Big Plans at New Moon in Aquarius

The aspects

With so much happening in my life, and “behind the scenes,” I figured I’d draw up the this chart for the New Moon in Aquarius (Sun and Moon in Aquarius at 19 degrees). As you can see in the image, Aquarius is ascending for this New Moon in Aquarius as well. Further adding to the energy of Aquarius is its modern ruler, Uranus.  Uranus has a lot of play right now. So there’s lots of creativity, electricity, unexpected surprises, and the wacky-weird “flashes of insight.” Where’s the group? How is our tribe?

  • Sun and Moon conjunction Sextile Uranus “new teams, groups, connections”
  • Mercury “communication” and Venus “values” Squaring “new-fangled” Uranus
  • Mars Quincunx Uranus – “awkward starts” “sporadic energy”
  • Uranus Square Pluto – Yep, not exact, but still super-active; revolution

With Mars Quincunx Uranus we may have a lot of fizzle – energy, but a little wobbly confusion about our initiatives. This is okay, simply because Mars will be retrograding in a couple of months giving us plenty of time to re-consider how we “start”, “motivate”, and bring our energy to our new projects. Then, where does the energy come from to continue?

For me, I’ve got my natal S. Node in Aquarius highly activated right now. My desire to post today further strengthens my sense for my past-life astrological tendencies. There’s been a long time soul’s movement with groups and energies surrounding the collective.  I have lots of contacts and friends with Aquarius as Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or both. Plus, my natal Uranus is highly aspected (which means it gets a lot of play).

Astro generalities

For those who are familiar or not, in many circles, Aquarius-Uranus is considered as the sign/planet ruling astrology, but many also in the classics look to Mercury. Many schools of astrological thought consider both to some extent because astrology is a communicated perspective – involving thought, analysis, and of course intuition and experience; it’s an art, after all.  Believe me, the more I learn about Chinese medicine (and differing theories, (and traditions that are not-Chinese…aka…Japanese… etc!!! but are indeed unified wholes and community conversations) the more I realize I am simply doing more of the same thing as astrology!

Chiron’s involvement with Jupiter and the Nodes

I want to add that right now, Chiron is forming a conjunction with the S. Node in Pisces ~ speaking of intuition, art, and the transcendent qualities of spiritual intelligence. Chiron is referred to as the wounded-healer, etc. etc. What is interesting me now is how transiting Jupiter has been more or less in opposition to transiting Chiron. That sense of “bigness” ought to be tempered, and I think Chiron highlights to us where we’ve got that constant wound-that-won’t-be-healed – the remaining expression of our fragmentation– confronting our sense of bigness (Jupiter), while also addressing separate aspects of self “fitting inside of a body” (Virgo) are themes.

Astrologers aren’t sure what sign to give Chiron’s rulership, but many agree on Virgo. Also many refer to Chiron as “Shamanic.”  At present all these terms are a bit to vague to be relegated to the “precision” of “rulerships.” What we are still really dealing with is that Pisces/Virgo divide in need of union; or at least agreeing to disagree that “the big picture” and “details” cannot, and should not, be in competition! Also, craftsmanship and mastery can be limiting at certain levels in creation, and even hindering creation if the focus is narrowed too quickly! Sometimes Pisces saves us from being too “square and peg,” despite the fact that most egos love to marvel at a “Virgoan” masterpiece, my advice is don’t get there too early! Yes, there is such a thing!

One has to begin somewhere, though, and I think that Pisces at the South Node gives us some intelligence on the issue, and suggests: starting out vague is not only OKAY, it is necessary. When we talk about Jupiter, we are talking about the big picture – something that some with heavy Virgo tendencies – as Virgo is currently in Jupiter, find challenging to allow.

For me personally, I have natal Jupiter in Virgo, so gestalt thinking doesn’t bother me, unless it does. From experience, and from art lessons, the vague, simply, just comes first. The details come later. First, bring the stuff out of you, then improve upon it all later with fine-tuning, interaction, building, etc.

Finally, for me personally, there’s something about this lunation for me that has to do with endings. There’s a big change, and release of the old perceptions. Pisces is an ‘self-undoing’ sign, and ruler of the 12th house. Pisces is where the current S. Node of the moon presents. The surrender to surrender – the final white flag. ::chuckles::

There’s a deep sense of peace and rest in this allowing of old perspectives, traditions, and the changing of an era in my family. I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for what has come before us… even the vagueness of this particular written article. I’m surrendering to its mixed pronouns and the challenged adjectives and nouns, which seek for more clarity to be “presentable.”  I enjoy each moment I get to dance in public with symbols. So, thank you, dear reader. Everything is comfortably unfinished herein.

All my very best wishes for New Moon in Aquarius – and of course for the Fire Monkey New Year! I have put out a few red envelope gifts for my unsuspecting friends, and even friends I may one day soon meet. ❤

That said, I’ve had a lot of new followers joining up lately, and I want to give you all a big, warm welcome hug! Come in, come in, and let us have some tea. We can share our flowers, our petals, and whatever we’ve brought with us from our journeys. Will stack plenty of wood by the fire, and focus on growing more trees.




