Taxis & Santa on a River: Full Moon @ 14 min 18 sec, Gemini !


Dec 6: This Sun/Moon opposition (Full Moon) is squaring off Chiron in Pisces. I’m trying to get myself to write a little bit, but I feel like I’d rather hide under a rock. Why?  No reason, maybe it’s my natal Chiron in the 3rd (sure, that’s it). I just want to wrap myself up in softness and ask that life not *interfere.*  I’m chuckling at myself, because that’s what I do: laugh at myself. It passes the time.

December wall calendar art by Masha Dyans
December wall calendar art by Masha Dyans

Venus trine Jupiter and blessings abound! We got rain in Southern California, as I write, even!  All those semi-solo rain dances (my husband and I) paid off, I guess. I always call to the rivers when I am by myself. It’s just something I do when I want rain. I’d also been watching El Nino reports like a hawk for several months, reading about increasing water temperatures in the Pacific and other tell-tale signs for this weather event.

Venus trine Jupiter and my heart is expanding many times over. Saturn’s about to cross over my MC and I’m being really, really hard on myself. Generally speaking, though, most of the planets have been really good to me. Saturn passages have been *really* good to me. I hope Saturn sees my blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights… etc., but it’s true – there’s always more I can do…

photo (14)
photo by Ka Malana 2014

I feel like I am on new a strata of my onion – opening up more and more and revealing soft-spots, happy spots, scary spots, and stuff that’s just no one’s business!  Life is staring me in the face asking me to continuously come-hither, come out of my Cancerian crab moon shell. The thing is… my shell is comfy. I want to make more shells, in fact. I want to create my home everywhere I go – that would be more shells.  With a Gemini IC, I would travel back and forth and shuttle to my different little shell-homes. That’s what these taxis are for!  Ah-hem…. thank you for listening. I bow to you and take my leave.  Please enjoy my photos! The Earth, she breathes! & taxis…

10 thoughts on “Taxis & Santa on a River: Full Moon @ 14 min 18 sec, Gemini !

  1. Hey Ka,

    What a delightful little skip through the musings of your mind! Thank you, the bounce and joviality in your words brought a smile 🙂

    Good luck and blessings whilst working with Chiron….what a fabulous time of the year for Chiron to embrace you in the warmth of gentle healing and homely comforts.


    DN – 08/12/2014

    1. Hi Dewin,

      While I was writing a comment on your blog, you were writing a lovely comment here! It’s good to connect. I can dive into your recent images – the depth is great, the colors…. Thank you for skipping along with my musings, and for reading.


      1. Hey Ka,

        The pleasure is mine. Thank you 🙂

        Connections and synchronicities certainly seem to hold my fascination…I find them totally absorbing, even meditative and often spend untold hours absentmindedly folding and unfolding the event or walking the never ending inwardly spirally pathway searching for impossible explanations, causes and meaning. Naturally enough a rational explanation to these mysteries never appears, only a fundamental desire to return to existential questions and the opportunity to leave other matters to destiny’s hand.

        I hope you’ve woken to a wonderland…


        DN – 087/12/2014

      2. Dewin,

        There is no doubt connection in the inspiration one gets from interfacing with the mysteries! We can delve as deep as we want or keep to the surface as we like – whatever our individual path may be…que sera sera, as so it is with our interdependent paths. Whatever pragmatism allows!

        Isn’t it lucky to exist? The sheer implausibility of it all does more than tickle the senses into a state of both ecstasy and sobriety depending on the natural course of one’s fugacious state of consciousness.

        Well, after all, these words are themselves excursions. Where will they go? How far will they travel? What is the point?

        We don’t have snow here, but a wonderland of sunlight. That’s splendor to me without the need or want of anything more… An existential question does stand the chance of entertainment and/or entrainment. I find that questions are often better suited for answers than answers are, themselves.

        I do not turn destiny’s wheels but I do enjoy observing what comes my way, trying to manage each meal on my plate – each day of air and earth, water, and mental food and drink.

        Thanks for your kind comments as usual you write with the depth of a long journey and the heart of courage to make gold.

        Namaste my fellow traveler & aloha

  2. “I want to make more shells, in fact. I want to create my home everywhere I go – that would be more shells. ”

    Oh yeah! This truly resonates with me. I often have this feeling that I belong everywhere I go. Never used to be that way, in fact, quite the opposite. More shells.

    I just need to stop thinking that I literally need to join every group that I happen upon. One can resonate deeply without signing a contract, yes?

    Much love to you dear Ka!

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