Hop, hop, hop

in the morning we go

hop, hop, hop!

she loves the rabbit and the elephant, too

we make the sounds of the animals true

and embody them, it’s the way we learn.

after nap, it’s “hop, hop, hop”

and even at night, when dreams yearn.

we know all the names for bunny, hare, rabbit

and she is my inspiration for this springing habit

is not just one day: It’s a “kick off”

Spring has not just sprung, it is still springing!


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13 thoughts on “Lagomorpha

    1. Yes, Tania! 💗 That bunny hopped in early before she was born, shamanicking and all. That’s why I bought some of your bunny artwork a bit ago. It felt right. I think the connection is here and hoppy! When the word Lagomorph hopped up today, the poem came out! 🐰 bunny kisses for Astrid and you! 🐇 ⭐️ Ostara

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