Overcoming the desire to want everything NOW; Releasing the past

We’ve got the transiting Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in the tropical zodiacal sign of Cancer, and many thoughts and themes are about reminiscing and looking into the past. While I’m currently not writing deep analysis of the astrological themes at work, I am keeping a hand in it, or shall I say more aptly, a feeler out there for it.

In fact, I am ‘living’ it, just like all of you. Every week brings new challenges; and each day is another day to ‘find the fun’ in it. Which brings me to the comfortable, dare-I-say conclusion that:

‘I am here.’

The temptation to dip into the past is a juicy one, each year it can be all the more enticing. Carrying one’s past with them is inevitable, and at the same time, it can be a wonderful, pleasant, momentary respite to just reminisce. Sometimes some of us, we may discover a desire to start anew. Why not? Why not take every opportunity to give a fresh look to your situation, at your moment.

I want to introduce you to: The Sedona Method  I’m not trying to get you to click on the link, but I just wanted to quickly write this post and put it out there, because I want people to benefit from this technique, just like I have benefited. It’s that simple.

May your summer (or winter depending on where you are) days be fun!  If you think this method might be something that will help you, I will file it under ‘meditation,’ so you know where to find it for when, and if, you are ready… I also (and especially) recommend the book by written Hale Dwoskin. That was how I discovered the technique several years ago.

Image 1 credit: meditatecenter

Image 2 credit: Forgiveness butterfly, http://sevenstonesgallery.com/

Honestly, I want to introduce to all of you: The Sedona Method

Here’s a brilliant song inspired by a friend who reminded me of Toad the Wet Sprocket, and I like it for this post, it wasn’t an old personal “old favorite,” but it certainly fits the transits in the maternal and creative aspect of the sign Cancer:

3 thoughts on “Overcoming the desire to want everything NOW; Releasing the past

  1. I had heard of this method before.. and I also have the Secret.. 🙂 and I hope I am a little better now-a-days of letting Go and just allowing all to flow rather than resisting, or burying things around me..

    Loved the Song too… 🙂 I hope July is as wonderful for you as it is for me 🙂 I am enjoying Every Moment!.. xxx Hugs Sue

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