Full Moon in Capricorn, July 2nd UT 2:20; otherwise July 1


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While it looks like the monk in the picture above is resting and peaceful, most likely his appearance of “rest” is the result of hard work, born from his/her commitment to the ritual of tea drinking.

When one works repetitively and consistently at a task, the result – even with the natural correction of the environment on his/her actions – is grace-in-movement, movement with rounded edges. 

The ruler of this full moon in Capricorn is the planet Saturn. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Saturn. Time and time again, Saturn has shown me that whenever I work hard and commit myself to a task or a project, I am always rewarded. The heart has to be into it; that’s the commitment, and then there’s solid ground. I’m reminded of the ancient Egyptians who weigh at death the heart against the feather of Ma’at. Perhaps it is in this spirit of inevitability (death, Saturn) that we learn the true nature of our hearts. Interestingly, the ancient Egyptians and Romans used to worship Saturn as the Sun God, and the holiday of Saturnalia was around the time of the Winter Solstice but varied in length – sometimes continuing up until December 25th, when the sun is in Capricorn. I was surprised to see this relationship between Saturn and the Sun/Son. In the Kabbalah, Saturn is related to the sepiroth of Binah, which equates to wisdom and understanding. See more links at the end for information on Saturn in religious/occult history.

Saturn asks you to find your heart. Find your ‘why.’ This is not your philosophical ‘why,’ but your ‘reason to action.’

Saturn is solid, linked to the metal ‘lead’ in ancient alchemy, and is very ‘grounding’ to be quite honest, even sobering. Perhaps the most well-known astrological text on the re-visioning of Saturn is by Liz Greene called, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, originally published in 1976. Her take is largely influenced by Carl Jung and presents Saturn as an archetype, representing a psychic process; and therefore having psychic meaning beyond its traditional astrological association as a malefic, can be beneficial. Greene introduces her book with a quote from the late esoteric astrologer, Alice A. Bailey [1880-1949].

When the disciple knows Saturn as the God
who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be Deity
who brings disaster, then he is on the path of discipleship in truth
and in deed and not just theoretically.

All astrological traditions are not perfectly alike, and the newest age astrology has been changing rapidly. Some astrologers stick to the planets in their interpretation of psychic forces, others reach to interpret every space object that has been named and/or numbered for some representative psychic phenomena/force in the collective consciousness’s puzzle. In the Chinese Tradition, Saturn relates to the element “Earth” just as in Western Astrology. However, in Chinese astrology, Saturn relates to the Stomach and Spleen; its color is Yellow. Its direction is CENTER. In Western Astrology, Saturn rules the skeleton.

Saturn/Capricorn represents the fundaments, the structural framework of your life. It can look different for everyone individually, and often does! The way we relate to metaphor/archetype is colored by the orchestra of our charts taken as a whole – and those experiences it represents. Therefore, writing here generally on the full moon can only be just that: administered with broad strokes. In this case, I’ve encountered new ways to discuss what for me is an old subject. There’s a lot left to be defined, understood, and relegated into a complete cosmological picture of meaning. I’m not so sure I’m interested in being that ‘tidy’ these days. I don’t prefer comprehensive explanations, but I do have a certain appreciation for the simplistic. That said, I’ve never found my study of astrology to be simple…

When thinking of Capricorn, think of the mountain goat! My favorite animal representative for this sign. Capricorn is about focus, having your mental bullet-points ready, following a specific and complete checklist. It’s where things are clearly defined and there’s organizational conformity. When one is fully balanced in the assemblage of all the archetypes, Capricorn gives us the sense of ‘I CAN’ to reach beyond ‘perceived obstacles (limits)’ and triumph in the face of all obstacles (known and unknown). Overall, a pretty cool energy; pretty bad ass, to use a popular label…and something we are all familiar with. There’s a growing need for more bad asses on the planet. That’s for sure. We’re no longer talking about the saturnine archetype that keeps us down! No, no.

Mastering Saturn/Capricorn is mastering thyself in the mirror of the world, being the commanding authority in one’s own life. As Saturn has related to the archetypal father-time, and as we all are experiencing, fathers are becoming increasingly more sensitive. More fathers are stay-at-home fathers. While a long way off from ‘perfect,’ our societal archetypes, roles, and norms are becoming less and less rigid. How can astrology deal with this new sense of fluidity? If Saturn/Capricorn itself is any representative of the frame supporting life, then Pluto is certainly redefining and transmuting this frame with its 15 year stay (2008-2023). Fatherhood will continue to undergo massive change in its meaning and expression, as all social roles evolve and adapt.

