My practice

I want to establish some basics:

  1. I interpret astrology, though I haven’t for a while, because it hasn’t been enjoyable. I do NOT channel. While I’m an intuitive, and practice forms of shamanism as taught to me, I do not have “visions” that come in without me asking for advice or input.
  2. While I have “guides,” I see them as a “higher aspect” of myself. They are also quiet unless engaged. I have zero intrusions into my consciousness from spirits or beings without invitation. And often I wait in silence. For years.
  3. I am mostly Buddhist, but I’m also not religious.
  4. I do not believe that we are “awakening” in the same way as people speak of “ascension” in popular culture or anywhere. I do not have a direct line of insight into this, and I do not prescribe to it directly. We hope we are developing as a human species, overall. I do not have and direct info into this being guided by “God” or ETs, etc…” I don’t believe in these channeled ideas.
  5. I am hopeful that we can turn around the current corruption in the United States government.
  6. I am upset about racial injustice.
  7. “Anarchy” and “socialism” are used as hypothetical myths that politicians are using to bring on fear and sew tremendous distrust in citizens. People are being pit against each other in the name “winning.”
  8. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation being broadly distributed by very popular social media people; some of them are bots but many, many are not.
  9. We need to form a just society where character matters and leadership is not corrupted by “bullies,” and political and financial favors behind the scenes.
  10. If you’ve read this far, maybe you care somewhat about what I have to say. Let me know you care and leave a kind comment.

Tara Brach is one of the most grounded, compassionate, and sensible people I have been listening to lately. This is how I prefer to spend my time.

Here’s her talk about “our relationship with anxiety”

21 thoughts on “My practice

  1. I appreciate your candor and resonate with most every point on your list. Thank you Ka for sharing your heart and practice. In my opinion, we must find common ground, move beyond party politics, special interests, and big money if we are to survive as a country and species. I’m having a hard time keeping hope alive. I haven’t listened to Tara in a while. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply, Brad! I’m sorry for my late reply. My schedule picked up quick a bit and we also had the chaos of the nearby fire, which is fortunately looking more under control. My heart goes out to all the people struggling with fires right now.
      Yes, I agree we need find common ground. I wish we could all move forward with protecting the environment and our planet. It is hard keeping hope alive for me, too. Tara has been really helpful lately, especially so.

  2. Thanking you for your truthful honesty Ka, I agree with Higher self perspectives, no one religious following for me either but the right fold path I try to follow.
    Ascension is our own upgrade not being whisked off to some other agree.
    We all have great inner work and healings yet to accomplish, as we are unveiling the truth of who and what we are, and how far off the true path we have strayed.
    Love to you dear Ka you are missed and loved. 💖🙏💖

    1. My heart is in the place of sharing my own truth and being present with how my awareness changes and develops over time. There’s so much going on right now, to zero into one’s own heart, and to breathe into that expansion, seems to be the most important focus I could have. There’s a rich experience in all of this; and it’s a sincere life path, in all of its expressions. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your kind response. Sending you many blessings and will hope to visit your garden soon.

  3. I am standing right beside you. So many of my “spiritual” friends have fallen into the deep end of conspiracies it gives me comfort each time I find someone who has not. Staying grounded and true as much as possible. ❤

  4. I love reading your beliefs and share many of them. “We hope we are developing as a human species, overall,” Oh how I hope this. It feels like we are in something like an adolescent stage where there is much turmoil. But we can each do what we can to find harmony within ourselves and hopefully with others. I think being kind and open to different beliefs is a big part of this. Thank you for being part of the hope.

  5. The fact of recognizing the higher self does not mean that we are inferior.
    But it is true that there is a part of us that is beyond our current perception. In a way, it is as if a part is “missing” because we do not see it. And this makes us feel incomplete.
    The important thing is to see that we are much more than what we appear at first glance, and that we can access this larger part of ourselves.
    It is the way to reconnect with who we really are.
    and that’s how I understand it from reading your article.
    To tell the truth, you move us to have a deep reflection of our existence.
    a big hug
    Manel Angel

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