Sarah Starts Living, a novel by Gina Medvedz

A novel by Gina Medvedz
A novel by Gina Medvedz

Do you see that thin line on the book in the picture above, just to the right of the book’s spine, that’s a “reader’s crease” ?    That’s a love mark.

A few words about where I met the author:

When I met Gina Medvedz at our Sangha in Bethlehem, PA, it was several years ago. This is the group where I also met my husband. It’s a place where I regularly meditated with our Sangha on Monday nights. There’s a part of my spirit that is still joining every Monday night and sharing in “Evening Aspirations,” as the group continues on. Meanwhile, it was there that I took my meditation practice to a deeper level. I cultivated a place of refuge within me; indeed, it was my first ‘true’ community in every way that I needed it to be. Sitting in silence, alone beside one another, is how I’ve felt the most connected spiritually. As my husband and I have since moved our residence 3 times, each group I’ve discovered along the way has been different, and so much to be appreciated about each. In Santa Cruz, CA is where I met a group that I also miss very much, but our live connections (via online or in person have not continued due to loss of contact information and “life happens,”) and so far my Bethlehem Sangha has lived in my heart and since widened to include a much larger online community. My new meditations have expanded in ways that I would have never expected.

About the Author: Gina Medvedz

“Rev. Gina Medvedz is a certified Akashic records reader, spiritual healer, and certified nutritional consultant with a MS degree in holistic nutrition. Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, she uses divine guidance to clear the fear and self-doubt that prevent her clients from living an inspired life. Her passion lies in reconnecting people with their spirit guides and teaching them to bring all areas of their lives into alignment with their soul values and purpose. In this, her first novel, Gina continues spreading her message of healing through self-love. She currently resides in Lehigh Valley of Pennsylania with her husband and two children.”

About: Sarah Starts Living 

“For eighteen years, Sarah has been a devoted wife and doting mother. When her only child leaves for college, Sarah wonders how she will spend her days. But when her husband announces that he is leaving too, Sarah is forced to reexamine everything that she holds to be true. On a dare from her best friend, Sarah agrees to listen to God and do what He suggests. Following signs that she interprets as divine, she winds up in a convent in Connecticut, on a mission in West Virgina, and in a metaphysical bookstore in Pennsylvania. Learning lessons along the way that shift her belief in the nature of God and her mindset about herself, for the first time in her forty-five years, Sarah Starts Living!”

What really struck me, what made the text so easy to read, was the way the dialogue between the characters directed the plot. The characters’ voices were audible in my own mind while reading. They basically started to live with me for the couple of days during my reading of the book. The main character, Sarah, had a lot of inner dialogue and guidance, and she was keen to follow her cues to integrate and make decisions about her guidance, regardless of any contradictory feedback from her family and friends. The book includes a series of questions at the end for further discussion and is helpful as a springboard to the readers’ intuitive development through inner responses and group discussion.

To read more about “Sarah Starts Living,” visit her at her website here.

22 thoughts on “Sarah Starts Living, a novel by Gina Medvedz

  1. I think I would like this book. Funny that its about a woman named Sarah who listens to God. I know someone like that 🙂

    If Bethlehem was closer to me, I would check her out.

    love and hugs, Linda

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Ka. It sounds like a good story… I think it really deepens our awareness of a creative work when we’re friends with the artist… Gives it an extra sweetness…


    1. Hi Michael,
      It was a really good story. It took me into places of my own past (this life); and that was sort of unexpected. I was remembering my volunteering for a woman’s shelter in Virginia, and my time spent working for a Rescue Mission, and the people I met along the way. Friendship is the foundation for community, in my view. Art is an expression of the soul.

      Here there is sweetness in this sharing, and even more-so thanks to your comment.
      Peace, Ka

  3. This books sounds as interesting as your friend Gina.. And those circle nights of meditation I can relate to you missing them.. It was also a Monday night I ran my own group..

    Sending love your way.. Ka… xxx ❤ and thank you so much for your wonderful visits xxx ❤

    love Sue

    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you for visiting and taking a look. ‘Sarah Starts Living’ is lovely and infused with Spirit and character. Monday is a good night for meditation 🙂 I try to keep a night and day practice, even if I have to reduce it to just a few minutes, by myself. You know how we remind each other of it, how good it is for us. Grateful for your love and support here. Aloha, Ka

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