In the Razor-Sharp Focus of My Red Tail Feather

Make me into the softest
razor blade
of your truth-edged clarity,

chiseled by your loving warmth
and compassionate understanding.

Your [Mars-meets-Venus]
Soft Electric Love Touch –
Let the sparks fly!

You should know
that I am forged from the fire,
every day.

Yes, I am phoenix –
8th house
Mars and Pluto conjunction in Libra,
in love’s service.
Follow me and our spiritual marriage transforms!

I have seen my
own demons more than enough!

God dresses
up for Halloween.

The treats are always
the unexpected visitors that come
in and rescue any memory of OUR grace,

with a smile and a little open bag.

Jupiter and Neptune do not disagree.
While they transit,
they play Rummy.
I’ve got the leftover
potato chips to prove it – all those
notes I took for 20+ years of transits
are plenty crusty from love.

At the middle now,
I eagerly anticipate
sitting down
to attend
to the details
of expressing my perfection,

from the fruit of thy womb.

I am babe and elder
the in-middle years,
receiving and
sending off
souls of yours,
at your request.

Please do not
give me more than I can bear!

Love us, dear divine!
Bring us into an understanding where
the atheist, theist, pantheist do not
care if they agree or disagree.
The agnostic does not need to know
what she knows. It’s still none of
her business!

Where the word ‘I’ is
not a message in and of itself,
but a vehicle
for courageously attending to our truths
beyond divisions
and seeming perceptions
of splitting hairs.

‘I’ is one of the
tiniest words i know.
ya know? I still like it, though!

For all is
impermanent and pertinent.

Let us recover
the child lost to the shoreline of
warsome devastation,
Join in the only prayer worth

A request for freedom in peace,
peace inside freedom, and justice for all.
Hallowed be thy…
Kingdom come.

Where and when the vague admissions of
the heart are seen as the clear
night and day offerings
of refuge.
We do not care
when we are needing help,
In Who’s arms we are held, just
that we are loved by you, Divine!

Here I am. Ready.
Amama, A’ho!

12 thoughts on “In the Razor-Sharp Focus of My Red Tail Feather

  1. So much Truth held within each verse dear Ka… so many things all traversing this planet and our own emotions all at once..
    You pick through them touching upon subjects that remind us of our own strengths and our own vulnerability

    May we be a vehicle for truth and service in this Divine matrix .. xx Loved your thoughts today Ka. xxx

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I am blown away by this poem, Ka. I love Sue’s comment, and all I can really add to it is that I join you in your prayer. If I were to write any more, I would find myself copying/quoting every verse in the comment box, each one followed by YES! YES!

  3. You hit upon something here I feel is urgently needed. This: “Bring us into an understanding where the atheist, theist, pantheist do not care if they agree or disagree.” Or something like it. One of the things I’ve enjoyed discovering here in WP land, at least in the current environs in which I’m traveling, is that this is a reality. And it’s joyous!

    There is much to savor in this one, Ka. The daily fire-forging. The little ones with open hearts and open bags. And as I approach forty this year, I resonate particularly with occupying the middle– the babe and the elder. The moment of neither rising, nor falling– but floating. Gliding along an ephemeral arc. Gathering power.

    Much Love,

  4. Hi Michael,
    I absolutely agree with you – we have a special growing network here on WP, a lot of open minds and hearts. People are listening to one another and being transformed. Thank you for saying that there’s something to savor in my poem. There’s more to write and distill from my expression; from wherever it comes, it’s looking to become clearer and more refined.

    Shall I wish you an early birthday, then? You and your dad (who might have just had a birthday)? 🙂

    The middle is a special place to be, not only in life – because truly we don’t know the arc of our flesh life. When does it end? I don’t know, and I’m not worried about it. All cycles have have their gathering and fruition, birth and dissolution. As there are circles, there are also flip-sides, and twisty-loops. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experience of reading my poem. 🙂
    Much Love,

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