥚 unbroken, broke

And emerged the circle ⭕️

I speak of bliss
in the opening of this circle,
merging and joining

of the past,
present, and future

my life just created another life🌸!

ka Malana poetry c2019

Rise my soul

from its depth in
unseen waters
the angelic dark-deep
unearthed mountain
rumbling, readying

from first quiet
of the poet’s
underground fountain,
as it bubbles and readies
under the surface,
undulating slowly
in layers

the water pools, preparing

to siphon up
a new spring
a sprite of light
the sparkle of its diamond

from the thrust of earth
made to divide and
liberate new soil,

astonishly, unpredictably
unapologetically, sparklingly

rise my soul
to the heaven you
made me,
and from where
i make you,

go beyond!

know no bounds
in your great escape!

Ka Malana poetry c2019

************** * ************* *

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio

A shooting free world

there’s a request I heard
the angels put in.
they said with tears in their eyes!

do not injure my people!

if you are feeling lost and afraid,
take my sword, and march into battle
fearlessly with your essence of peace.

this sword is a gift to use with the clarity of your heart,
and the eons of wisdom acquired by your

be not afraid ~

for all this destruction cannot last
without creating better, more solid, and
more loving worlds. See the light is returning, it is.

I will keep showing you.

for every destruction, crushing heartbreak,

grows the strength of new life.

Youth has become abstract

once when youth was in my blood
it pumped without observation
or goals

there was no rationing and saving
vigor for the reality of what
a “whole day” meant

talents showed up, and were always
unexpected, because years of hard work, attempts, were never behind them.

freedom meant overcoming the restrictions of parents, time-schedules, the expectations of others

not some quest for the dream of
what misinformed enlightenment offers: freedom from pain, suffering,
facing the self-imposed habitual mindset, only to

once again – liberate!

real enlightment, some promise we believe in, and strive towards, as we
grow softer and more supple.

but, there is a new kind of youth,
one less abstract, and gaseous,
nebulously unbounded.

there is youth in a form,
that has grown into a work of art –
still admittedly malleable while alive, while alive, always vibrant.

softer, more tender, more unbreakable

this new youth is form, built of the combination of vision and visionlessness.

it says, “I am aware that I exist,”
this awareness has the force of
water, the power to move mountains, the ability to perceive, to be a mountain, if it wills.

youth is not wasted on the young,
because it is truly what we grow into, if we allow it to happen.

ka malana c2019

Give peace a chance


Changing states,
inevitable flow,

no one can stop the
rain, push the river,
or force the sun behind a cloud.

Each day is delicate and fresh
with so much possibility for you
if you invite it,

if you live the invitation.

What would you like to invite into your life?

and what would you like to ask gently to leave?

breathing in, and breathing out,
enjoying the permanent state
that doesn’t come or go, but is always
ready, present and willing.