This mission

When one chooses
to heal the wounds of their
family (themselves) by adopting 4 (all at once!)

They may be multiplying

When one chooses to heal
the work within
and not project it outside

they are not a martyr
They are doing the honest

When one receives the invitation
to give more to the adopted
18 year old: in essence, “PAY attention to
the PARENT, and the PARENT’s choices”
We feel that
18 year old better not be sculpted into a pawn

as this youngest sister felt, was she.

A pawn to play the authorities with.
A pawn to acquire attention of the broken tree.
That hobbles along, being a family. Striking instead of
embracing. Using pictures as commodity.
Who does that?!

A voice can be lost in the masses
not wishing to cause further hurt,
but looking for an outlet. A way to honor
that pain can be turned into healing.

A way to heal..
The mission is only and ever has only
been, and to be “Healer Heal THYSELF.”

Please don’t make politics of your children. Who am I to judge?

8 thoughts on “This mission

  1. I often sense there is so much more here, that you are describing just the tippy tip of the iceberg.
    I welcome you to reveal more and more. You are supported ❤

    1. That’s so interesting… I didn’t know that it seems like only ‘a little’ that you are seeing, when it feels like it’s ‘a lot’ to me. I really do feel supported. It’s amazing how supported I feel. I feel like all of us are treasures, and we only see the glimmerings: moments. We meet in moments, and how amazing they are. Thank you for sharing a moment with me!

      1. Yes, and maybe your “inner investigator,” too… your desire to know and transcend the bounds of what’s possible with deep and committed healing. My “inner therapist” gets at it too. You aren’t alone in that. 🙂 Love you, too. Glad to have you aboard. xo Ka

  2. Yes, so following up on Linda’s cue, I have two adopted sisters: one African American and one Korean. My mother nearly died giving birth to me, and my parents felt called to adopt. It made for some interesting moments growing up in the deep South, but to be honest I didn’t even think about the situation as “unique” most of the time because the whole process reinforced how deeply we’re all the same…

    Much Love

    1. Michael,
      It’s beautiful, isn’t it? To experience the process of realizing… the growing, the experiencing. How wonderful to have the experience of two adopted sisters. We are all the same *and* we are all different. I love the combo. Thank you for sharing, xo Ka

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