18 thoughts on “Big Plans at New Moon in Aquarius

  1. Sweet Ka! I’ve got Aquarius sun + rising + south node…so you and I definitely share some aspects! Thank you for posting this new moon chart. I knew this was a biggie, and seeing it all laid out like that is really helpful. I see this new moon + the sun conjunct my natal sun, ascendant and south node so I’ve got a lot to think about! Hope all this energy is treating you well. xoxo

    1. Hi Elysha! So great to hear from you. You definitely do share some aspects, and I’m glad looking at the chart helped. It may help further to look at a chart drawn up for your locality to see what sign was rising at the New Moon and how the energy is spread throughout that location without the house system dynamics. I agree that pictures are helpful. This is prime meditation time for us with the strong ‘air tendency,’ that’s for sure! A blessing to have you stop by, and I’d like to note that you are rocking that Leo N. Node 😉 Thank you so much for your visit, Ka xo

  2. I feel your excitement and giddiness, I really do,lol!
    You are so full of blessed exuberance and I hope it is contagious Ka.
    This new moon, Chinese New Year aspects most of my chart. Ascendant, Scorpio ( Sun merc Neptune) stellium, moon, ceres, chiron, venus, uranus, yikes!
    Also, for better or worse, today is the day TR uranus makes exact hit to square my natal Mars. The first near hit ( a degree shy) landed me in the hospital ;(

    But I am still here and I know that I have plenty of living to do. Lots of death fears keep rising up, to be discarded and replaced with gratitude and creative forces.

    I do not have big plans yet, but they are on the horizon. I also have many many folks who are Aquarian types and they are wonderful sparkling souls. Like you ❤

    Let's have some virtual tea. I like soy chai, what about you?

    1. Hi Linda,

      Boy, do I like tea. Yesterday a colleague asked me while we were working in the clinic, “What kind of tea do you like?” Mind you, this is after I delightfully squealed over Sweet and Spicy tea (full of amazing sensory experiences) that was in our cupboard. I answered her this way – and I suppose I’ll answer you in the same way: all kinds! A brief moment on the ‘form’ the tea takes: Powdered for practicality, tea bags for tea tag wisdom, and loose-leaf heaven. There’s a matte latte out there that I haven’t had for a while: I choose that. Cheersing you with your soy chai, and we squint in the sunlight that doesn’t blind us but leads us into our hearts.

      I think you and I can mirror back to each other the enthusiasm we have in our Sagittarius MC – there’s that mutability and the pulling upward to the top of the natal chart blueprint – sending out an arrow of love at noon-time to the great universal hugger of huggers. That said, hugging is always needed. I hear you on death fears, and fears in general can crop up – while ultimately we carve a space for our reunion when the fears recede. Gratitude is a steady partner in this process.

      Here’s to health and friendship!

      1. wow, you know your tea. Must be your inner Asian archetype ( past life, etc). I would like to learn more. I adore my Sag MC, it offers many lovely possibilities. ❤

  3. Hi Ka,

    I read this once before, but now really settled down to read it today, a week late I suppose. But it reflected many things I felt. I am particularly grateful for your discussion of creativity and starting with the vague inklings and the general direction of the whole before trying to get the final details perfect. In many ways that sums up my experience of writing. I’ve been wrestling with starting a new project and getting bogged down a bit, so that was good and timely information. It echoed a conclusion to which I was arriving.

    I also very much resonate with the idea that the big picture and the details shouldn’t or needn’t be in conflict. Perhaps if they are, there is something being forced…

    and Thank You!

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’m so glad that this post resonated with you! I think that the laws of internet time defy astrology. Somehow “late” doesn’t compute with meaning in the computer era – nor does energy need to fall along rigid grids of 12 archetypes, for even the seasons are mere reactions to the Earth’s position in relationship to the Sun.

      *A Course in Miracles has been deconstructing everything*

      You are always on time.

      I can relate to you on ‘getting bogged down,’ lately, and with the upcoming full moon in Virgo… with its opposite sign (and while the Sun is in Pisces), submitting to the peaceful acceptance that ‘getting bogged down’ can be a necessary part of the process, because it shows us how involved we *really* are, this experiencing of “being bogged” comes with our commitment and desire, so it shows us where adjustments can come, and time-outs. Knowing that we are never late… we can lighten the load a bit and not force the details.

      Thank you for timely comment and most of all your deep presence,

    1. Hi Sue, very grateful, thank you.

      As I’ve said before, I’ve been studying astrology since I was about 10 years old, or younger – probably in other lifetimes. It still amazes me, because I didn’t really growing up in the culture of it – like today, as it’s everywhere, and everyone is writing about it and/or youtubing about it. Is It’s the most natural part of how I relate to the universe 😉 besides meditation, but I include it as one of my many styles of meditations – fulfilling different needs. I’d like to think i’ve cultivated a unique perspective from my own observations.

      Here’s to all our seeds, and the gifts of gratitude to the Earth for taking such good care of us. We have some eclipses next month and soon enough Spring will have sprung everywhere.

      Meanwhile, here we have very warm weather and lots of things floating as seeds in the air. I’m finished with my last midterm and able to more fully enjoy it. xoxo Ka

      1. So pleased you are finding more time to express in your blog what comes so naturally to you Ka.. Spring is making jokes with us here at the moment.. We had a very mild winter and not the temperatures drop..
        I am not surprised about your interest in Astrology nor that you were studying from aged 10 onwards.. I have no doubts your past life memories were still strong and connected you back to your path of learning from the Stars.. 🙂 And The Earth will take good care of us.. For we both remember our roots and know how our Earth Mother is bound within them.. Love and Hugs and so nice to log in today and find your comments in my notifications.. Enjoy your Sunday Ka. Much love Sue ❤

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