Perseid, Meteor Shower, Verklempt

Dear friends, visitors, new followers, random clickers:

Thank you to those who read, ‘liked,’ and/or  commented on my “ice-breaking” (for me) post about telling stories and having good ones to tell but not yet knowing how, when, or exactly what to convey. Being thankful for photos and travel, having a funny brain, etc.

Editing and creating can be brow-sweating work, even if just thinking about it! Luckily, I’ve been at it for awhile (in life) and don’t over-expect too much from myself! Hopefully, you expect “just enough” from me, and so we can all be happy together! At the moment, I’m going with the flow, apparently if I don’t post for about 10 days or so I go all verklempt (plus I can only be at-most a very, very partly, part-time blogger due to my current commitments, and I really need to do this regularish blogging for me, or else:

What really probably made me all emotional was the Meteor shower that we caught some action on. It was either August 5or6 that we watched it at Starfest–the absolutely most coolest show on Earth. Every time is different. I said enough. As far as Perseid’s go… it wasn’t even the peak period. So, if you haven’t already tuned in: Get out there! For anyone who cannot get outside or who doesn’t want to, but somehow can manage to view it from a digital gadget, check out this live-stream.

There’s a new play out called Meteor Shower. We hope to see it next month for our date. It debuted on my birthday: August 7th. Steve Martin wrote it, and Jenna Fischer, from The Office is acting in it.

Too funny!

I still plan on posting the old college story that is unrelated to anything. So, if you are interested: Stay Tuned.  Next week I will be away on Silent Retreat with Gangaji, so I have to get it all out now…Then, I have to really “get it out there” because my business is growing, I’m trying to get my book out, and I’m enrolled in 8 classes for next term, so I’m a busy gal! Looking forward to a slightly less busy mind; and at the moment, enjoying it all anyways, so whatevs. I’ll survive. Only the “real me” can survive! Well, I will promise to keep my meditation practice as best I can.

9 thoughts on “Perseid, Meteor Shower, Verklempt

  1. 🙂 Here we are supposed to see the shower this evening.. And wouldn’t you know it is now clouded over.. 🙂 Sorry I missed your great day that you chose to enter Earth’s Orbit.. I hope you had a very special day Ka..
    I will save the vids for a look at later.. 🙂 as I am on Mission Impossible at the moment.. Doing my rounds.. And I only have 10 mins left.. As I want to watch the Olympics.. 🙂

    Love to you dear Friend.. Hugs Sue xxx

    1. Yes, if you happen to get back to my blog today or soonish, there’s a link to see the Perseids live stream!! My birthday was special, thank you. Every year feels better than the last, despite any weird feelings leading up to it which seems to increase, too. I kinda feel like you didn’t miss my birthday though, I think you were just partying in my heart with everybody else 😉
      Enjoy the Olympics! xo Ka

  2. Verklempt! Perfect, Ka! Hope the play is wonderful and I’ll be staying tuned for what comes next! Enjoy the action and the movement and the stillness, however the waves arrive. You always seem to be riding a glorious wave!


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thank you,

      Looking forward to this play. Interesting and comedic it might be!

      The waveform is me, is you, is this “us-ness.” I’ve been enjoying, and sometimes just going through the motions, because fortunately, I’ve lost myself in it at times.

      Aloha, Ka

  3. happy belated! the mundane pulls me off grid more and more! but i still love when i get to join you on your journeys! i hope your birthday was wonderful!

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