Chronic pain

we all have the ability
to become wounded,

never noticed before
how chronic looks like
chiron besides the extra “c”

maybe Called, to service
as a way of remedying
the pain we haven’t “yet”

but aim to,

with the strength and aim
of a Cenataur.

offering true hope, instead of
false hope – as one who
truly knows what it’s

to walk the ever-crooked path,

…Hitched to a star ⭐️

11 thoughts on “Chronic pain

  1. The fact that so many healers are called to help others b/c they themselves are wounded says something deeply positive about the nature of humans that isn’t often spoken of. Thank you for this beauty.

  2. I think only those who experience can understand just how Chronic pain affects us..
    So its not a surprise dearest Ka, your abilities to heal others as well as yourself is a gift given..

    As a Spiritual healer in the past myself.. ( I no longer practice ) my own wounded self knew the wounds of others, so our compassion only binds us to be stronger..

    Much love and well wishes dearest Ka.. in all you do.. ❤

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