World Cancer Day…We can. I can.

Because I CAN Reblog:

Thank you PurpleRays! Lighting a candle for your cousin Anna today, and to all who have been affected by cancer and lost loved ones along the way. Here’s to improved health for all. ❀ Amama



Today is World Cancer Day!

I light a candle in honor of those who have lost their lives to cancer, in sympathy with those who are battling cancer and in jubilation with those who have survived cancer!

I light a candle in memory of Cousin Anna (56) who was snatched away by breast cancer about four years ago! Cousin Anna kept her battle with the scourge away from many of us. Like so many relations and friends, I was aware she was receiving some sort of medical treatment from time to time and rather frequently latter but, I never had any inkling that cancer was eating her up. It was only after her death that I learnt she had forbade the few who knew from spreading the word!

Why Anna, an otherwise loquacious and jolly good fellow, would take her health travails quietly into the grave I still cannot understand.

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