Closest Full Moon (Most Super!) until August 2014

FULL MOON in Capricorn

(originally posted on June 24th at my blog site.)

Here I am taking a look at the chart for today. Every day has its own signature, so to speak. Pay attention to the days after a full moon and tell me if you feel a release. There’s some anxiety building up to the full moon (especially one like this), and then, things start to settle. You may have never believed it at the time, but they do. And if they haven’t settled for you yet, they will. It all depends on how and where you experience “the wave.” Here’s what’s so cool about what this full moon: it coincided with and sort of “left behind” this super amazing triangle. This super amazing SUMMER triangle. I hope you all enjoyed the Solstice on June 21. 

Super Summer Triangle

If you’re feeling the richness of your emotions, well, you can thank the sun in the nutrient rich sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the mother. She is our true provider and caretaker in her best light, and “she” is conjuct Jupiter. Jupiter is a planetary symbol that inflates absolutely everything it touches. It’s going to be spending some time in Cancer soon, but for now, Jupiter is in Gemini. Have you had TONS of communication lately? If not, well, maybe all that has been brainpower. One thing is most likely: you’re more aware of your nervous system in some way. So, we have Sun (Life Essence) next to Jupiter (ideology or faith, optimism). Jupiter is squaring the North Node, perhaps this abundance is not the KIND of abundance you were hoping for, nevertheless, admit to the abundance 🙂  It’s abundance. If you’ve got gobs of good stuff going on, yes, by all means… live it up! We’ve got the moon (emotions) opposite mercury (thoughts). Are we seeing how our emotions really seem to affect our thoughts? How many near scares did you have this full moon before you realized that it was just “in your head” and all turned out okay? So, we are growing! The Sun (life essence) is opposite Pluto (transformation). Pluto was just hanging out with the full moon in the sign of Capricorn.  How do you feel about the structure of things? Does the way things are structured in your life help or hinder the way things flow?

This summer triangle is likely to help you work on “having” some more fun!  Here’s why: We’ve got a triangle formed by 3 points: Sun, Saturn, and Neptune. Neptune is the ocean, our dreams. Neptune is also our illusions. So, how do we know the difference? What’s real and what is a dream? Well, work with these energies that are in your life right now. Ask yourself, what is it that you really want.  What is it that you really, really want? Then, see what comes next. Let yourself know what you really want, and then all the right questions will pop up. It’s your job (Saturn) to answer the questions that come up – those things that stand in the way of your dreams. Remember, keep it fun. Keep it in the spirit of fun. I think Jupiter wants you to do that 🙂

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