New Moon in Cancer: July 8, 2013

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A new moon indicates a new and yet unseen manifestation. Cancer is also the sign of home, family, gardening, cooking, and chemistry. Emotions provide the spice, the medicine, and the path to balancing – when ALL is taken into view from the perspective of cosmos.  
Emotions are rich and enriched at this time! Take some time out to nurture yourself, get in touch with your emotions. You probably inwardly deserve this attention on how you feel. Cancer is the sign of the crab. She is very, very strong (and hides) because she is very, very sensitive. Let her show you the energies of flow, water, and unconditional nurturance. Here, in the astrological archetype of cancer, it is Mother Nature who provides the medicine you need.
Emotions can flow, get pent up, hide, or even manifest as physical pain
If emotions can flow like hot, thick lava…drawn up to the surface, then we are bound to destroy things in our path, but what comes up is molten and new, spewed from the earth for the sake of her own ground and expansion – to bring about her equilibrium. Emotions can also be as clear as fresh water, sparkling and revitalizing – healing to all those around. If you don’t know what kind of emotions you have because they aren’t on the surface, spend some time with this. Get in touch with the source.
The Cancer archetype is unique to the twelve zodiac signs, but it is a cardinal sign which means it shares this modality called ‘cardinal’ (directional, seasonal) with 3 other signs: Capricorn, Aries, and Libra.  These cardinal signs exist in each of all of our charts, in some astrological house or area of our lives.
The sign of Cancer – at her best – shares with us unconditional love and acceptance. This she expresses in constructive harmony with the other cardinal signs. These cardinal signs indicate the direction of activity in the universe, seasonal markers of developmental change.
EVERYTHING in the universe seeks equilibrium (Libra) for its individual urges (Aries) that exist within the overarching structure or system (Capricorn). Aries and Libra are opposites: me (Aries) and you (Libra), private life (cancer) and public life (Capricorn). All the components must find constructive harmony.
When the archetype of Cancer is in its most constructive expression, its experience is emotional richness, and unconditional love energy just flows. In it’s less constructive expression, Cancer is easily hurt, wounded, and *in need* of nurturing. 
Ultimately, in the sign of Cancer, if we are to be in the experience of unconditional love, we must understand that all in the universe has this same need – to feel loved, supported, and nurtured. If it’s difficult to remember that, take time out and practice nurturing yourself during this precious time of planting new intentions. It’ll always be worth it.

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