Open your lips

It was only in a silent moment

That I heard your voice

A Sufi whisper

An energetic shift.

It was only between a breath, the

Pause, that I opened the Great book.

It was only ever you, you who

Seek me

With poetry on your lips

You are made of sunshine.

You are a master of timeless vision.

You are a divine creature of joyfulness.

My poem is nothing but a testimony

To a moment, that I am lucky

May visit me again

8 thoughts on “Open your lips

  1. Your poetry speaks to me as it speaks to you. Poetry I see comes to you with inspiration. Me too. My poems flow hardly ever do I search for words or correct them. Often I will wake in the middle of the night My best poems are writen then. But of course they are not mine at all. But they ae given me via the cosmic stream of all thought as I ap into its Matrix. 🙂
    Your words flow like the stream of source they come from. BLessiNgs to you Ka. I am now sleepy again and so will take your words with me as I close my eyes. Xxx Sleep tight also Ka. Xxx SUe

    1. Hello Sue,

      Your message was sweet and welcoming, as I was very tired last night when I read it, after returning home ❤

      The signature of a poem is a mystery isn't it? I do believe that there is an author
      *and* IT IS matrix-y and stellar! I feel glad that my poem spoke to you, as it spoke to me. I hope to improve my craft as well as my ability to tap into the matrix.
      Thanks for wishing me sweet dreams!
      Have a beautiful day,

      Love, Ka

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