Comforts of the Season — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day 17)

Buckwheat Pancakes “I am Cosmic“ “I am Restored“ This has to be my favorite Autumn to Winter season yet. It is full of connecting, warmth and fun. I started feeling better just in time for all my visitors, seeing lots of family. I haven’t been blogging in a long time, but I have been living […]

Comforts of the Season — Fiesta Estrellas

Hello, as most of you know–those who have been following me for a while, I have a tight schedule. Having blogged for 11+ years, I am an acupuncturist, a mother, an artist/writer, a shamanic practitioner–as well as a forever student of my own heart. My schedule is demanding, but I write it. That said, I do adore being here, so I try to be on the blog as much as I can–until it’s not longer fun to do so!! If you are a new-to-me-blogger, I will not follow you back if you make comments that suggest that I should do so, for you, by making the suggestion that this lack of follow-back is “cold,” especially when I haven’t even had a chance to make it to my comments section to read, or to spend time at your blog, discovering if this is a connection I even want. A conscious connection. I ask you to look within, and address yourself, be kind to yourself, and expect the best from others. There is a certain energy here that I am cultivating, and I won’t tolerate anything less than the best for the gentle and creative souls who co-habitat here. I’m kind and giving (in the process and honestly its true), but I am not someone you can walk over and I am not here to prove myself to you. I am 100% in my own power. I am here at will. I work at will. I do all things, at will.

Here’s my daily contribution to the Cheer Peppers Daily blog challenge for November. As for my own practice, this form of posting is “celebration” and “ReBLOGathon.” I think this season feels just as comfy as last season, but I am also wanting a slowing mood… a slower tone… slower rituals, more deep breathing, and less sugar. ❤

Today I am spending my time with Briana Borten, a fantastic human and wonderful “energy architect,” we are enjoying “Activate the Sacred.” Today the discussion is on leadership. This morning I felt unwell, and I still am somewhat. My sweet daughter came over to me and gave me her lovey. I know I am raising a human who thinks about others and puts herself in their shoes. I will also raise her to stand up for herself- and to command the space around her. She will only let in the energy that supports her journey. She will be a leader. “The seat of our leadership is our deep deep care” ~Nisha

9 thoughts on “Comforts of the Season — Fiesta Estrellas (ReBLOGathon Day 17)

  1. I love that you stated following or even reading/commenting on another blog is a conscious connection and one that is of your own choosing to do. I agree.

    1. Thank you, Dinah! She really impressed me today with her learning to self-regulate. I am going to do my absolute best to do well by her and give her all the tools she needs to have a magical & empowered life ❤

      By the way, I just read your Challah post. Challah bread is wonderful. I remember in college a friend of mine introduced me to it. I"m not Jewish, but it definitely was internalized to me as "more than food."

      I am having trouble posting comments on your site–this is especially when I am on my phone app. The challenge is that I often blog when I am away from my computer, and on the move, so I need the phone app to work properly. I have other tech needs to work on with my business, so WordPress does take a backseat in terms of tech stuff on my "todo" list. I just wanted you to know that I am trying, and I"m reading, and I am still here 🙂 Also the problems can be intermittent, so sometimes I just 'wait it out.' xo

      1. I’m sorry about the posting pain in the butt. I do EVERYTHING on my phone too. And I too have a hard time sometimes. I have no idea why it works sometimes and not other times. It drives me crazy. And I’m not technically savvy enough to figure that out. Thanks for letting me know…

        I’m glad you have felt the depth of challah.

        And there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to prepare your daughter for a very magical life! She’s a lucky, lucky girl.

        Big hugs to you my friend!

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