For you,
Each and every one
I wake up.

For you, with tears in your eyes
With sadness in your grip
Your betrayal. The grief of being unsupported.

You: who aren’t seen.
You who are lost in the masses.

I rise up. I wake for you.
You, I see in every moment,
A heart beating.
Your life gone…
Few at your funeral. Fewer in the hospital
As you pass… truly your most sacred moment.

For no matter WHO you become in this
Life: Just know that you were someone to me.

You are the reason.
I will cram.
I will lay down before you.
YOU are my sacred chamber, my lost
Vessel, my unborn.

I may never meet you: because
There’s so much work to be done,
And I see you everywhere,

asking for my attention.

I can be a better mother to you
By being a good friend to all.

I can be only imperfect. Do you still want me?

9 thoughts on “YOU

  1. This was beautiful, Ka. My answer is yes… Giving in this way is inspiring and powerful. There is something amazing in this feeling we are passing around– we find it in everyone we truly meet, which requires a certain pouring out as you have here. But it’s also unique wherever we find it in full bloom. Authentically beautiful.

    My friend, I see you everywhere….


  2. Yes with all our imperfections we are each PERFECTION.. 🙂 Loved this Ka.. and I have a small wooden ornament of a carved mother and baby entwined as one.. it appeared on my orchid picture post, And this stone sculpture reminded me of it..
    And so we are. all as One.. . Wonderful poetry share Ka.. love and Light my friend.. Sue..

  3. drawing into ourselves from the never empty cup for the filling up of others is our greatest ability as human animals, it seems to me this morning – from a prompting of your wonderful expression here! we are quietly pouring until all can do so without effort –

    1. Marga… i could really sit with that line you left me here, “we are quietly pouring until all can do so without effort.” this is a deep well-spring of allowing from the flow of the universe, into our hearts, and beyond. Lovingkindness. thank you for your visit.

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