Happy Mercury Retrograde from an Aquarius Rising!

Hello Everybody 🙂

Today I am being held up by the Apple store! UPDATE: Problem solved by determination/patience, deduction, and luck!

I need to do all these things to fix my phone – and having the situation of a forced upgrade because the operating system updates are getting too large; and, I have too many pictures on my phone; and, the prong contacts are old and corroded, so my phone is not charging nor transferring files. (resolved).

Having previously worked in the cell phone industry as a “back end” systems, Credit/Order and Operations Specialist, I helped people get through the nasty, long-winded, endlessly riddled struggle of doing simple things: making a purchase. I had to do the equivalent of putting out technological fires, and making small operational miracles out of issues resulting from transitioning and non-communicating systems. My department, of course, was phased out. (good for me because I got the universe’s message, beforehand).

I still do like technology. It is, however, a love/hate relationship; and I quickly learned, not my number #1 thing I wanted to be adept at – or have to do. Somebody’s gotta do it, sometimes. (Done)

Here’s something fun I dug up: old TV shows that influenced my sometimes obvious, other-times-not-obvious, Aquarian persona. They are short clips (the first one – at 27 secs), merely for enticing, if you have the time for this kind of entertainment.

26 thoughts on “Happy Mercury Retrograde from an Aquarius Rising!

  1. Happy Mercury Retrograde from this Aquarius Rising with natal Mercury Retrograde!
    You ain’t kidding about wearing many hats, what haven’t you done should be the question.
    Now over to the videos, such fun!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Linda! Enjoy 🙂 I’m a Jill? of all trades, a Master of stuff? I have a lot of memorizing to do for my newest hat. I was only able to preview certain parts of the video. During that, I noticed that Vicky’s definition of Marriage needs to be re-programmed/updated. Wow.

      Thinking back, I liked ‘Out of This World’ better. Evie’s father, Troy, is a human-looking extraterrestrial, with many special powers, from the planet Antareus.

      She could freeze time and get stuff done! xx Ka

      1. I do not know these shows, we are from different generations so that may be why. I did like Lost in Space as a young child and HR Pufn Stuf that was spacey, but then again I grew up in the hippy drippy era so that was pretty much all over the groove tube 😉 As much as I loved space as a kid, my tv viewing was pretty conventional as far as I can recall..

      2. My South Node is in Aquarius 🙂 Maybe I brought “the crazy” in with me! Who knows, maybe you’ll remember something about a TV show by the time this retrograde period ends?

      1. All is blur to me these days Ka but trust anything we discuss privately stays that we. That’s how we Scorpio’s roll 😉 Looking forward to your thoughts and it is so cool that you were the only one so far to pick up on my major takeaway on my Cookies post. Could you be psychic, hehe?

    1. Eric, I think what originally attracted me to the work I was doing then was that I made the effort to bring the humanity to every experience, as much as possible. I also needed that paycheck. Nevertheless, I made it my mission to speak with people not ‘to them,’ and not ‘above’ them. I didn’t make them feel inferior when they were challenged/frustrated, even when it was often taken out on me (and I was beyond frustrated). I was rewarded often, and demonstrated leadership in my stats. Eventually, it became my choice not to sacrifice my ‘humanity.’ It destroyed me to see my supervisor get demoted for getting headaches and missing work (no legality saved him). I knew that the subject matter was inherently maddening. I didn’t want to add to it. Then, I simply realized that I had more to offer to myself, and my own health; and, if I’m adept enough, maybe to others’ health. That was the birth of my true priority. Thanks for your comment. I can empathize.

  2. Well hello fellow Aquarius rising! I too have this trait — I’m actually a double aquarius — with my sun also in the sign. Trying to take things in stride with this retrograde — it’s been awhile since we’ve had Mercury retro in aquarius!

    1. Welcome MBSS!

      Yes! Let’s, yes, take it in stride – and be really kind to our nervous-systems throughout this period. I’m going to take another quick tech break, myself. Previous Mercury Rx @ 3.20 Pisces to 18.10 Aquarius back from the period of Feb 6 through Feb 28 in 2014. This was the second decan of Aquarius. Here’s to tomorrow’s Sun ingress into Aquarius while Uranus (Modern ruler of Aquarius) conjuncts transiting S. Node in Aries! That ought to be intense, at least a little bit fiery, perhaps. Thanks for visiting! xo Ka

  3. Hi FE.
    Glad you powered through the retrograde snafu.
    How does a new moon coming into the mix affect us? Gemini and aquarians??

    Goodnight air sign friend. Haven’t met an aquarians I didn’t vibe with in awesome ways. 🙂
    O and om.

    1. Dear Odie & Odie Mama,

      Thanks for visiting! I am still powering through it… the snafu passed, yes… all that sleep I had last night helped.

      The new moon in Aquarius adds to the mix, for sure. Air signs have more nervousness and can be more distractible, speaking from experience. Depends on the whole chart, and of course theory vs. experience/practice. Check your previous experiences of similar transits. Though each of us is a beautiful universe unto ourselves… full of possibility…and infinite outcomes…

      Let’s vibe together 🙂 I’m groovin’ and movin’ now…

      HUGS back, thanks!

  4. Arrgh is that what Ails me?….Been feeling kind of out of sorts myself over the weekend.. depleted energy Tired, dazed and spaced out.. I think maybe I have been ‘Out of This World’ too Ka…
    I just had a major problem with my mobile phone and had to reset to factory settings.. But I forgot I had not saved many contacts to the memory device … But take that as another lesson of Letting Go!..

    I did have a great chat though with a beautiful soul on the end of my mobile services… So yes I bet you made the experience for the customer a joy encounter.. 🙂

    Wishing you a beautiful week Ka… long may your energy keep ‘ rising’ 🙂

    Love to you.. Sue xox

    1. Thanks for your lovin’ Sue! I am during my mid-day break just had lunch and digestin’ … I was weak and tired last night. Looking back, it appears I was fighting off a cold. Could have been transitory, in addition 😉

      It was a good morning/afternoon in the clinic, hopefully my positive bedside manner will continue on with treating patients as it did whenever I did interact with customers. I was also thinking back to my time waiting tables in a restaurant, burning my hands, and still smiling… here comes the moxa & fire cupping!

      LOL. You know, Sue, everything is an experience… struggles and easies and all. I just made that up, “easies.” Thank you for your sweet and loving energy! A pleasure to experience your words when I’m ‘up to bat’ and on a mission for further education.

      xoxo Ka

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