More general themes and observations: the archetype of Saturn, as I’ve experienced it – is one of consolidation. There’s this “putting it all together,” experience with a Capricornian practicality that no other sign’s energy can offers. However, with Pluto’s stay in Capricorn, “putting it all together” and getting a good grasp on ‘order and operations’ is less about ‘tried and true’ and more about a playing a game in a changing field of possibilities.

Also, there’s a compression with Saturn that can be both positive and negative. The positive aspect is the resulting action that is born from the discomfort, the negative aspect of compression. To me recognizing polarities is the pointer for finding the middle, like a string oscillating between two distances, there’s a back-and-forth motion that makes, “one sound” or “one frequency.” It’s a tone. That’s it! That’s the sound of one hand clapping…

Sun conjunct Mars in the sign of Cancer, and the drive is for comfort, safety, and the nurturing of family in the home. We all get to live a private life! No matter how socially connected we become, there’s an ‘inside’ that always requires attention.

We may be driven to clear out, resolve, and tidy our clutter and distractions with this full moon in Capricorn. The energy supports areas of life where we commit to building the foundations (structures) that are necessary for all the creative actions that come forth. With this Capricorn full moon we look at our systems, and the way we manage our personal needs. It’s a excellent reminder for scheduling in necessary playtime, leisure, and relaxation. Also, the emotional life ‘has life‘ at this time, but it has to serve in the worldly context and expression of Capricorn. Your signals to this emotional life during this full moon with the presence of Mars conjunct the Sun: agitation, drive, frustration, and even more likely, passion! With the sign of Cancer, think of needs, often emotional needs that fuel the work, and bring the projects into fruition. Again, this is our ‘why’ for doing what we do.

Finally with the Moon conjunct Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn we have a depth that we are capable of reaching into – and of purging, turning-over, and empowering.

Here’s the process: We’re going to use an Earthy Model

1). Discover.

a). Dig deep and find the stones: Pain, Sadness, Resisted ideas that we believe
b). Turn over the stones, what is underneath this emotion, this belief, what are the consequences of this belief?

2). Turnover the soil, and re-mix your findings. Put them into a new perspective:

a). Psychologically re-frame (re-pot whatever hasn’t been released, or shelve it..allow yourself some space from it. etc)
b). Use techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Vipassana Meditation, Chant Mantras around it, Cry (Water it).

3). Embrace yourself fully – whatever you cannot or do not want to let go of.

a). Whatever we cannot let go of may be useful, honor the seeds of your new challenges.

4). Repeat steps 2 and 3.

5). Appreciate and congratulate yourself on what you have been able to release.

Repeat all steps as necessary; and at the end of the day, DO REST. Tuck yourself in. Let your Wei Qi return to your Dan Tien.

If Wu Wei is your Master, these are simple steps – ideas, or suggestions for what to do, while you are doing nothing! 

Love to All….Happy Full Moon!


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3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Capricorn, July 2nd UT 2:20; otherwise July 1

  1. very cool Ka, you really put a lot of effort into this! I have Saturn in Capricorn and our relationship is a mixed blessing. We live in very interesting times and I am glad you are my friend during these interesting times! Happy lunation ❤

  2. Hi Linda,
    I always appreciate when you leave me a little note! Yes, I think I’ve put a lot of effort into school lately with my having just completed midterms, as for this particular post… these thoughts have been in formation for quite some time, but there were some new developments, new finds – as I mentioned in the post. Somehow the writing of this article seemed to just keep going and going (very Capricornian, I might add!). I’ve had that Liz Greene book for well over a decade, and I’m amazed it’s made it through all the moves and the “cuts.” Grateful for your friendship, too! This full moon feels very stabilizing for me, and everything feels like it’s been falling into place and is sturdy enough to build on.
    Best to you, xo Ka

  3. ” We may be driven to clear out, resolve, and tidy our clutter and distractions with this full moon in Capricorn. “……. well that has been both hubbies and my theme this last week as we have tidied out the garage some more, and got one or two tasks completed we had promised to do.. I painted the front of the house with masonry paint I also brushed fine sand into the drive block paving.. 🙂 And cleaned through the house like a new pin.. 🙂 So something has been motivating me.. 🙂 ..

    Special Hugs your way xxx Sue xx

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