Astrology about personality, with a dash of poem: David Lehman on Alfred Hitchcock

August 13, 2014

5 thoughts on “Astrology about personality, with a dash of poem: David Lehman on Alfred Hitchcock

    1. Thank you, Sue! I am enjoying your visit here.

      He is a fascinating man, and might I add quite a character! I cannot take any credit for David Lehman’s analysis of Alfred’s chart.

      In my own reading, I would have noted that with Sun and Venus in Leo, in the 1st house of Self and Persona (even the physical characteristics) He’s quite a presence – no wonder he carries a heavy signature! I’d even make mention that it’s these characteristics, the strong Leo presence (casting a shadow), and yes the fire element, that makes him what the French call an auteur. “Auteur theory, which was derived largely from Astruc’s elucidation of the concept of caméra-stylo (“camera-pen”), holds that the director, who oversees all audio and visual elements of the motion picture, is more to be considered the “author” of the movie than is the writer of the screenplay.”

      His natal moon is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio in his 4th house, squaring his Leo ascendant. This gives him the pushiness/edginess (of the square), perhaps, that is evident in his startling others – and making the public fearful of what’s behind their own – domestic (4th house) – shower curtain. I saw a clip where he talked about a child’s fear – and then subsequent laughter. Perhaps he wants to demonstrate human nature by revealing its capacity for fear (and man’s relationship with animals as triggers: the birds) – and I wouldn’t doubt that he wants to craft every little detail of his movies based on his Mercury in Virgo in the 1st house.

      This filled 1st house gives him a powerful Self/Authorship by itself, even without the strong planetary energies of Leo. Which there are a ton of. The last thing, and I didn’t mention it, is his Natal North Node (future orientation of his soul development) is in the Leo-ruled 5th house in Sagittarius, making him quite the risk-taker, if only it weren’t for Saturn, again further evidence of his ultimate creative heavy-hand. I learned recently that critics in France took to him first, but he won over the audience before the critics. – overall, very interesting.

      His Scorpio moon, no doubt, aided his interest in human behavior (psychology) as well as his manipulation of it via film, 11th house Pluto – domination in his community. My favorite movie of his I remember being North by North West. Although, I’d have to see it again to remember why I liked it. Hugs right back to you! xoxo Ka (sorry for my long reply)

      1. I loved your long reply and also its content Ka… I am in awe of your Astrological knowledge.. Both you and Linda amaze me with your knowledge by doing Star charts etc.. And you impress me immensely.. 🙂 Love and Blessings ❤ Sue xxx

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