The sound of the word,
the “pah” of beginnings.
The “A” that lays down the sound
of a letter, that brings in
the settling, grounding energy.

The “Shh” sound that won’t tell
you how it does it,
and smiles as “en,” within, speaks:

“ce,” like a pural, without the “s”
yet speaks volumes about continuity,

and time~over~time,

in practice.

32 thoughts on “Patience

  1. A word that many need to learn the sound of dear Ka.. 🙂 It is one word I have learned well over the years… 🙂 Especially the Shh………. <3… and en .. for it rhymes with my Con-sc-i-en-ce.. ❤

    1. Interesting how “con-” and “science” can be read as, “with science.” Where ‘con’ is the prefix. The way you wrote it, it stood out to me.

      Word Origin and History for con- ( Expand word-forming element meaning “together, with,” sometimes merely intensive; the form of com- used in Latin before consonants except -b-, -p-, -l-, -m-, or -r-.

      2. systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.

      Neat 🙂

      Also, the way your comment originally came through in my comment field is ending in “Sh…..”, but there was more…


      1. I like that Ka.. 🙂 you know something.. My Hubby said in his next life he is coming back as a Scientist.. Why? because they can Con you into believing anything and then change their minds at a drop of hat as they unravel more ev-i- Dence .. 🙂

      2. Makes me think of the pendulum swing. How time and information provide new insights, and sometimes we just watch things going back and forth in their relevance and truthfulness. “Such and such study says this, and such and such study says that,… ” I’m thinking about matters of diet and health among them. Tell me who among us can be 100% foolproof?!?! I am picturing a jacket that deflects the (to borrow an Irish word) Blarney. Kissing the Blarney stone is a matter of acceptance. lol. It gets peed on. So we are all in it, a part of it. Let us love us all. Thank you my friend.

      3. yes.. let us kiss the Blarney Stone, Ka.. Big smiles.. for we are Part of the whole, and the whole is a mixture of Blarney and Truth.. for without the Blarney in life, would we ever seek the truth?, We have to have both.. Light and Shadows.. 🙂 May we all learn to see both sides upside down as well as right side up.. ( and we kiss the Blarney stone upside down .. for LUCK.. 🙂 Good night my special friend I think the Little People are calling me to slumber 🙂 L0L.. xxxx Hugs xxx ❤ Sue

  2. Patience is what I need more of now. As my internet is very very slow today and life seems to on Mercury retro loop, with detours and delays, etc.

    And yet, here we are alive and breathing. So maybe I can find more time for patience.

    love, Linda

    1. Oh yes, Feeling Mercury, though as far as I know it: “In 2015, Mercury will be retrograde during: January 21 to February 11. May 19 to June 11. September 17 to October 9.” Per the Almanac and The American Epehemeris for the 21st Century. Tell that to my experience of electronic wackiness, on several different devices, and broken water heater, and being without for a week or so. I had a nice, invigorating cold shower, yes. Full Moon in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Yet this isn’t an eclipse (which are usually more intense – and last for 6 months or so). I think it’s the Nodes! Virgo is ruled by Mercury. And here we are: Patient, and finding time for patience, even when we don’t have time 🙂 xo Ka

      1. No hot water, wow! I do not have much patience for cold showers, lol! I wonder if the recent Neptune station may be making everything loopy and slow. Could also be approaching full Gem moon too. Patience has never come easy for me and I work hard to be more patient because I know how important it is. But hey, enough is enough! Your post came at the right time though.
        xo Linda

      2. Good friendship makes everything smoother 🙂 easier and more hospitable.
        My Nana used to talk to me about patience, boy did she. She was probably figuring she’d get me some help early-on, by offering some mindful advice on my ‘own business.’ I remember waiting for cars to come down the driveway – especially hers!

        Her Christmas was everyone’s Christmas – at our house.

        I never had any idea that one day I may have patients, (or say a long goodbye to her in a hospital), or hold her hand until her pulse stopped. Good thing she’s right here!

        I think you and I both have a well-placed Neptunes! We be hearing the song from the universe even if we are wearing earplugs, and humming “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, [and, insert whatever clever thought]. Living in a world full of nuance and vibes; it’s very quantum.

        Yes, enough is enough. I’ll have some World Peace, please! ❤

        Thank you for your love,

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I always think I want more patience, but am to afraid to pray for it because you KNOW what happens when you do that! 🙂

  4. I think your poem is eloquently dissected and and fully catches the sense of the word…
    very creative and well written… thanks for sharing. Sending love and best wishes, dear Ka… Aquileana ☀★🎇

      1. Thank you, your words here mean a lot to me. I hope to find my voice here again, soon. There’s so much that’s percolating, and there’s been a lot of busyness. Feeling grateful to experience the abundance, just not a lot of “ready to write” moments. I’m glad to meet you.
        ALoha ❤

  5. Hello my lovely Ka.. I hope you are now finding time to put up your feet and and enjoy this Holiday time.. Sending you love and Blessings my friend.. and wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2016 and beyond..

    Love Sue ❤

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