For those who experience loss, may something be gained.

Maui inspired print

I wasn’t planning on sharing this painting, or at least yet. I made it as a fun print, with kid’s washable paint. It’s on wood. I like the blank spots, for now.  Not worrying about being a “serious” painter – I like that every time I sit down to make some art, or I make art on the fly – it’s for a different reason, season, need, purpose. Sometimes I study an object, sometimes I just want to have fun. That’s what this was. Also, I’m not pigeon-holing it into “something” or needing to be defined. I’m letting it live on its own.

That said, I am sad to hear today about a colleague’s artwork being stolen. I’m angry. I’d like to keep the details private but I wanted to offer up my “make it easier” coloring in honor of this loss and ask that the artwork be returned to the owner it was gifted to and so that the work can continue to heal and make its offerings on the wall where it was originally set.

Scorpio as a sign in general tends to guard that 8th house of losses and gains. We are in the midst of the full moon with the nodes changing into Leo/N.Node and Aquarius/S.Node. I am a big believer that we don’t lose anything, only the physical form. I can only imagine how much of a blow it was to the creator of the artwork – with the art’s intention to heal and provide.  This is the human condition, no one is free from loss. May this person, and all involved, experience a full restoration.

39 thoughts on “For those who experience loss, may something be gained.

    1. Thank you, Brad. I appreciate your support! I appreciate your prayer. Detachment is really a ‘thing,’ isn’t it? I care a lot. I think both can coexist, no? Caring and Detachment. Maybe detachment makes caring possible? I’m not sure; I’m still learning my way around my own insides. This is was what I could do… what I could offer… Perhaps the developmental path through to non-attachment IS through caring deeply? Thanks so much Brad! Xx

      1. I wasn’t sure if I’d find it, or have the time to look – but – I did. There’s a parable that this conversation reminded me of, from 18th Century Japan, called “Satsujo Weeps,”

        When Satsujo, a great disciple of Hakuin, was old, she lost her granddaughter, which grieved her very much. An old man from the neighborhood came and admonished her: ‘Why are you wailing so much? If people hear this, they’ll all say, ‘the old lady once studied with Hakuin and was enlightened, so now why is she mourning her grandaughter so much?’ You ought to lighten up a bit.’ Satsujo glared at her neighbor and scolded him, ‘You baldheaded fool, what do you know? My tears and weeping are better for my granddaughter than incense, flowers, and lamps!” The old man left without a word.

        Now, this story of the loss of a human life, the woman’s granddaughter doesn’t really compare with the loss of a precious painting – perhaps…

        I believe that the Parable is meant for pondering the true meaning of attachment, and enlightenment. Does one really know what it looks like from the outside? What is, really, a loss to one who has not had true attachment?

  1. I like the balance and the way the paint flows. Wood is my favorite “canvas”, especially when I find a piece of scrap wood that calls, “paint something on me!”

    1. Hi JoAnna!
      This paint was all swirly, and little bit runny. It was a bit thick though, in a way, to collect at the ends of a stroke and leave its print. I enjoyed how the ‘idea’ for this print wouldn’t look ‘at all’ like a machine did it, or even having straight lines or opaque color coverings. The palms trees would be “funny” next to the darker, more serious lines of pen. There seems to be an unintentional and organic looking central cross. Wood is your favorite?! That’s awesome! This one that I am linking here is on my page with my old art on it. I did this piece when I was a teenager. I can kind of see the similarity. I enjoy looking at art on your site, Joanna. I also love when the canvas or object “paint something on me.” Thank you for visiting! Xx Ka

      1. Thanks for sharing how that worked. I’m learning how painting can be an adventure when we let things flow! I like the layers on the old piece. And the cross in the newer one.

  2. Something is loss and something is gain… I love that statement. It reminds us that the universe is always looking out or a sort of “balance”. And it applies to life so well too.
    You remind me of a song by Lana del Rey, which is actually one of my favorites. It is called Ride and it has a long introduction as a monologue and an epilogue at the end.
    In the intro she says: “It takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it to know what true freedom is”… I just love it… I will add the video and complete lyrics here, in case you want to check it out (worth it!):
    Video / Lyrics:
    Much love & best wishes, dear friend! 😀

    1. Dear Aqui,
      I often search and find stories about losses that lead to eventual gains. There’s sometimes a transformation waiting and a new avenue to reveal itself. In the case of the stolen painting – that is still very sad. I can only hope of any good to come of it. Maybe the soul searching of the thief! I love that line of Lana’s about loss and freedom, thank you for sharing it here. What leads us to true freedom is relieving ourselves of all that we are not, which might require a bit of exploration. I did listen to Lana’s song, and I thank you for sharing a song special to you. I need to listen to her epilogue part at the end, again, there were parts that really stood out to me. So I will likely revisit it and see.
      My sweet friend, thank you! xo Ka

      1. I was pretty sure you might like it!… so glad that it reached you, my friend…. Great!. Sending much love & good vibes. xo. ❤ 🙂

  3. I do love wood for working with. I gather lots of pieces off the shore, still engrained with sand and make things from it. Your colors are like you, vibrant and beautiful. Being a Scorpio I’d be stinging anyone for taking that piece of art. But your offering is far nicer and more beautiful x

    1. Hey Shey –
      It’d be neat to see some of those things that you make, if you are inclined to it, that is. Thanks for your words here. Scorpios are awesome. I’m not just saying that because I am scared. 🙂 I’ve got a lot of Scorpionic signature in my own natal chart, among them my natal chart’s ruler is in Scorpio and my progressed moon happens to be in Scorpio. 🙂

  4. a nice piece of art, Ka!
    may this taking
    of others belongings
    be returned with
    greater understanding
    of the effects of such actions
    upon the universe 🙂

  5. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I feel for the one whose art has been taken. Detachment, I think, is important and perhaps will come later and much will be learned from it. In the meantime, the grief is present and real, and the feelings are teachers too. It must feel very validating for her to read your generous post. And I love your painting.

    1. Hi Mary,
      It was a male colleague of mine who had his work stolen. I do not believe he read this post – but I communicated with him directly. I felt this message might support a larger audience. Your words here on detachment may also be of comfort and generosity to others. Happy Mother’s Day! Earth Mama and all be so proud! Thank you always for your kind words and thoughts. ❤ This painting now has a purpose._/1\_ Namaskar love.

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