A shooting free world

there’s a request I heard
the angels put in.
they said with tears in their eyes!

do not injure my people!

if you are feeling lost and afraid,
take my sword, and march into battle
fearlessly with your essence of peace.

this sword is a gift to use with the clarity of your heart,
and the eons of wisdom acquired by your

be not afraid ~

for all this destruction cannot last
without creating better, more solid, and
more loving worlds. See the light is returning, it is.

I will keep showing you.

for every destruction, crushing heartbreak,

grows the strength of new life.

30 thoughts on “A shooting free world

  1. I can remember a time when we didn’t have “school shootings.” So many of these I believe are motivated at least in part by seeing them on “the news.” I will keep looking for the light and believing the possibility of a shooting free world.

    1. I hear you, JoAnna –
      And, I don’t know how or why this is happening…
      what I what to do is cultivate and contribute to safe spaces for all of our precious children and youngsters, whom all deserve what at least we had (previous generations), and even better. Safe places to explore and experiment and live with freedom. Some analysts will say the world is safer now. I want a world without shootings.

  2. The sword of Peace holds its power, So does our collective thoughts, They say its always darkest before the dawn light. I feel the Sun is about to rise and the Long night is about to crumble under the light.. Hence why the battle of dark is making its final stand.. But we are all rising now Ka, using our own inner light to help raise the dawn to shed its light upon a new earth.

    Sending Love and Blessings.. ❤

    1. This is a very challenging time on Earth for shootings. There was another shooting a couple of days ago; it’s really sad 😞. I do hope that this new day dawns and the shootings can become history. Looking for humanity to heal in ways that resolve these devastating and tragic events. Looking for a brighter future for all beings.

      Thank you, Sue! Love and Blessings to you, too ❤️

      1. The news seeped in over the ocean to more recent horrendous shooting events Ka.. My heart goes out to all concerned, I am aghast as to why people need to take such vengeance on others when they have a grudge…
        I too hope for a brighter future, where life and living are treasured ❤

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