Setting the record straight?

Is being a Leo Sun really about sassiness and celebrity? Is it really all that over-dramatic and self-seeking egotistical etc etc? I’ve seen the dark side of all the signs… and it doesn’t exist quite like that, or does it?

Are Scorpio’s really manipulative and jealous? Do Gemini’s strike you as shallow and Cancer’s as over-sentimental and stuck in the past? Is it impossible for a Sagittarius to commit? Are Virgo’s really all that uptight? These are some of the pejoratives that circulate the ethos.

To me, these are examples of the worse side of astrology, yet tabloid types of horoscopes continue to fascinate curious and desperate folks and circulate everywhere. After all, this is where it all starts. Why feed that?

Even people who aren’t even interested in astrology and who “don’t believe in it,” they are still aware of the stereotypes given of their signs, because of culture and media; these ideas are pervasive. So what’s beneath that? That would be a reasonable question for people to ask. Penetrate.

Is it human nature to make a caricature of human personality traits? What is the cultural obsession with personality all about? I hope more people begin to realize that reading lists of “pros and cons” and “positive and negative traits” overlooks the beautiful and rich nuance that is available in the art of astrology. When more people realize that astrology is not a fortune-telling game, but a deepening and meditative glimpse into the mysteries of all the things, it offers the ability to transcend them – even culture, even the transits themselves. Good astrology transcends itself by moving through the dross, asking the questions, and freeing the assumptions. It takes study, examination, and above-all, observation.

In our statistics we understand that correlation is not causation. So say it is with all observations. How do we know if we are creating self-fulfilling prophecy? The answer is through examination. It is through lightly holding ideas.

The path and the journey are not the road to transcendence, but the obstacles along the way are the gifts that make transcendence possible!

New Moon in Leo, July 31! Looking forward to it! One can be present in the here and now and also enjoy the possibilities of the future. The future is ‘now,’ dressed as time. We can transcend time by using time.

11 thoughts on “Setting the record straight?

  1. Even though I don’t follow astrology, I like your perspective Ka that astrology can be a means of transcendence. To me, any path, if used to observe, reflect, deepen and then let go of the rules, standards, and customs of that path to go beyond those limits, can be a path of transcendence and unity.

    1. Yes, Brad. Thank you for sharing your response and thoughts. I like your way of being open to any path with the same goal as you define it. Transcendence is the focus here in my language. Any path can lead to transcendence of the path. I do believe that discipline is part of process, and we willingly align with certain customs in order or develop an inner discipline; after cultivating an inner discipline, the transcendence may or may not take a form beyond its original constructs. We learn, sharpen, or clarity ourselves by inwardly adjusting our relationship to constructs, and that is also a point of developing an understanding.

    1. Hi Karen,
      I’m looking forward to the energy coming forth for your new idea that you will be hatching, especially with the assistance of Leo energy! We do need to remember how stereotyping of life and others is too pervasive and contributing/conveying more nuance and subtlety has high value as well ❤ Thank you for your reading here! Always a pleasure to see you. Ka

  2. Well I’m a Scorpio and I don’t care what anyone has ..MUCH.. Seriously, that is a trait I’ve never understood in people cos we are all handed something to carry along the way and no-one has the perfect life so yeah I get what you are saying re signs and characteristics x

    1. Shey! Lovely you! I’ve always liked all the signs – each one of them has great qualities and learning points. Each of us has all 12 signs in our charts with different emphasis. You have a good perspective about how no one has the perfect life. There’s no such thing as a perfect life – besides, we are all interconnected, so what happens to one of us usually affects all of us ❤ xo

  3. Great essay Ka, well done! I do think there is some truth to the stereotypes, but context and an ethical skillful astrologer is needed to do the “heavy lifting”.

    I have a lot of Scorp and Pluto energy and have been prone to my share of jealous moments in the past, hehe 🙂

    love and hugs, Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! It’s always good to see you here. Yes an ethical and skillful astrology really makes the difference in chart readings. I do agree that there’s a lot of heavy lifting to do. I find that we need to encourage meditation and reflection in our clients. This is why most people I see who get their charts read tend to learn astrology themselves. It’s just a continuous experience to work through what we learn and use this marvelous guidance, that grows with us which its unveilings and revealings. The beauty of overcoming our pasts, I think, is one of the major benefits of astrology – it gives us a ‘divine context’ for time.

  4. Well said Ka… Once upon a time i would read my horiscope daily, ( When we subscribed to newspapers 😉 ) lol, And often it was written it could apply to anyone..
    I had a spiritual friend, now passed into spirit who also studied as you do.. I have never been that knowledgeable, but I understand something deeper..
    I understand that we are connected via the Cosmos in ways I cannot always explain or fathom, but your deeper study of the stars I know connects many mysteries….
    I am Taurus, Earth, and understand my deep connection with nature and the arts..
    Sending lots of love your way my friend ❤

    1. Hi Sue !
      Media has changed so much these days. I only occasionally see newspaper media around the neighborhood. It’s definitely in cafes, but not on the same scale. We still have shelves filled with magazines at Barnes and Nobles, so there must be customers of these goods. But I digress, Taurus is one of those wonderful signs that gets highlighted for a while now that Uranus is transiting in it for 7 +/- years. I imagine there’s a lot of invention in this sign and in those strongly influenced pulling more and more inspiration in the form of change and developing new insights! Taurus also brings in the sense for sounds and music, beauty, and building through stability – something where Uranus will definitely be introducing novelty! Sending lots of love your way too, Sue! I hope you have enjoyed your summer travels! K

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