A Channel, a Lion, and a Waterbearer

Channel Qi moves

From the Well to the Sea

You and Me

We’ve made it to the place

Where We can really stop

Asking; and just receive.

Aquarius the water bearer

Is an Air sign.

We don’t have air signs in

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If we stop to ask why,

We may miss some poem.

Coming from the drop

At the top of the well, reflecting,

Or from the Source point.

Even the naming doesn’t matter.

We couldn’t dam it up,

This movement, if we tried.

You and me, from well to the sea…

Drawing the healing constellations on our bodies.

Connecting the points of light in lines of Qi


The lioness has lost her mirror

Given it up to the motion of the moon.

That’s okay, from another perspective,

It’s easier to polish this way.

Let the world hold it outright,

Like a tiny baby in the light of freshly emerging Love; behold.

All the warmth around is

Spilling out of heaven’s hearth.

There’s still music and song

Reflecting in our wayward pools.

The last I heard, God was delighted.

16 thoughts on “A Channel, a Lion, and a Waterbearer

  1. beautiful scripted .. And amazing what lines can be drawn in the heavens from point to point of light..
    And I have to confess.. Here you are the expert the Lion.. and I am but a novice …

    Wishing you a Perfect week.. in all you do Ka.. Love and Blessings
    Sue xox

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for kind presence and generous wishes. I am a perennial student. I’ve entered fields where no one can really claim to be an expert. I can only pray to be effective, or just pray because it’s in my nature, and to be in dialogue. My practice of astrology and experiences have brought me to my current studies in traditional Chinese medicine. I am in AWE most of the time – that – or completely bewildered. xoxo Ka

      1. Dear Sue, I appreciate your encouragement, very much. Each day brings its reflections and its development. Today in my readings, I came across the following passage out of the I Ching, “To flow with time, to accept life modestly as it comes, to seek only to be sincere in one’s way of life and true to oneself–this is the way of the Tao.” That’s quite a task! 🙂 I appreciate you, Sue, and your taking the time to comment. Thank you!

      2. “To flow with time, to accept life modestly as it comes,….” I will remember that Ka… Trying to be true to oneself is not always easy.. But we keep on trying and learning more about ourselves along the journey xxxx ❤

  2. I loved your ending to this one, Ka! It gave me the feeling of God being always around, but never seen. Like a famous gangster who applied his skills to the Infinite, who everyone feels looking over their shoulder, but whose face nobody knows… Like a shadow, or a light breeze, drifting through the depths of a stand of bamboo. A moving Presence that never stops to ask why… 🙂


    1. Okay, this definitely makes me laugh because my husband and I were having this conversation just last week while hiking about somebody’s T-shirt that said, “Spiritual Gangsta.” He said he liked it… and I was like, “whaaa? we gotta make it cool, when it’s already cool?” I guess we were actually agreeing. Wow! Michael, you tap into some pretty powerful stuff! Cheers to the infinite awesomeness. Thanks for visiting here and sharing your experience!

      P.S. Loved your “When I say Jesus…” poem

  3. Great verse.

    What resonated for me are these lines, and I quote,

    “…Coming from the drop

    At the top of the well, reflecting,

    Or from the Source point.

    Even the naming doesn’t matter……”

    In deed the naming really doesn’t matter when we look at the universal consciousness that exists in every drop. So, what is it that compels us to bestow names?


    1. Shakti,

      Thank you so much for visiting me here, leaving a comment, and letting me know what you experienced upon reading my poem. I really do appreciate and acknowledge shakti energy in my life – so your own name brings with it a warm welcome from me. Blessings!

      Now, for your question that we are both asking together… a response comes from part of a quote that I read today from some of my reading today at reality sandwich. Another thread which connects to here, as you ask, “So, what is it that compels us to bestow names?”

      “to survey the depths of space and time. Another is to hold communion with other living beings” (Tolkien, 2002: 113).”

      Without naming/divisions, we have no practical application, no way of communicating what we already know – and what we don’t know. Therefore we name in order to discover everything that’s right here!

      Wishing you a Merry day and looking forward to checking out your blog soon and sharing some more.


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