You don’t go in silence

grief belongs to the living,

only the
breathing cries.

your life is free now,
for me to remember-
how you spent your time
for years

is still unknown to me,

but i release the writing
from the diner’s walls of history
during our after-midnight booth meetings

where and when
we shared words from our notebooks
no words needed to make sense-
to understand and be understood was
the essence of our connection,

this was a first soul friend,
the artist path unveiled-
and then re-clothed in black.
you were a friend
who with non-explicit language
blended music, energy, art

and lived a raw & real life
shared booze, cigarettes, relationships,
all examined through emotion
with our paints while we chased our shadows,

i held your hand in deep sisterhood.

i am told you found a path of health
to walk for a while, and ever more
people who would love you.
you always were loved, and deserving,
may you find your way back to me.
To us all. for in my heart you have not left,
and the news i received, is still not real.

Here’s a new song I discovered while grieving and healing. I know you would have liked it.
Forgive my inability to be poetic, or write exactly what’s in my heart. This is the best I can do. You don’t go in silence…

*Recently heard of a dear friend from my teenage years had passed away. That gives new meaning to “I don’t want to say Goodbye” poem. I hesitate to explain myself to others, because I know that the truth is beyond saying. Most of my closest friends understand this. My poem was in part prophetic. I just didn’t know it at the time.

14 thoughts on “You don’t go in silence

    1. Thank you, Brad…. It’s gonna take some time to bring her back to me,
      because I’m filling myself with all the gratitude for the times we have shared, as there’s no reason to let go of any of it. So, I’m immersing myself in these fond memories…

    1. Thank you, Debra, for your support

      – yes, there’s that time loop curiosity. I’m following the threads of our conversation and resting a while on that. It’s not “exactly” an irony that you just recently introduced me to Eric Wargo’s version of precognition.

  1. Such heartfelt words spoken with truth.
    I am sure your friend from the past would be honoured reading your poem Ka.. and touched by your thoughts as she slips from life to LIFE..
    Many thanks for sharing them,
    Love and Blessings to you ❀

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