Current Moon transiting Uranus: Tesla’s Last letters to his mother

Dear Tesla,

I am sorry that humankind kept you back from your personal life, and never understood you, nor what you tapped into.

Love, Ka

For some reason, today, I encountered this article, and decided to share it on Word Press. The Moon in Leo is transiting Uranus in Aries. I thought I’d light a candle for Tesla…

****************** Letters excerpt********************************

“Friday, November 20…

I didn’t write to the Patent office, one of their agents came and I told him about my intentions in person. He said he was sorry, but the dates could not be changed because all the congressmen have already determined them. I went down to the Waterfalls and told the boys to prepare the turbines and wait for my call tomorrow.

I have decided to provide the mankind with the gift it deserves and to retourn to Europe, to You, Mother. Governments here are the same as the ones back home. I have realized now, at the very end, that the mankind depends on governments and the individual cannot change the world on himself. But that strange voice still bothers me. I know it is connected to You, my experiment, with something transcendental…”

See the full article here:


13 thoughts on “Current Moon transiting Uranus: Tesla’s Last letters to his mother

  1. This quiet time of darkness around the solstice feels like the perfect time to re-encounter Tesla. I often think of the period that included Tesla’s work, as well as others around the time period, some known and some not so well known, was kind of like an intersection of probabilities and possibilities. It is not too hard for me to imagine a world in which wireless communication might have arisen even before the nuclear age, but it seems as though it would have required an even more dramatic shift in our comprehension of phenomena than of technology– a shift for which we perhaps were not yet quite ready to embrace. It is startling for me to think, however, of the possibilities that existed… Custer’s defeat and Tesla’s arrival to the United States were just eight years apart. I don’t think we even had the automobile yet! And Tesla was ready to link the world with wireless communication and power… It is always breathtaking when I consider it…

    and Happy New Year’s!

    1. Happy New Year’s, Michael!

      This particularly struck me as a powerful distinction made in your comment: “it would have required an even more dramatic shift in our comprehension of phenomena than of technology.” I very much agree with you on this, Michael. You note well the context in which Tesla’s experiments took place. One is still left pondering the depth as well as the breadth of phenomena that may have been accessible or even recreate-able had Tesla had more support for all his work, during his given time.

  2. Living near Niagara Falls, I remember standing beside a statue of Tesla, who at the time I was so ignorant of, only knowing of a band named Tesla. I read the link you gave and his letters and I could feel this energy flow from them to my soul. It is funny how certain phrases and vibes can connect to souls we’ve never met and I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of the introduction of his words in letter form. An amazing soul of the universe. Peace and love, Kim

    1. Oooh, I loved Niagara Falls. We visited when I was child. Yes, Kim, Tesla is an amazing soul of the universe. I’m glad you connected via his letters. Thanks for your visit. Peace and Love to you too, Ka

      Also, Happy New Year: it’s right around the corner. 😀

      1. Currently on vacation to,the new house, but the Tesla post brought back many good memories…and for,that I thank you for the remembrance needed my friend. Peace and love, always K

      2. Just so many of them and only so much time to write, I especially enjoy when they just pop in and say with glee, look at me, remember? Now write about me please, so I do and it rekindles such magic😊 thanks Ka, peace and blessings, Kim

      3. I agree, Kim! There’s so much inspiration bubbling up all the time. (This is me thinking of champagne and New Years). It’s a wondrous treat when the time of inspiration bubbles up and meets the perfect time and place for delivery. The magic is well lit. WE are warmed by it, even now… I’ll write about you. I’ll write about us. I’ll write, I’ll write 😉 Peace and Love to you sis, Ka

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