Wellness during the Pandemic

Today’s infographic comes from life and well-being coach Shawn Fink. She’s the founder of the Abundant Mama Project. I regularly get her newsletter in my inbox. She was talking today about her 14 year old daughter who struggles with boredom and how her daughter is an extrovert while the rest of the family tends to be introverted, and she an ambivert.

Do we want to thrive?

I was going through a difficult time several months ago, and I was working with a coach (a different one than I mentioned) who wasn’t hearing me out. She kept asking me to say I wanted joy. At the time, the pandemic had just started and her organization was in the denial of Covid camp. “It was like the flu,” they insinuated. No, it is not. I was having trouble with the “stay positive at all costs” belief systems in my New Age communities. I wanted/and want to see real action and sincerity in the response to this viral threat. Being “high-risk” myself, I wasn’t walking around acting like “well, I have my spiritual bravado to protect me.” For me, I experienced all the humility of being a person who is in charge of being healthy for a young family. I took it (and take it all) very seriously. Spirituality aside, we live in a world where these threats are real, just like the possibility of any other danger, such as fire burns.

Do we want to thrive?


Even in the midst of the pandemic (and the life changes because of the worldwide pandemic), even when our most inner self-sabotage can come out to get us, even while struggling to make ends meet.

Yes, we want to thrive.

When so many are suffering, are we even allowed to thrive?

I say yes, and I consider how wonderful and simple the above infographic is, knowing I’ve inwardly been using the above strategies without that coach who I was better off without for the time being.

How are you thriving in ways you don’t even know it? How have you indirectly benefited from the pandemic? What changes have you made that turned to be better for you since you had to make the changes?

We can see that our busy, bustling lives and economies are not in best with the environment. It doesn’t even take all the data and science to see and witness how the environment is affected by our human habits, waste, and extravagances.

How can our environment thrive with us thriving, too? Maybe we can reach up and reach out to our environments? Maybe we can take small steps in social action, maybe we can focus on what brings us joy today. I’m ready to talk about joy, again.

21 thoughts on “Wellness during the Pandemic

  1. Hello:), thank you for this insightful and honest post, it really resonated with me! To me, it´s all about balance – acknowledging the reality of the current strong imbalances in our world, which invite us to create change and act upon them in my opinion, on the one hand. Accepting our feelings and reactions, whatever they may be. And from there and on the other hand, opening the door to a transformation from suffering to peace and joy. Thank you again! I have felt similarly caught up between wanting to embody joy and focus on the positives, versus acknowledging the undeniable challenges of our times during these months. Blessings, Maria Elena

    1. Thank you, Maria Elena,
      I’m glad to meet you and grateful to receive your response! The assessment of where we are at on the continuum is a balancing act and also a witnessing process. You very clearly describe this process of balancing acknowledgement of “what is” with mitigating energies to the point where we would hope to return into embodiment of joy (and as a goal). I think the piece about “accepting our feelings and reactions, whatever they may be” is the guiding light. Thank you. It’s also why I wrote this post, from a place of that acceptance, at a time where I might be better heard. Blessings to you and wishing you a refreshing rest of your week!

      1. My pleasure, dear Ka Malana! It´s great to meet you, too. Acceptance and balance are wonderful healing elixirs:) Thank you for your wonderful response. Blessings and a beautiful rest of your week, lovely!

  2. Thank you for sharing your soul and insights Ka. I’m glad you are ready to have joy again. We always have the choice but it can be very hard when we’re facing personal or global challenges. Acceptance has been a big step for me too and I don’t resonate with new-age positivism anymore. IMO, we need people committed to changing their actions in the world. I like the 5 step model in the infographic if the 5th step leads to action in the world.

    1. Yes, the actions we take are important—even sharing this post I wrote, which the infographic inspired me to write. Cultivating acceptance is just that: cultivation. It’s learning how to release, let go; and I think ultimately that growing acceptance is what guides us into the place of making our actions more productive, becoming more efficient and having more targeted responses to the immediate needs of the day; and then ask those bigger questions and work at them. Thank you so much for your response! I appreciate you, Brad.

  3. I love your post. I remember feeling like positivity is as if a chore, in the past. I needed some other comfort and care. I am now more comfortable with being with What Is and finding out what my reaction to it is. Taking responsibility for what I need and what action is needed of me. That is where joy can come from. Making a choice is important. Not making up joy.

    1. You said it, Pragalbha! There are times when it feels like positivity is another item on the todo checklist that can weigh us down. I think that part you write about “finding out my reaction to it” is so true in the sense, that is to say that sometimes we don’t know, yet. Giving it that time and space removed from others framing it for us. Joy can come from taking responsibility, as you say. It really can. I feel so much joy with parenting and our night time routine. We can’t fabricate joy, but we can work to eliminate the distractions. Thank you so much for contributing your thoughts and experiences. It’s very validating for me.

  4. I am so happy you are ready to talk about JOY! I think this time has been especially difficult for sensitive people like yourself. There is so much pain and so many changes…challenges…that we, as a people, have to learn to navigate. I think we can’t just brush all that under a carpet and chant affirmations because the reality we see with our eyes and feel with our hearts points to something much different. But the questions you ask are valid ones. And I suspect that every single human being can find something positive that has happened during this time. And joy will always be a game changer!!
    Sending lots of love to your and your family with wishes that things that need enlightenment will become very clear for you ❤

      1. Always, Ka! This is a time of huge change…a worldwide shift…that will see some prosper and some…not so much. I think if we keep our hearts and minds open and try not to partake in too much judgment we will get through it. The challenge is the non-judgment part when so much of what I see seems to go against basic human compassion. Hmmm…I am a work in progress!

  5. I hear you Ka… sometimes the joy is just not there to feel and we have to allow ourselves to feel the reality that Humanity is experiencing now without and within. The more light we embody, the more darkness is shown and ready for its natural transformation. I feel a deep sense of uncertainty, nervousness, yet peace at the moment… far away from the joyful feeling I normally embody, and the title of my next blog post is Being Joyful… no matter what? I’m embracing my feelings, honouring them all and continue going in nature where the natural feeling of joy connects with me a little! It’ll have to do for now. Lovely to be with you again. Love Barbara x

    1. Well said, Barbara! “I’m embracing my feelings, honouring them all and continue going in nature where the natural feeling of joy connects with me a little! It’ll have to do for now.” Yes, I agree with that. I’m glad you feel peace in the midst of the uncertainty and are one with yourself as you hold all these inner differences in love and with respect. Take care, Ka

  6. I think that the pandemic has given everyone a fair bit of time to review their lifestyles and make corrections. It has not been the time to lose track. It was actually a duration that gave us the opportunity to bring healthy changes to our lifestyles.

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