Feeling-alright-again full moon

The stars have aligned,
in a way,
that shows me-
back into the past
and into the present…

all those carrots i was chasing

were different from the one i’m walking in-step with now,

because all those other carrots,

🥕they are already in the bag.

i can see them now, the veil removed,
a re-newed sense of freedom.

those other carrots were old versions of me.

While farmer’s might be thinking this moon is a strawberry,

for me it’s the hardy, sweet root of purpose, restored.

3 thoughts on “Feeling-alright-again full moon

    1. With everything going on that’s so distressing, this week I had a call right back into my heart, into the life of my soul, and I found peace there, and freedom, and purpose. Hoping it lasts for a little while 😉. I hope you are well, Brad! 🌕

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