Roman Holiday – Italian Subway Graffiti

I probably shouldn’t be admitting this on my blog, but I’m not a very good storyteller. I want to just show up and say, “It was magical- THE END,” and then quietly sit down, without a whole lot of rigamarole, so that I can go onto my next adventure. That being said, the other issue with telling the tale, is that… it’ll get re-framed as less awesome than it really was. My words and my pictures cannot do justice to my experiences. Maybe that will change, but today it is the same. The actual experience is the best, and well… that’s really all I can say. Enough excuses and disclaimers (but I needed to be a little bit real about my awkwardness and include them)!  Commencing with the rest…

The title of my post: “Roman Holiday” was inspired by Trini over at Pathways to Spirit, a few months ago she posted about this movie, and we’d just returned from Rome, so I wanted to extend the fun and watched this fun movie with Audrey Hepburn. At first, I was going to title, “Rome was like Home.” Really, maybe I’ll just start with the title last, next time.

Usually words just flow. 

Let’s start with some subway scene photos. Very real. Oh, and an Italian snack machine, because for all adventures, snacks play a role.


Next up…. a short story written in college, entirely unrelated to anything…

21 thoughts on “Roman Holiday – Italian Subway Graffiti

  1. Sometimes Ka.. Every picture tells its own story my friend.. And yours could easily tell it.. So pleased you enjoyed Italy.. I have been twice and loved exploring and snacking is the only way.. Though when I travelled there I didn’t spot any new fangled machines then.. We would go into the supermarkets and by sandwiches and crips.. And walk and walk .. The museums were wonderful, as were the lakes, and churches.. The scenery is out of this world.. So were your trains.. Hope they were better than in the UK and on time.. 🙂 ❤ xxxx

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love that, ““It was magical- THE END,” and then quietly sit down.” To me, it speaks to living in the moment. Once we start writing, it is about the moment and not the moment anymore. Personally, I think you write really beautifully and tell a good story! The pictures here certainly tell the story.
    Peace and Love

    1. Hi Mary,
      I’m working with the whole quiet thing. I wrote another post, and my next silent retreat is coming up. Sometimes “quiet” just happens. It’s really that the internal/external don’t always match up. We can be outwardly vocal and inwardly quiet. Yes, yes: once we start writing the moment has passed beyond the original moment that we are writing about! So, it’s new layer, a new level, a new addition to the interpretation of the whole thing. Neurons are firing and re-wiring. Thank you so much. I’m really, really glad you liked the pictures. I do love photography, it helps me reach a different level of “share” and sometimes, it, too, adds more whereas Art just IS.
      Love and Peace, too!

  3. Hi Ka, I think you’ve hit on something pretty cool here, which is that no matter how we try there is some aspect of our experience that just can’t be handed from one to the next. There is some place deep inside us we experience so palpably and profoundly, yet which defies a simple retelling. The beauty of art is we all have this place within us, and we fill in one another’s blanks! So just keep putting it out there! Even a photo tells us something about how you see, and that is a gift in itself. Looking forward to whatever comes next!


  4. `My words and my pictures cannot do justice to my experiences´… Loved that line… I can totally relate as well dear Ka.
    The photographs are stunning… Italian graffiti provides an interesting an eclectic counterpoint if we stop to think of Italian Art and urban architecture … not to mention all the Museums in Italy, filled with classical paintings. Sending much love. Aquileana 🌟

    1. Hi Aquileana,
      It’s nice when we can relate to each other, no? 🙂 Thank you for your kind words on my photographs. I look forward to posting more when the time is right for me. I’m glad that you can ‘see into’ my choice for the Italian Graffiti. There’s so much art in Italy. Boy, and I barely saw a thing, especially regarding museums… but what I did see, and do, and experience, was perfect for the time I was there. It was a first visit for me! Loving your word choice, which is perfect, Italian graffiti as “an interesting eclectic counterpoint” to the museums and majestic urban (and ancient) architecture. Aloha, Ka

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