Cleverness fairy

We sort of hosted fairies this year for the holidays. They felt comfortable moving in next door 🚪 and brought their green rabbit 🐇 💚 which my daughter “little K” loved. The rabbit has mossy green hair. We are fond of rabbits here.

Fairy home 🏡

Not long after they moved in, they quickly put up a tree. Not too long after that I started to see their fairy lights on the tree. I think they put up their tree before we did, go figure.

Nighttime fairy home 🏡

I’m not sure what 2022 will bring but the end of 2021 was a lot of fun. Tonight I had the thought, while considering using prompts to write, if only the cleverness fairy would come and visit me. At this point, I would say, that anything is possible. Keep celebratin’ ⭐️🐇💚✨

Oh yeah! Happy New Moon in Capricorn! Now let’s get to happy work… preparing for the next shindig.

11 thoughts on “Cleverness fairy

  1. Love your playfulness ka, who doesn’t love a bunny rabbit and fairies! AND yes, I concur truly believing with your whole body, without a doubt brings in everything you desire❤️💃🏻🌈 It’s going to be quite a magical year when we allow❤️ love to you x

  2. With the arrival of this new year we hope to leave behind a very difficult year to assimilate. The photos give us a little encouragement that we will be better in 2022. Happy New Year to you and your family. The photos are great.
    Manuel Angel

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