how you get there determines where you’ll arrive

Excellent post, I love that no one walked on it…. too πŸ™‚ Let the beauty last…

the hour of soft light...

my neighbor's sidewalk

A great injustice of a photo of my neighbor’s sidewalk this week taken with my iPhone. I especially love that none of us walked on this . . . it just stayed lovely for a few days until the wind and rain claimed it.

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6 thoughts on “how you get there determines where you’ll arrive

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Ka. The title to this piece made me think of an interesting wrinkle in physics– the path dependent processes versus those that are path independent. In the path independent processes, no matter what route is taken from A to B, the subway fare remains the same. In a path dependent situation, the fare differs depending on the route. In nature, there are obviously both. I like to think about this in the context of the beauty, the love, the tragedy, the humanity of our own lives. We’re also a mixture of each I think… We experience the fullness of the route we take, the ups and downs of our experiential orbits (path dependence), and yet we all ultimately arrive in the same destiny, the wholeness of our own hearts, and once we arrive, the route we took to get there drops out and is replaced with the glory of what is… (path independence). Thanks for letting me rant for a bit…


    1. Hi Michael,

      I appreciate your adding your thoughts here as well as introducing the terms ‘dependent’ and ‘independent paths.’ Physics and philosophy seem to coincide as we seek to explain and comprehend our human experience. I have seen these terms applied to economics and social sciences as well other ‘systems’ disciplines. I like how you ‘unify’ the dependent path with the independent path by setting the “final destination.” I am not making any movie reference there, btw. The wholeness of our own hearts <—-That perspective, my friend, is what keeps you so well-informed, I presume. πŸ™‚

      This conversation reminds me of Buddha's raft parable, about discarding the raft once one has reached 'the other shore.'

      What path?! I didn't see any path!

      We are the path.

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