I am water

unbroken, continuous

trickling, rushing, surfacing

flowing down…

I am water

memories, polar-bonded, rejuvenating.

I am water

icy, breaking, splashing, spilling

filling, running, spritzing.

I am a mountain spring,

bubbling, glugging, frolicking,

colored by light sparkles, shiny,


I am water

in your body, in the clouds,

I vapor, I mist, I surround you and infuse you.

I am water

and I will amuse you for eons.

17 thoughts on “I am water

  1. One of the many Hebrew words for God in Judaism is “living waters.” When I read your words it reminded me of how I wish to envision divinity and the divine within us human beings. So much of our bodies consist of water. We are fluidity. We are the living waters. I thank you for this beautiful, moving and uplifting poem. It was a joy to read.

  2. This is wonderful how you’ve described all the many ways of marvelous water! I’m reminded of being caressed and tickled by the foamy ocean waves on a late summer afternoon.

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