Rates of Speed

Lego Giraffe

We are all evolving and growing at different rates of speed. As much as it would be lovely to create and experience “small bite-sized” morsels of sharing and experiences, sometimes we get the huge downloads from the universe and have to wait weeks upon weeks to sort through it all, before we can wash it, let alone hang it up to dry, let alone share it.

I have been going through that, for sure. See above the Lego Giraffe that my daughter and I put together from some complicated instructions, I might add!

Instructions for the very tiny pieces of this giraffe Valentine ❤️

We have some huge astrological transits coming up, which I wrote about before–but since then, so much has been flowing in and out–it’s not unlike the wash. But busier, and also slower and more meditative, mindful—and yes, these two states can and do coexist.

I have about 5 min until I start getting ready for my deep warrior training session with my martial arts master.

Meanwhile, the wash is running and the belly has just been filled. My energy-body is decompressing as I’ve done thorough work with another two different guides–human and beyond. Upper realm and Lower worlds are active and the middle is cared for by the divine as well.

See, I’m living my dream life. It’s still filled with all the emotions and the ego deaths of an unrealized life.

Please if you get a chance, I highly recommend Matt Kahn’s “Healed to Completion” program. I will come back with links, but I’m sure you can do just as well googling if this speaks to you!

Looking forward to catching up on your blogs and being in your space, too.

Much Love!

9 thoughts on “Rates of Speed

  1. You say you are living your dream life yet it is still filled with all the emotions and the ego deaths of an unrealized life, and I feel that on a level I can’t explain. There is so much that I have put down and left behind and yet it is still carried – if that makes sense.

    1. It absolutely makes sense and it makes me think of a parable about two monks, one who helped a woman cross a river by carrying her (and male monks aren’t ‘supposed to be entertaining thoughts and interactions with women, let alone physical touch) so the one monk carried her and left her safely on the other side of the river, but the other monk who was with them, inquired about why the monk who carried her (now this was several paces down the mountain and through the woods) did it. So that monk said “I left her by the other side of the river, but it is you who are still carrying her.”

      Sorry if I butchered that parable. I went from memory. Yikes 😱

      So, yes it makes perfect sense. Everything is residual. Thank you for your comment.

  2. When I get frustrated and baffled with the violence and oppression in the world, it will help me to remember the fact that, “We are all evolving and growing at different rates of speed.” The giraffe is impressive! 🙂

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