Can you benefit? “Every step we take is Rhythm”

It’s a simple question. The question itself i – when repeated – its own medicine. Who’s responsible for benefiting, perceiving, healing? You.

The truth for me is that I don’t really know in advance whether or not someone can benefit from any of my actions, good intentions, sharing of experiences. From any of my own work on myself. The truth is that I don’t know anything except that I am lucky to be alive and relatively healthy.

Maybe that is all I need to know. Whether in service to ‘self’ or ‘other’ a dualistic mind is still in the trappings of duality. However, if there is no ‘me’ and no ‘you,’ that is perhaps a possible definition of an inefficient brain. Discretion has a purpose, but who’s is worth relying on, other than your own? Ask.

We need to make constructions, make assumptions, think and have reason or else we might lose purpose, direction, and/or develop an inability to operate in the world. But to think and reason too much, gives us this false sense of power. Instead just ask, what is the magic working through us all? (Usually, there’s no definitive answer)

Sometimes lightness of being comes from the must curious places. Sometimes a zen koan can silence your mind instead of eliciting an endless response of ricochet. Sometimes “call and response” signatures can bring forth the most beautiful music.

That’s where I am now. I don’t ask you to benefit from reading this. I write it for me. My drum is nearly ready for the circle.


Please these videos remind me of my time spent in Africa, and my time spent in Pennsylvania…(either drumming, or my one and only ethnomusicology class) and probably further back.

Thanks to youtube: I found this: my favorite from my enthomusicology class back in early 2000ish. This CD was stolen with a couple of precious sterling silver rings when an apartment I had was broken into (twice!) back in Pittsburgh.  You know… I take this, as God’s return of love to me… joy, and the happiness of life! You will be healed!

P.S. So far I am keeping my original ‘typos,’ in some cases, they were appropriately wrong.

12 thoughts on “Can you benefit? “Every step we take is Rhythm”

  1. Dear Ka,

    I was just thinking about motion, rhythm and dreams this morning. It seems like most, if not all, of my dreams involve motion, which is also rhythm. It’s as if soul only moves, is never static, whether we are aware of it in that way or not.

    I love the drumming here, and music in general for its rhythmic dimensions.

    Best wishes with your drumming.

    1. Dear Debra,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and rhythms 🙂 The movement in your dreams… how fascinating!

      I just returned this evening with my new drum. Played some music at a playground, too, with all sorts of neat metal built-in instruments. Never been to a park like it before!

      Thank you for your drumming wishes…
      I am ‘at home’ with my drum, she’s so familiar to me – even rebuilt!
      Love, Ka

  2. Maybe you didn’t ask me to benefit from this one, Ka, but I did anyway. 🙂 Rhythm is the glue of life. I am put together a little more coherently now. I have a happy new resonance inside of me. What is benefiting, if not this? The videos were great…


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