Positive Self-Talk

It’s the beginning of my semester and it’s always a good thing to at least TRY to start everything off on the right ‘note.’ Therefore, I wanted to post about a subject of prime importance to me at this time. It’s one of things that I notice throughout my day – and something I’ve been improving upon. 

1). Positive self-talk

How we speak to ourselves is one of the most important things we can be mindful of when we are getting through the day.

When learning something new, creating a new schedule, or simply interfacing with the world in a ‘new’ way, we need to remind ourselves to be kind inwardly. When our inner voice is kind and gentle and compassionate toward our own learning process, we can and will move mountains. One way to become aware of your own self-talk is to learn something new. That is, try something that requires eye/hand coordination in a different way, or something as simple as drawing one line atop another as close as you can, without the ‘new’ line touching the other. This is an action that requires a steady hand and a focused eye. How do you respond when you make a mistake? What happens when you OOPS? Right here is the key: How do you respond? …Do you quit? Do you shout? Do you call yourself a name?

It’s not about moving through life without experiencing disappointments, or setbacks; it’s about TAKING those apparent “setbacks” and leveraging them as a spring-like motion that propels you forward onto your next success. After all, the person most accountable to your sense of success and failure is yourself. You’re the one setting the mark, making the target…(and as I have learned today. YOU ARE THE TARGET.

2). Your target cannot be “other people” 

No matter how much we are ONE, we cannot act for others. We are not responsible for other people’s actions/thoughts/behaviors.

When you look really closely (or not), there’s no one to convince. I’ve asked myself why I keep writing this blog. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, sell anything, or be ‘the best’ in my field. I really don’t know why I keep writing this blog.

I love you. It’s simple. There are OTHER PEOPLE. This is my favorite part about life! Perceptions are many! Thank you for that! Thank you for your part in my life while I get through my day/hopefully days. I aim to take nothing for granted.

3). Take nothing for granted.

That I “get to breathe” is something I appreciate. That I have eyes to see is something I appreciate. Each moment in time is not to be repeated. If you think back to number one on my list, and you’ve successfully navigated any of your OOPS (big or small, imagined or not), you can be kind to yourself. You may even be relieved by this one: that moments just aren’t repeated. You may even realize that your passing moment of depression is really just a moment – NOT PERMANENT.

4). Self-amusement 

In all honesty, it all comes down to this for me: Self-amusement. If cannot laugh at myself – by taking myself lightly – or, if I cannot amuse myself with this AMAZING WORLD that we live in -because there’s plenty to learn and play with – then I am not feeling like I am really living. It’s just that thing for me that keeps my mind happy while my real life is being led by the hand through a number of experiences that keep me growing and developing.

And now for the inspiring stuff: 

15 thoughts on “Positive Self-Talk

  1. I loved your realization of why you blog. It takes a little while to get there, or it did for me, but it’s sublime when the realization arrives. I love you. That is the only reason to do anything isn’t it. The reason to stock shelves. The reason to take notes in class. The reason to share our hearts. You could even drop the “you” on the end, but there’s something about the experience of knowing and coming to know specifically. Something about the localized diversity of the universal… 🙂


    1. Michael,
      “I love you. That is the only reason to do anything isn’t it. The reason to stock shelves. The reason to take notes in class. The reason to share our hearts.” YES! I also like to feel/check pulses, hold hands, and wax philosophical/poetic (from time to time). 😉 I appreciate your contributing comment, the “localized diversity of the universal… :)” Perfect way to express what I thought was ‘beyond words.’ xxKa

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