Happy Spooky Autumn Love Dance

Guitar strings feel sore on my fingers while

my daughter’s voice chants “sing again! Again”

“Sing me the spooky song,” and so I begin again

“There is…

a house…

in New Orleans”

as I shift from one minor chord to the next,

sore and weak fingers coordinate to each rolling chord and manage the gist of the spooky

Now dancing in circles with joy…”They call it the Rising Sun”

***We stopped briefly to look at some flowers and saw a special moth

Happy New Moon in Libra ♎️ tomorrow!

29 thoughts on “Happy Spooky Autumn Love Dance

      1. So, in other words…stop spying on you!! 😉 HaHa…just kidding. And if we lived closer, something tells me we would love our time together!! These are special times, Ka. And they go by way…way too fast. It is hard for me to believe that my little baby is 41 years old!!! I don’t know where time has gone.
        Hope you have a wonderful week…much love and light ❤

      2. Thanks, Ka. We are absolutely fine…I think we were in the best possible place. My heart hurts for all the people he touched in such a violent way! We just saw photos of a causeway…and bridge…totally gone!! So many people stay…and think they can ride the storm out. They are expecting huge loss of life and from photos I have seen, I think they are correct. I’m kind of out of it today…it’s like you are so grateful that it didn’t come by you…and then you have guilt because you know it went somewhere else…and hurt other people.
        The other issue is that the person we recently spoke about…the one I had to cut out of my life…lives right where the hurricane landed onshore. I’ve been grappling with myself…my heart hurts and I don’t wish anything bad for this person…but I also can’t open a door and allow them back in. So I think, I think I’m pretty clear that I won’t try to make contact…but that makes me feel bad too…
        UGH!!! I think I shared with you to see what you think…but I’m pretty sure I thin I know.
        Ah…thanks, Ka 😊💜

      3. Thanks, Ka. It is not congruent to who I am to NOT check. It doesn’t feel right. I have to get over the fear of opening the door…even a tiny crack…to that boundary which I know protects me. I will sit in meditation today, and allow myself to hear my soul…but I think I already know what I need to do for myself…and that is a healing step. 💜💜

      4. Sitting with yourself in meditation will definitely help you get into clarity about whether or not to let go of your self definition that is in conflict. Meditate on what is safest and best for you and know that you are allowing yourself full inner expression to talk to yourself without judgement on you.. Only you have the answer and the resolution for navigating yourself into alignment! I know you will be able to do it!! ♥️

      5. Yes! Perfectly expressed, Ka. There is conflict for sure and I will seek…and find…the best way to bring myself back into alignment. Thanks for your kind, beautiful soul, for understanding and for your gentle advice. Oh…and your encouragement that I can do it!! 😊😊
        Have a wonderful weekend, Ka. Keep those special moments close to your heart💜💜

      6. I am so relieved to know that you are alright. So far my family in Florida is okay, and a number of other individuals I know. I am waiting to hear back from one or two. That said, I agree: my heart goes out to those who have been hard hit by this hurricane\storm 💔

      7. I can hardly breathe at times…the footage I saw last night…Sanibel Island is completely obliterated!! I know many people stayed…it never ceases to amaze me the thought process involved…you would think after seeing what a storm could do everyone would voluntarily leave. But I am guilty of thinking about “staying” and I can’t explain the reasons.
        I pray for your family and friends, Ka…and hope you hear from them soon.
        Much love 💜💜

  1. You paint a beautiful image of Mother and Daughter singing joyfully together plucking strings of a guitar..
    I know from learning the guitar just a couple of years ago.. How tender those fingers can be…. 🙂 Sadly I didn’t sustain my practicing lol
    My Crocheting fingers won over .. 🙂

    1. Haha! Your crocheting 🧶 fingers make some really amazing things! Yes guitar playing requires build up of calluses and lots of playing to keep them! The good news is that with muscle memory it’s still available to pick up again after decades. 😃 Thank you for your visit and for reading. I’m glad you saw the picture I painted of our delightful time together ♥️

  2. Oh I relate to the sore fingers and no matter how long I kept up the practice they didn’t harden and give me less pain! So I gave it up! AND sang acapelo! Not that I can sing! But it’s feels so uplifting! As does your beautiful photo… Enjoy the moon, we need all the help from everything as the light is really stripping everyone bare❤️ sending love to you and your family Ka❤️

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