My passion!



for every time, i couldn’t word it, “it” slipped from me and word confined me and stifled me and “it-brush” didn’t have a problem with my choices. The brush, had texture, the brush had ears for every word I couldn’t translate from the other side of language, or what language? Or what symbol?


—->Who I am.

not in my dna nor my Q&A (but there, too).
not in where I live and who I know
or all the pulses I’ve felt now.

it’s not in one piece of art that I make, but in all the art that i haven’t made yet.

or how vulnerable I make myself to the “strangers” who seem to want to talk to me wherever I go. even when quiet time may be most appropriate for me. I say hi and try to be as friendly and welcoming and open as possible.

the rhythm of the drum 🥁
The wildness in me who refuses to be scheduled by others.

the me that is happy to connect with people and Happy to close my shutters and say “me time, or close friend time, or family time.”

the selfless “i” who employs much time figuring out what would be best for others (and that I be myself. And how can I know that without asking. And that I sleep soundly. And that the ways of the world and the business of things will never confine my spirit).

my Spirit.

Ka Malana 🌅 2018

the painting is what it is. This piece I wrote felt more like spoken word. I hadn’t planned on posting daily to my blog, so I don’t know how long I will keep at this, but for now…

it is what it is

social media has been awkward. I started writing on this subject but still haven’t managed to communicate in a way that I can build on yet.

Oh – I forgot to add one of my favorite songs that came on while painting – here’s the live version!

23 thoughts on “My passion!

  1. it’s not in one piece of art that I make, but in all the art that i haven’t made yet.

    Yes, thanks for articulating some of what I have have been feeling! I also love the colors and textures of this piece. ❤

    1. Yes – Linda – this highlights the essence of what I was emphasizing here: potentiality in life and freedom from definition of the past (goes with Mars conjunct S. Node) I’m delighted to know you have been feeling this! Also delighted that you will understand my astrological references.

      The colors (are all that I have left) and I am using the old paints up. As it would turn out: two of my tubes of paint are called “Mars ______” Also the central pillar of yellow came across as Uranian electrifying, illuminating, enlightening…. like a ‘mustardy’ (food) yellow.

      1. Yes, and I am happy to see a new light shine upon your page 🙂 Was an inspired comment that comes from not where, I know…

        My schedule had opened up because some things got done earlier, and other things reduced in demand. Hey, we are also in Gemini territory! ❤ Best wishes to you on this day, and the other days, too!!!

  2. I know what you mean about social media. I have left facebook. The cost of having an account there is just too high. I miss interacting with all the people who stay on facebook, but for my wellbeing I have to step away. I have joined MeWe and I love it. It’s private. They don’t track you or sell your information. Noelle and I are going to try acrylic pour painting, and surely a blog post with photos will follow. It is so good to see you writing again. 🙂

    1. Hi Dani!
      So lovely to see you here. Yes I am in-between many different areas of my life right now, and I don’t prefer FB as a platform. Though my many professional groups and organizations are there, across all these many domains that I practice, and these groups and people keep me connected to the bigness of things beyond my own current workings. We are traveling right now to the hills and exploring. Having finished all of my comprehensive exams and am in the last year (or so!) of my program, and before boards. I’m just trying to keep all my other activities going as they are all pieces of me and expressions that have kept me Alive all this time, while I continue my “long haul” – it’s also fun an scenic along the way and at times working on this task and personal development has required my nearly utmost focus. So, yes. What you see here is whatever it is but only ever a tiny bit of what I am actually doing. Social media is a constant snapshot and it makes relating a bit easier while all the more difficult. I look forward to see your and Noelle’s workings and thank you for the tip about MeWe!

  3. all the art that i haven’t made yet. Calls me. Calls me. I like the earthy colors in your painting. The shapes remind me of dancing first, then other possibilities. I can feel the song moving there in your brush strokes as I listen to it.

  4. Here’s to all the pieces of art yet to be created Ka.. And keep going at your own pace.. emerging only when you feel the need.. And all will be as it should be.. Your Passion needs to be honoured. In doing so you are being true to yourself. And not allowing others to dictate your time..
    Loved your creativeness.. And your thoughts..
    LOVE and Blessings Ka..
    Sue ❤

  5. Beautiful, Ka. We are all that we are now, and so much more, too. All at once! You’ve touched on the boundless contours of our being, and how in life we have the opportunity to call these many gifts forth. For all…


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